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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“The Secret Rapture” by Dr. Scott McQuate

One of the most confusing events the Bible and other ancient texts speak of is the Rapture. Why is it so confusing? First of all, because the word “Rapture” is not even mentioned in the Bible, but the text does offer clues about this epic event that will happen right before the Tribulation and will announce the End Times. The term, however, was coined by an Evangelist by the name of Darby in the 1800’s. Since then, many Theologians and Biblical Scholars have conducted research and written books about the Rapture without actually being able to understand it or reveal the truth about this event that will inevitably affect the entire world. Author and lecturer Scott McQuate has studied all these works and many more, and has managed to separate the false interpretations from the correct ones. He gathered all his research, results and conclusions in his book, “The Secret Rapture”, thus offering his readers a clear and complete view on what the Rapture truly is, what it means, and how we can all prepare for it.

Even before Christianity was established, it has been prophesied that many truths will be hidden from us. The Bible contains clues related to the Rapture and the Tribulation that no one has been able to discover and interpret until now. Dr. Scott McQuate has dedicated his entire life to the study of ancient texts and religions, and his main goal is to tell people about the secrets and mysteries they have always tried to understand. The author believes that the time has come for us to find out the truths that God decided to conceal until the world was ready to accept them.

In “The Secret Rapture”, McQuate discusses important matters, such as the connection between this event and the letters Y-H-W-H, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Great Pyramid of Giza. All these are linked, and once people understand how the interpretation of certain parts of the Bible works, they will be able to see the links for themselves. Everything is explained in detail and backed up by Dr. McQuate’s personal findings, so it is perfectly verifiable, as well as easy to understand by anyone interested in the study of the Bible and ancient mysteries. Readers will also discover that the Bible talks about a hidden planet that is directly connected to the Rapture and the human DNA. The author’s conclusions are absolutely mind-blowing, and they will completely change the readers’ perspective on religion and the world.

“The Secret Rapture” has already been read in more than 40 countries, and experts described it as “brilliant and shocking”. Dr. Scott McQuate sheds light on this incredible event, tells us what we should expect from it, and explains why it shouldn’t be called the Reaping or the Harvest, because it has nothing to do with these terms. There are people who have considered it a myth, and people who have searched for answers only to reach the conclusion that the secret will never be known. Well, the secret has been revealed in this book and we all have access to it. There will be readers who will understand, and readers who will be a bit skeptical. Nonetheless, Dr. Scott McQuate has reached his goal, and everything he knows is now available to the wide public.

“The Secret Rapture” can be found on and

“Tribulation: Hidden Secrets Revealed from Texts Predating the Bible” by Dr. Scott McQuate

It might be difficult for us to believe that most of what we now know about the messages of the Bible and the mysteries of the universe is wrong. If you have ever studied the Bible or sought answers to your questions by way of religious organizations or metaphysical philosophies, then you are most definitely eager to learn the truth. Well, the truth has been hidden from us before Christianity was even established. This is why Dr. Scott McQuate, well-known researcher of ancient texts, has made it his goal to reveal these ancient secrets: the world is ready for the truth. His book, “Tribulation: Hidden Secrets Revealed from Texts Predating the Bible”, focuses on what we know as the most catastrophic and chaotic event the world has ever experienced: the Tribulation.

It has been prophesied that the truth about the Tribulation will be concealed until right before the End Times, and this piece of information can be found in both the Bible and other ancient texts. In Daniel 12:4 we read that God told Daniel: “seal up the book until the time of the end, when knowledge would increase”. Dr. Scott McQuate believes that this time has come and people are ready to learn the truth so that they would be prepared for what is to come. The author starts by explaining exactly what the Tribulation is, and what words such as Repentance, Redemption, and Matrix truly mean. Then, he offers a complete and detailed interpretation of parts of the Bible, linking the information to what ancient cultures such as the Mayan, Sumerian, and Hindu have prophesied. Thus, readers will learn about the connection between the UFO’s and the Watchers from the Bible, as well as the truth about the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. These are just some of the topics Dr. McQuate discusses in his incredible book.

