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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“Chasing Lightning” by Rachel York – Kindle Countdown Deal

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, yet sweet and romantic LGBT story, then “Chasing Lightning” by author Rachel York is exactly what you need. The good news is that the author has scheduled a Kindle Countdown Deal that offers her readers the chance to get the book at an exclusive price. The promotion will run from January 22 through January 25 – more precisely, until 11 PM –, and the price will go down to $1.99.

Scarlett Faye Turner is a young woman who lives in a small town in Pennsylvania, a place that she can’t wait to part with. Her plan is to build a successful future for herself, find happiness and freedom. A big city is the only place that can offer her the liberty to be herself, love who she likes, and never bother with what other people might think about her choices. She is in senior year, so she will soon leave Dillinger behind and start a new life in college. However, her plans are turned upside down when hot, sexy Gina Jamison shows up and steals Scarlett’s heart. For the first time, Scarlett gives into her desires and learns what true love feels like and what it can do to someone.

Gina and Scarlett are eventually forced to part ways and build separate lives. Scarlett goes to a women’s college in West Virginia, then she travels to the magical desert of New Mexico, and eventually reaches the sexual liberation of Paris in the 1960s. She will never forget Gina, and she hopes that one day they will meet again and get their “happily ever after”. But, until then, Scarlett focuses on her career and tries to experiment as much as possible. She lives her life to the fullest, not regretting a single choice she makes. When they do meet again, both Scarlett and Gina are grown-up women who have gone through a lot, explored their own limits, and learned what they are truly made of.

Rachel York is amazing when it comes to character development, and readers will immediately fall in love with Scarlett and Gina. They are complex, believable, and relatable. Everything they experience can happen to anyone, and the love they feel for each other is timeless. Readers will enjoy the historical details of the 1960s, but, at the same time, they will appreciate the universality of the story.

“Chasing Lightning” can be found on Amazon.

“The Titan Drowns” by Nhys Glover Is Permanently Free on Amazon

The sixth book in the “New Atlantis Time Travel Romance” series by Nhys Glover won the SFR Galaxy Award in 2013, and for good reason. One of the judges said: “Heroism and true romance set inside one of the most heart-rending tragedies of all time? Oh, yeah, that deserves an Award!”. However, those who haven’t read the first five books in the author’s series, should know that they are all standalones, so they can start with whichever they like. “The Titan Drowns” is a perfect start, especially since it is permanently free on Amazon.

The premise of this time travel romance novel is absolutely brilliant: a team of people who want to make a change in the world travel back to the past, on the Titanic, and their goal is to save all children by bringing them to the future. The three members of the rescue team couldn’t have been more different: Pia Rogaland is shy, insecure, and her only desire is to save the children, Elish Cork is feisty and loves adventures, and Karl Ontario is a lab geek who would rather spend the rest of his life in his medical facility. The fact that they are nothing alike makes them work together so well.

Their mission is by no means an easy one. Aside from the fact that they need to first identify the suitable targets, they also have to come up with a good explanation for their insane attempt of taking them to the future. It’s difficult to convince so many people that the unsinkable Titanic is nothing but a tragedy waiting to happen. Things get even more complicated when Pia falls in love with a man she is not allowed to save. Their romantic relationship plays out in a few, fateful days, and the fact that they are so perfect for each other makes the inevitable separation even more heart-breaking. What was supposed to be a rescue mission might turn into a death sentence for everyone involved.

Even though there have been so many books written on the Titanic theme, author Nhys Glover manages to bring something new and fresh to her story. Certainly, the best part is the romance, and fans of this genre will immediately fall in love with Pia and her lover from the past. There’s nothing more compelling in a novel than an impossible love story, and Nhys Glover has managed to take this theme to a whole new level. Readers will root for the characters and hope that a miracle will allow them to avoid the tragedy, and live happily ever after.

“The Titan Drowns” is one of those books which readers will want to reread and recommend to family and friends. It is one of a kind, and it is permanently free on Amazon, so don’t forget to download your copy.

