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The I Ching Companion

The I Ching, often called “The Book of Changes”, has marched through the centuries accumulating and preserving the wisdom of Chinese civilization for a span of over 5000 years time. It has survived and prospered through the rise and fall of dynasties and empires, plague, famine, war and all the other perils of time and history. In its long and illustrious history it has served as the advisor and preserver of King and commoner alike; its wisdom, insight and counsel illuminating the circumstances in which human beings find themselves in the course of their journey through life and pointing out the right path to take in any situation that a human being may encounter. Its images encompass, symbolize and reveal the totality of the energies of consciousness and being in their interaction with the visible human and the invisible spiritual dimensions of the universe and so can reveal the truth of any situation. In this companion volume, the correct usage of the book and its wisdom is approached from the perspective of the individual who seeks a trustworthy guide to accompany him or her on the road that they must travel from womb to tomb. No prior knowledge of the I Ching is required as its usage and spiritual philosophy is explained in terms that any individual of average intelligence can comprehend. The use of the coin Oracle is covered in great depth and detail so as to impart a complete understanding of how to correctly ask questions of the book. Richard Palmer began writing at an early age and is the accomplished author of five previously published works. In this pioneering work, the I Ching is presented in a new format especially geared to the individual who has no prior knowledge of this great and noble book and which will allow any interested individual to use the power and insight of the Book of Changes to illuminate their path and protect their life and safety in the often dangerous landscape of the material universe

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