It is, of course, hard to accept the fact that God would conceal such important information from us, but this is exactly what happened, and for a good reason. Pastors, Biblical Scholars and Theologians were not supposed to know the truth because they wouldn’t have understood its meaning and power. Actually, the Bible itself says that God will conceal things and people will have to seek answers one day. In Proverbs 25:2 we read: “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of Kings to discover a matter.” This is exactly what Dr. Scott McQuate does in “Tribulation: Hidden Secrets Revealed from Texts Predating the Bible”, backing up all his discoveries with the thorough research he has conducted all his life.

Readers have already stated that McQuate’s book is “the most important work ever written about the End Times”. It is complete, written in an easy-to-understand way, and it is filled with careful research and shocking conclusions. Readers will be able to confront the author’s ideas and interpretations with the Biblical texts and see how the truth comes to light the moment they understand how they should read certain parts of the Bible and interpret them.

“Tribulation: Hidden Secrets Revealed from Texts Predating the Bible” is available for purchase on and

“Get Ripped Now! Clean Eating Workout Guide for Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle” by Kent Burden

There are so many books on weight loss, nutrition, and physical exercise on the market that it gets complicated for a person who wants to start a well-balanced program to choose the most complete one. And what do we understand by “complete”? Well, the book needs to cover everything from eating healthily and choosing the right foods, to a good workout guide that truly gives results in no more than a month. Kent Burden’s “Get Ripped Now!” contains all these, and even more. It’s enough to read the Contents and look over the Introduction and the first couple of chapters to see that it is, indeed, one of the most complete, well-structured, and efficient books out there.

Kent Burden has over 20 years of fitness experience, and is certified as a master wellness coach, personal trainer, as a Pilates instructor and Yoga instructor, to name just some of his certifications. He has worked with A-list celebrities, including Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, and Reese Witherspoon, and his mind/body fitness programs have been featured in SHAPE, Spa Finder, American Spa, Natural Health, and many other popular magazines. Summarizing Kent Burden’s experience in the field of health and fitness would take up entire pages. Suffice it to say that he is the right person to turn to if you decide to make a major change and start working seriously to obtain the body you’ve always dreamed of.

“Get Ripped Now!” offers a complete, clear picture of the Clean Eating movement, and in the first chapter the author explains why people should adopt this diet that was not only designed to improve their health, but also to help them lose body fat. Combined with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), to which Kent Burden will introduce readers later in the book, this eating program will lead to amazing results that will be visible after the first month. And the greatest advantage is that there is no need to go to the gym. Because sometimes going to the gym alone is a hassle, especially for those who work late and don’t have enough time to work out in the evening, the author has dedicated an entire chapter to the supplies people will need to create their own inexpensive exercise equipment.

Kent Burden’s program is broken into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, and it has 3 phases that are 4 weeks each in length. He explains how readers can choose the appropriate workout level for them, and in the following chapters he walks them through the exercises. Each exercise is presented through pictures, descriptions, and links to videos, so that readers will feel confident that they are doing everything correctly and avoiding any injuries.

“Get Ripped Now!” is such a complete and concise guide that you won’t need any other book or workout program to help you achieve your goals. It will be free from October 22 until October 24 (5pm EST), so make sure to download your copy from Amazon.

“How to Become a 3D Printing Entrepreneur” by Yoni Binstock

In the last few years everyone has become more and more curious about 3D printing. Slowly, this curiosity changed into new business ideas as entrepreneurs realized there is money to be made with the help of this emerging technology. If twenty years ago the personal computer changed the lives of average people, some years from now the 3D printing technology will probably do the same. Currently, this technology is not available for everyone and it hasn’t reached everyone’s households, but it is quite clear that this will happen in the near future. Until then, entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a business in this field will find everything they need to know about 3D printing in Yoni Binstock’s book – “How to Become a 3D Printing Entrepreneur”.