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“Love Beyond Time” (“Morna’s Legacy Series”, Book 1) by Bethany Claire

If you love historical romance novels with a bit of mystery to make things more interesting, then “Love Beyond Time” by bestselling author Bethany Claire is the perfect choice for you. Time travel, magic, love, and sexy Scots… this book has everything it needs to keep the readers glued to the pages. And the best part is that “Love Beyond Time” is just the first book in “Morna’s Legacy Series”, with two more to follow – “Love Beyond Reason” and “Love Beyond Hope” –, and the fourth book waiting to be released in June.

Everything began four hundred years ago, when a powerful Scottish clan was completely destroyed in a surprise attack. No evidence remained, as the castle was burned to the ground, and present-day archaeologists are still trying to figure out what happened then. The murder of the entire Conall clan is a mystery that no one will probably solve. Who thought that a Texas kindergarten teacher would be the one to find out what happened so many hundreds of years ago?

Brielle Montgomery can’t refuse her archaeologist mother when she asks her to accompany her on a dig in Scotland. After all, she is bored with her life, and she needs something to distract her. A short adventure in Europe would do her good, so Brielle takes the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone. However, she gets more than she bargained for when she finds a secret spell room below the castle ruins and she is transported back in time, when the people of the Conall clan were still alive. Moreover, she is married to the castle’s Laird, and everyone calls her Blaire.

At first, Brielle/Blaire wants to go back to her time. She soon finds out that she must play her part and be Blaire if she doesn’t want to put everyone in danger. While trying to make sense of what is happening to her and find a way out, she falls in love with her husband. This is the moment when things become really complicated, because she realizes that she might be the clan’s only hope.

“Love Beyond Time” is a heart-warming, timeless romance that will keep the readers on the edge of their seats. The author has an incredible writing style, and she managed to capture the fascinating Scottish society of 1645 in vivid images and amazing dialogues. The characters are complex and well-developed, and the readers will find it easy to relate to them. The romance between Bri and the Laird is sweet and heart-warming, and it develops in a very realistic, believable way, making the readers want to grab the next book in the series as soon as possible.

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“Blue Butterfly” by Marian L. Thomas Is Available on Amazon

Marian L. Thomas is the acclaimed writer of the bestsellers “My Father’s Colors” and “Strings of Color”, which have received important prizes and have been seen on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Ovation, and A & E Network. Her newest novel, “Blue Butterfly”, has just been released, and fans of Clean Fiction and Christian Fiction will love it. The author is well-known for her refusal to introduce explicit erotic scenes or profanity in her novels, instead choosing to feature strong female characters readers can easily relate to.

“Blue Butterfly” is the story of a young, black ballerina who dreams of conquering the world of ballet with her passion and talent. At the beginning of the novel, Precious Blue Johnson is just a simple country girl who decides to leave Lutts County, Georgia for the intimidating city of New York in hopes of finding success and, maybe, her birth father. However, she didn’t expect it to be so difficult to convince people that she can dance just as graciously as any white girl. The art of ballet seems to be a privilege only white girls are allowed to have, but Precious Blue is ready to change this mentality and prove that her mocha skin and full lips have nothing to do with her skill, talent, and determination.

In her journey to self-discovery and success, Precious Blue will make a lot of enemies and friends. She will have the advice of the wise Ms. Ann, and she will find true love in the arms of Ray Silvers, a young, handsome man with a promising career in medicine. Ray will be the one who will support her the most, giving her strength when she needs it, but his dark past will challenge the future of their relationship. His drug-addicted mother may try to ruin their happiness, but their love and devotion will be strong enough to overcome anything.

In writing her novel, Marian L. Thomas was inspired by the real stories of five of the world’s greatest ballerinas: Raven Wilkinson, Lauren Anderson, Tai Jimenez, Misty Copeland, and Aesha Ash. Their courage of seeking a career on stage has inspired many black women to pursue their dreams and prove that what truly matters is hard work, talent, passion, and skill, and that these qualities have nothing to do with the color of their skin. Thus, Precious Blue can be easily considered a great role model, teaching young, black girls that if they persevere in what they want, they will achieve success.

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“Lilith Rising 1969″ by Roberta Kagan

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“Lilith Rising 1969” is a story of hope, love, freedom, tragedy, and revenge. It has suspense, gut-wrenching scenes, and even some murder mystery parts. It is one of those novels that deliver so much more than you expected, taking the readers by surprise and leaving them wanting for more of the characters and the action. Fortunately, Roberta Kagan is a very prolific writer who has written many novels and short stories, so her fans will not run out of reading material too soon. Her talent at building complex plots and believable characters shines through every piece she writes.

