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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“No Teacher Left Behind: Keeping Up With and Captivating ‘Generation Next’ in the Classroom” by Bryan Fiese

It is said that change is the only constant in our universe, and the schooling system is no exception from this rule. More and more professors and teachers have begun a learning revolution, advocating that present-day students can’t be taught the same way they were decades ago. Young learners have evolved with time’s passing, becoming considerably more creative, more independent, and more impatient to assimilate new things. Therefore, it is a logical consequence that old teaching techniques can’t be applied anymore with the same success as they once were.

Bryan Fiese argues that educators who continue to use the traditional teaching tactics and philosophies are, in fact, on the sure road to failure.  The first natural response to Fiese’s claim is that bringing something new to the table, in terms of teaching strategies and theories, is a difficult, tiresome task. However, this isn’t the case, as Bryan Fiese proves in his book, “No Teacher Left Behind.”

This is a guide created specifically for those who feel like they’ve been left behind by the rapid evolution of the educational system. In “No Teacher Left Behind: Keeping Up With and Captivating ‘Generation Next’ in the Classroom,” the author offers several tips and strategies regarding the process of educating this new generation of students – “Generation Next” – who have a wide range of interests, being continuously on the look for something new and engaging. Having studied the process of change that kept intensifying with each generation of learners, Fiese has created “10 Rules of Student Engagement”, one of his successful national seminars part of the No Teacher Left Behind training series. The aim of this seminar is to motivate educators and to provide them efficient methods of engaging their students.

The information provided by Bryan Fiese is both inspirational and motivational. His observations and suggestions are based on the reality of today’s schooling system, aspect which turns “No Teacher Left Behind” into more than just a theoretical approach to teaching. Therefore, any professor or teacher who reads this guide can actually apply Fiese’s techniques and strategies in their day-to-day school-related activity. The program created by Fiese is approved in Texas (through Texas Education Agency ), Arkansas (through Dept of Education and in Kentucky through Department of Education) in offering CPE credits.

A great number of people who have read “No Teacher Left Behind” or who have attended one of Bryan Fiese’s presentations have been positively influenced by his teaching philosophy, describing it in terms such as “engaging,” “humorous,” and “helpful.” You may find “No Teacher Left Behind: Keeping Up With and Captivating ‘Generation Next’ in the Classroom” on the Motivated Teacher site and on Amazon.

“The Legend of the Lost Rose” by Daniel L. Rappaport and Patricia Gresham

Firm believers in dragons, kingdoms full of adventures, knights in shiny armors, pirates and secret treasures, children never doubt the existence of magic. They listen to their parents reading stories, getting in the skin of princesses and kings, fighting villains and saving the day, every word they hear being yet another step taken into that extraordinary universe in which dreams always come true. “The Legend of the Lost Rose,” by Daniel L. Rappaport and Patricia Gresham, is one of those perfect stories that can satisfy your children’s taste for adventure, keeping them engaged the whole time.

Daniel Rappaport’s debut book, “The Legend of the Lost Rose,” is set “in a time and place apart from our own” where “there is a dying planet governed by the rules of Magick.” Atop the northernmost mountain, a mysterious rose overlooks the valley – the entire land depends on its existence. When the flower begins to whither, devastating changes affect the land, and only one who can save it is Spark: a young frog who usually enjoys his comfortable underground home while painting during the entire day. He sets off on an amazing adventure along which he will be confronted with both exterior enemies – the arid, unwelcoming deserts and the Apovil creature – and interior ones – his own fears and weaknesses. The purpose of this adventure is finding the only Magick that could possibly save the planet – the blue Pixie Dust. Will Spark succeed?

“The Legend of the Lost Rose” is the first book in The Legend series – a collection of children’s fantasy stories that features exciting full interactive animations, pleasant characters, and adventure-filled quests.

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“Happily Never After” by Mona Mona

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Every girl’s dream from a very young age is to meet her prince – that one man who will love her unconditionally, who will try to make her rainy days brighter, and who will stay next to her through both good and bad times. However, things don’t always go well, events don’t unfold according to a plan – not even when it looks like you are just one step away from all of your dreams finally coming true.

This is what Mona experienced on her own skin. Currently a motivational speaker who seeks to empower others and to encourage them to pursue their dreams, Mona was once engaged, looking forward to getting married to – who she thought was – the man of her dreams, the one she had waited for her entire life. Yet, he never showed up for their wedding, leaving Mona with a broken heart.

As the author puts it, “Happily Never After” tells the story of her triumph in the face of pain, the story of her transformation from a naïve young woman to a knowledgeable, thriving person.

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“In the Beginning” (“Archangel Jarahmael and the War to Conquer Heaven”, Book 1) by John J. Higgins

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John J. Higgins’ first book in the “Archangel Jarahmael and the War to Conquer Heaven” trilogy will take readers on an absolutely fascinating journey, where they will learn how the Universe and the Heavens were created, and they will meet the astonishing divine creatures we call angels. Have you ever wondered how the angels saw the Creation and what they thought about God’s choice of creating the first humans? The fact that the story is told from the angels’ perspective, makes this book even more interesting and exciting.

“In the Beginning” describes the creation of the Universe and the Earth, and the establishment of the Seven Heavens and the Nine Orders of Angels. When God created the first humans, Adam and Lilith, He wanted to keep them secret in the Garden of Eden. At first, they were an experiment, and no one would have ever thought that any of them would be capable of free will. But Lilith was, because she couldn’t help falling in love with the beautiful Jarahmael, the Archangel with dark brown hair, dark blue eyes, and blue wing tips. Will this impossible love that breaks all rules survive? And what about Adam?

This is an incredible story that will draw you in from the very first pages. The author’s talent at writing vivid descriptions and his great attention to detail will make you picture the Garden of Eden in your mind. You will fall in love with the beautiful, mysterious Archangels, and root for Lilith and Jarahmael. Adventure, intrigue, suspense… John J. Higgins’ book has everything it needs to take readers by surprise.

This isn’t a book that only fantasy lovers will enjoy reading. Anyone who is looking for a powerful story about love, destiny, and the courage to fight for what you believe in should give “In the Beginning” a try. More than likely, they won’t be able to put it down until they turn the last page.

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