This concise and easy-to-understand guide is very well structured, and the author covers all the aspects of 3D printing in five sections. In the Introduction, Yoni Binstock offers a brief history of this new, exciting technology, and tries to give a definition that would help readers understand exactly how it works. He compares it with the traditional method of creating objects, thus offering a clear view of what a 3D printer is and what it does. The author explains that the object is “printed” by a multi-dimensional process which adds layers upon layers which are placed on top of one another to form a 3D object. Also, he mentions all the types of 3D printing that are currently used, which he will later detail in the following chapters.

Each section of the book focuses on an important part of this technology and how it can be turned into a source of income in various ways. For instance, there is a chapter especially dedicated to designers, which covers software choices, expected salaries, and opportunities for freelancing. Yoni Binstock also offers advice on how to purchase a 3D printer, explaining the features of different models and listing the different objects they can print. At the end of the book, there is a list of over 50 resources readers can check to learn even more about 3D printing. For more encouragement to start a business, there is also a collection of words of wisdom from other 3D printing entrepreneurs.

“How to Become a 3D Printing Entrepreneur” is one of the most complete books on the subject. It is ideal for beginners who don’t know anything about 3D printing and want to learn, but it is also a great resource for those who already have some ideas and simply need more information to make a decision. The truth is that this new technology offers an incredible opportunity for business success, so it is at least worth taking into consideration.

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“The Malevolence of Evil” (“I, Human”, Part 5) by Vito Veii

Those who have followed Vito Veii’s science-fiction series “I, Human” and read the books in order already know what to expect from the fifth installment. “The Malevolence of Evil” is even more powerful and complex than the previous novels, as it reveals more about the darkness that threatens to swallow the entire galaxy. Captain Magnusson, the android Vlen, Padre, and the entire fleet go through new, exciting adventures and make incredible discoveries that may well change the fate of humanity. Once again, Vito Veii proves that his imagination and creativity have no boundaries, and invites his readers to explore the world he created and draw their own conclusions.

The Captain is taken by surprise when Scrollos, a Homo Superior, appears on his ship. The entire crew of Veda knows that the Homo Superiors are not to be trusted, but the Captain decides to listen to what Scrollos has to say. It seems that the darkness at the edge of the galaxy has also scared the Homo Superiors, and Scrollos needs the Captain’s help to protect his own small ship. He says that he has sixty-one adults and some children on board, and he needs all the help he can get to protect them. The darkness is generating negative waves of energy, and he is afraid that this energy will affect everyone in the most unexpected ways.

It is very important to read the books in the “I, Human” series in order. Fans of Vito Veii will see how the characters grow and how the plot becomes more and more complex. One of the most exciting developments is the alliance between the Homo Sapiens and the Homo Superiors. Even though these two races are enemies, they eventually understand that they will have to work together if they want to save the galaxy from an even greater evil: the darkness that spreads negative energy. After all, the galaxy is the home of all races, and the war between the factions falls on second place.

“The Malevolence of Evil” is a brilliant science-fiction novel that raises thought-provoking questions and challenges readers to come with their own answers. The characters are believable and well-developed. There will be readers who will easily relate to Captain Magnusson, who is doing his best to keep his crew safe, and there will be readers who will root for Scrollos. They will also like Vlen, the android who can have human feelings, and relate to his curiosity and desire to learn. Together with Padre, they make a great team.

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“Bloodlines – The Quest” by Jon McDonald

It doesn’t matter if you like vampire novels or not. You will love Jon McDonald’s novel “Bloodlines – The Quest” if you know how to appreciate a well-told story set apart by its fine satire and polished humor. This genre-bending book takes the vampire myth to a whole new level, juggling with the well-known clichés in a clever, unique way. Those who are already familiar with Jon McDonald’s work will see that he manages to make his readers laugh out loud even when he’s writing horror.

The small town of Brampton, Ohio is terrorized by a cold-blooded killer with a mysterious agenda. Because of these terrible murders, the people of Brampton find out that there is a vampire colony that is hiding among them. These vampires, however, are not dangerous in the least because they are still half-human and they only feed on animal blood. They are also called “night sleepers” or “mutants”, and some of them are respectable citizens who have done Brampton a lot of good. But, if the mutants are not responsible for the murders, does this mean there’s a pure vampire on the loose?