“Lilith Rising 1969” is the story of 15-year-old Lilly who runs away from home in search of freedom and adventure. She has always wanted to depend only on herself, and she thinks she is ready to do it. When she meets Red, the leader of the toughest motorcycle gang in Chicago, her life takes a completely different turn: she soon realizes that she is more of a prisoner than a girlfriend to this violent man. Red scares her and makes her feel unsafe. Things change when Red’s brother, Cricket, comes from Vietnam. A beautiful love story grows between Lilly and Cricket, and the readers will feel afraid for them at every step, and hope that nothing bad will happen before they find a way to leave the motorcycle gang and start a new life.

When it comes to character development, Roberta Kagan is amazing. You’ll like Lilly from the first time she appears because she is so real and believable. Even though she is young, she wants to make it all by herself, and she is determined to fight and hope no matter the situation she is in. Cricket is the opposite of his brother, Red. He is sweet and protective, and he loves Lilly so much that he would do anything to get her out of Red’s hell. Readers will root for the characters and wish to see them safe and happy in the end.

This is a novel that depicts a harsh reality, a world that is in a state of transformation, and a society where people are trying to find their place. If you’re a fan of historical novels, you’ll appreciate how the author managed to capture the unique feel of the late 1960’s in America. The book is free on Amazon from 5/20 to 5/24, so be sure to grab your copy.

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“Essence of the Heart” (The Royal Tutor) by Daris Howard

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A handsome Captain of the Royal Guard and an unruly young princess… What would bring them together, you might wonder. Well, one of the most unusual assignments the queen could have ever given to one of her guards: to tutor the princess, train her in the arts, teach her to dance, and use any method he considers necessary to turn her into the princess she is expected to be. With such a fun and intriguing plot, “Essence of the Heart” will make any reader turn the pages as fast as possible to see the outcome of the strange mission the Captain was entrusted with.

Daris Howard’s characters are complex, realistic and likeable. Jacob, the Captain of the Royal Guard, is an intelligent young man who loves his job and has worked a lot to get into a position most men would only dream of achieving. When the queen tells him his new assignment requires “a keen mind, a good heart, and a patient spirit”, he thinks she is finally entrusting him with the mission of finding the enemy who has tried countless of times to assassinate the royal family. Tutoring her difficult daughter was never on his agenda.

Marie is the exact opposite of an elegant and well-mannered princess. She loves wearing men’s clothes, climbing trees and being a pain for everyone who even thinks of trying to change her. Strangely enough, she doesn’t find Jacob’s harsh methods unpleasant. On the contrary, for the first time in her life she is willing to learn what her tutor will teach her. Slowly, the relationship between Marie and Jacob grows into something else, something sweet, thrilling and romantic.

If you’re a fan of clean romance stories, then “Essence of the Heart” is the perfect choice. You’ll be eager to see Jacob and Marie together, but you’ll also want to discover the mystery behind the assassination attempts. This novel has everything you’d expect from a great, entertaining read: mystery, intrigue, a lot of humorous situations, and a beautiful love story.

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From: Nazi, Germany To: Cuba. A story of Love, a Voyage of Deception

Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to hear part of one woman’s story of what happened to her Polish family in the years leading up to and including WWII.   She had a blue hand written tattoo on the inside of her wrist and when she saw me looking at it, she held out her hand and asked if I wanted to touch it and I did.  She then told me the horrors she had experienced under the Iron Hand of Hitler.

That is one of the many reasons I was so happy to see that Roberta Kagan was handling the story of this voyage through hell.  No one else can show all the vulnerabilities of the human condition during some of the worst horrors ever experienced in human history.  What better way can there be to show true cruelty when shown next to tenderness and love.

The passengers of the SS St. Louis carried 926 Jewish survivors who had been led to believe that Hitler was allowing them to emigrate to Cuba instead of dying in the death camps.   The cost of passage was very high and I imagine the sense of relief that the passengers felt was huge. It’s  almost unbelievable the number of ways the Nazis found in deceiving the Jews.  This trip isn’t the clean escape they thought it was, it  will be filled with horror, pain and betrayal.   This fictional portrayal of the true story of the SS St. Louis shows us  the passengers as they try to survive such horror.

