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Weight Loss Through Body Building

Strategies used by professional body builders that you may not know about.
Weight Loss Thorough Body Building by James Eaton
Weight Loss Thorough Body Building by James Eaton
NEW YORK - May 24, 2016 - PRLog – James Eaton, a Selma, Alabama based author, has launched “BODYBUILDING FOR WEIGHT LOSS: “FACTS” ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS THROUGH BODY BUILDING THAT YOU DID NOT KNOW ABOUT” on Amazon.This book contains an easy to follow plan which contains researched strategies by professional bodybuilders. In addition to explaining when to eat, when to exercise, and when to rest., you will “learn the weight-training exercises you need to work out your entire body – and how to work your way up to greater weights and more reps!”

This book explains strategy through applying time tested lessons proven to work through history.

With summer fast approaching, there is a demand to implement effective techniques that can produce desired results. With diet supplements being a multi-billion dollar industry there have been too many try and fail experiences in figuring out what does work.

Knowing the right facts and details can aid in choosing the right supplements, weight training options, diet, and techniques.

Eaton developed this book to act as a reference guide to help arm the reader with potent knowledge to accomplish an effective body building routine. This book is recommended for beginners to get a quick launch into how to effectively target their needs. Experienced bodybuilders can also find this useful in developing an award- winning physique.

This is book is available for free under the Kindle Unlimited Program.


“Strength Is Ageless: The Options 90-Day Bodybuilding Guide for Women 40 and Over” by Kriss Brooks

Usually, as people grow older, they tend to be less vibrant, less confident, and they sometimes give up on physical exercise thinking that it’s not necessary at their age. Thus, they become less happy with their bodies, and they also lose the strength of youth, thinking back at the days when they felt strong and resistant, and they could count on their healthy bodies for any activity. But why should things be like this? Kriss Brooks, the author of “Strength Is Ageless”, thinks that people should never give up on fitness and bodybuilding no matter their age. With the right exercises and the appropriate training program, even those over 40 can build a strong and healthy body they can be proud of.

It’s natural for older people to feel more fragile and to sometimes be afraid of lifting weights or practice complex physical exercises. In her guide, Kriss Brooks shows the readers how to train safely with weights, but, more importantly, she teaches them how to change their perspective on age and bodybuilding. The first step is to identify the practical and emotional barriers that tell someone they can’t do bodybuilding in order to eliminate them one by one. For this, the author has chosen a series of personal stories of women who have achieved what seemed impossible to achieve at their age. These uplifting and inspiring stories will help the readers understand they can do anything they set their mind to, and age has nothing to do with it.

“Strength Is Ageless” is a comprehensive guide based on the best recent research, and also on the author’s experience. Kriss Brooks has been a coach for over thirty years, and she herself is an example for all women who want to be strong, healthy, and live a vibrant life. The examples are very practical, the directions are simple, and the weightlifting regimen is described in detail so that anyone can follow it. The Options Strength Fitness Program for the beginner is explained step by step, and the greatest advantage is that you don’t have to join a gym to put everything into practice because you can start it immediately at home. This Program has been created in such a way that it can help you get into better shape in just 90 days.

Even though the guide is aimed at women over 40, it can be successfully used by anyone between 17 and 97. What matters is the desire to become a healthy and active person and the determination to do something about it. “Strength Is Ageless” gives you all you need to start and adopt a bodybuilding program that truly works. Reading this book is the first step towards the life you’ve always wanted to have.

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