Volter is a renegade European vampire who is determined to turn the people of Brampton against the mutants in order to eliminate all of them. This “day sleeper” is cruel, vicious, and he will stop at nothing to reach his goal. What does he have against the mutants? The idea that they are not real vampires who feed on human blood is unacceptable to him. Volter has to kill them all and then make sure that only pure vampires are left in the world. What he doesn’t expect is for the humans to help the mutants get rid of him.

“Bloodlines – The Quest” is a fun, compelling read. Even though it has some very descriptive scenes, they are balanced out by humorous, lighthearted parts. The characters are well-developed, and the way they interact is sometimes so funny that readers will forget about Volter and his gruesome acts. Jon McDonald brings his own contribution to the vampire myth by playing a bit with how a vampire can be killed. It seems that in his universe vampires can regenerate from the smallest portion of cellular tissue, and that’s why the humans and mutants have to come up with a very good plan to destroy Volter completely.

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“Divas in Cahoots – A Comedy of Murder” by Jon McDonald

Those who have read Jon McDonald’s “Divas Never Flinch” will be delighted to know that their favorite characters, Sonora Livingston-Bundt and Connye Andreatos, are involved in new, fun adventures in “Divas in Cahoots”. This time, however, they are dealing with a murder mystery, which makes the book much more than a social satire and a light read; it is a hardboiled crime novel filled with twists and turns that will take readers by surprise. The fact that no one will ever be able to guess the ending before it happens makes “Divas in Cahoots” a must-read.

The rivalry and competition between Connye and Sonora is interrupted by the murder of Bella Harrington-Crenshaw, a new diva who arrived in Santa Fe, New Mexico with the intention of taking control of the social scene with her money, manipulation, and intrigue. It seems that things didn’t go well for her, and now the police are looking for the murderer. But there are incredibly powerful forces at work. When international spies are involved and there are senatorial murder, blackmail, art theft, and hidden identities, will Sonora and Connye be able to solve the puzzle and come out of it alive?

Jon McDonald has outdone himself with this compelling, edge-of-your-seat novel. Readers will love the complex, well-developed characters, and they will root for them until the end. To make the story even more interesting and unconventional, there’s also an intriguing detective who has his own secrets. Throw in “another Bella” who may be the key to solving the murder mystery of Bella Harrington-Crenshaw, and what you have is a complicated story that will keep readers glued to the pages, challenging them to figure out the solution.

“Divas in Cahoots” is a brilliant novel that fans of both the mystery and comedy genres will enjoy. There’s also a lot of romance going on, just to spice things up. Sonora and Connye are two women in love, and their feelings do nothing but complicate things even more. However, they are two powerful divas who cannot be distracted from their ultimate goal: to maintain their positions as the “Queens of Santa Fe”.

The novel is available on Amazon.

“Divas Never Flinch – A Comedy of Manners” by Jon McDonald

There’s no better way of spending a nice, peaceful evening than with one of Jon McDonald’s books. He is well-known for his fast-paced, fun, satirical stories that delight and amuse his readers from the very first pages. No doubt, “Divas Never Flinch” is yet another proof of the author’s great skill to entertain and captivate anyone who is looking for a light read. This comedy-romance novel introduces some uniquely compelling characters that readers will not easily forget.

Jon McDonald begins his story by describing the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the action takes place. His carefully chosen words build a vivid image of a place where culture is very important, and where people are passionate about art, film, dance, museums, and good food. This is the world that the two main characters, Sonora Livingston-Bundt and Connye Andreatos, want to conquer with their luxurious soirees and charitable work. They will stop at nothing to impress and seduce everyone around them. Santa Fe becomes the battlefield of two divas who are fighting for supremacy through their contributions to charity, artistic institutions, and ostentatious social events.

Readers will find Sonora and Connye very interesting and amusing. Their struggle to take control of the social scene causes funny situations that will make anyone laugh out loud. It’s easy to see that the author is criticizing this kind of lifestyle, at the same time delivering an enjoyable story supported by a cast of complex, believable characters. Eventually, readers will find themselves rooting either for Sonora or Connye, and they will follow their adventures breathlessly. “Divas Never Flinch” is one of those books that you can’t easily put down once you started reading it.

Things get even more complicated when the two queens of Santa Fe are faced with a new threat. Amanda Beor-Bink is new in town and she’s a world-class fashion designer. Her celebrity and money can easily bring her the crown of “Queen of Santa Fe”, and Amanda is determined to use them against Sonora and Connye. This is a challenge that the two divas accept. They’re not sure how, but they know that they have to defeat Amanda.

“Divas Never Flinch” is available on Amazon.

“The Psychology of Change” by Cyle Chapman – Free on Amazon on September 30

Life Coach and Faith-Based Therapist Cyle Chapman has figured out what makes people give up so easily on their plans, and he explains everything in his book, “The Psychology of Change”. After years of working with different people who were trying to make various changes in their lives, he understood that the reason for which most of them didn’t succeed was that they forgot to change one important aspect: their mindset.

To be able to start a new life you have to make sure that you are ready for it. Too often we overlook the fact that it won’t be possible for us to live in the new context that we have created for ourselves having the same thought patterns and behaviors we had before we made the change. Our mind is a powerful tool, but it can also become our greatest enemy if we do not learn how to control our thoughts and attitudes. This is why Cyle Chapman decided to write this guide. His goal is to explain to his readers exactly how the human mind works and how their behavior can lead them to failure. He helps people come to their own understanding of their own mind, and then he offers them the methods and techniques that will help them change exactly what needs to be changed in order to achieve success.

Those who are currently going through a process of change will gain a lot of insight into what this process truly implies. After reading Chapman’s book, they will be able to identify the thought patterns that kept pulling them back. The whole process of change will become more focused and more effective, which means that people will see results more quickly and will realize that they are on the right path and that their dream is achievable.

“The Psychology of Change” has just been released, and it will be on promotion on Amazon on September 30, 2014. You will have the opportunity to download it for free, so make sure you mark the date in your calendar.

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“Chasing Lightning” by Rachel York to be released on October 1, 2014

Love is complicated, especially when you feel like you’re not exactly like everyone else and you know you might be judged for it. This is one reason for which Scarlett Turner, the main character in Rachel York’s coming-of-age LGBT novel, hasn’t had much luck in relationships. She lives in a small town where people tend to talk a lot, and all she wishes is to go somewhere far away and live her life the way she wants. Scarlett is in her senior year, so what follows is college and a new life. She’s looking forward to it, but then she meets Gina Jamison and her world is turned upside down sooner than she expected.

“Chasing Lightning” is a sweet romance story that has everything it needs to keep the readers glued to the pages. It focuses on Scarlett and her journey of self-discovery, as she finds true love in Gina’s arms, and then is forced to go on her own way and build the life she always wanted to have. The book is full of romantic encounters and hot, steamy scenes. The moment she goes to college, Scarlett discovers a whole new world. She is determined to enjoy her freedom and live her life to the fullest, so she goes through a succession of lovers and gets to travel around the globe. From West Virginia, she then reaches the magical desert of New Mexico, and the romantic Paris.

Rachel York is amazing when it comes to character development. Readers will immediately fall in love with Scarlett and Gina, and they will find it easy to relate to them. Both characters are very complex and realistic, and they have strong, unique personalities. While Scarlett is romantic and a bit dreamy, Gina is sexy, wild, and full of life and enthusiasm. They complete each other perfectly, and readers will find themselves rooting for them and hoping they will eventually end up together.

The novel was originally published in 2003 by Kensington Books, and the author has recently got the rights back from the publisher. This New Release Edition will be available on Amazon and other retailers starting October 1, 2014. With an updated content and a new, eye-catching cover, “Chasing Lightning” will be published under Susurrus Publications imprint.

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