The story also shows how love can happen even under the worst of circumstances which is how we are able to see how hope stays alive.

This book is available free right now on Amazon.  Find it here:

The Mail-Order Bride by Daris Howard

Eli dragged his roommate out of bed, on a Saturday morning mind you, to go to the docks to meet his sweet fiance Molly when the boat docked and she walked down the gangplank..  They were two hours early for the docking time given, but you never know, the boat might be early and he didn’t want Molly standing alone waiting for him.

Two years ago he had left Molly to sail to America to get a job, get settled and send for her.  Lost in a storm he wound up in Newfoundland instead of America.  But he had written to Molly everyday for the two  years and then had sent her the money to come and be with him.

Today was the day, the ship docked and there she was, a woman in a berka who his Molly bought for him after marrying the mailman.   Things aren’t looking good for Rev. Eli, imagine, a mail order bride after such a story.  To top it off full passage hadn’t been paid so she smelled like the cows she had to sleep with.  Nope, things aren’t looking good at all.

Want to see how he gets out of this one?  Buy the book.  Find it here –


Living London by Kristen Vayden

In “Living London”, Kristen Vayden writes one of her true loves, the historical Regency novels based in London.  She creates a characters who also love the Regency novels.

Jocelyn and Nanna always had each other and the Regency novels  they shared. So deep was their involvement, they would set up scenarios that fit the stories that they read.  Nanna would wear her old ballgown,  Jocelyn would put on her Sunday best.  They danced together pretending they were at the fashionable balls that the best of the best attended.  Nanna  taught her to waltz, dance quadrilles  and they would dance through the night.

Jocelyn’s parents died when she was just an infant.  Nanna raised her and Nanna’s love was the only love that Joceleyn ever knew.  When Nanna died Jocelyn was truly alone.

When Jocelyn was packing Nanna’s books at the nursing home she found a message from Nanna, along with her eternal love for Jocelyn and  giving her the gift of time.   Jocelyn couldn’t imagine what Nanna meant by the gift of time.  She did know that whatever Nanna meant, it would be given in love.

Jocelyn found out what Nanna meant about the gift of time when she woke up in the middle of the street and found out it was 200 years ago.  She had really done it, Nanna’s gift of time was to go back in time to the London she loved in their Regency novels.   Nothing had ever prepared her for her future being in the past.

Being able to wear those beautiful gowns was one thing, another was catching the eye of that beautiful man.   He was talked about as being a rake, which was supposed to repel her. Instead it made him much more alluring, that bad boy thing that even I know so well.   There is that allure, the atmosphere of threat which has a magnetic pull.

Kristen Vayden takes us seamlessly through the story.  Will Jocelyn give up her future for a love that’s in the past?    Should  she believe what others say or listen to her own heart?  How well to do we ever know another?    Also why would others want to ruin her when she hadn’t done anything wrong?

If you love historical novels and a great romance, Living London is a must read.  You can get it on Amazon.  Find it here –

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Free on Amazon on 29th-31st January: “A Flicker of Light” by Roberta Kagan

Those who have read Roberta Kagan’s “All My Love, Detrick” and “Heart of a Gypsy” will be glad to hear that her debut novel, “A Flicker of Light” has been fully rewritten and reedited as of May 22, 2012. With a great premise and an incredible story about a woman who would do anything to save her unborn child during “The Third Reich”, this novel is sure to become a bestseller. Fans of this author will not be disappointed, and if you haven’t read any of Roberta Kagan’s books, then you don’t know what you’re missing.

In 1935 the Nazis created a program – “The Lebensborn” – with the purpose of genetically engineering perfect Aryan children. These beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed beings would be raised in the Lebensborn orphanages or adopted by SS officers who are sure to turn them into ideal members of a new, master race. By clearing all undesirable elements out of Europe and educating these children to believe they belong to a superior race, Hitler intends to completely change the face of Europe. And Petra Jorgenson is caught right in the middle of this madness.

When her fiancée, Hans, dies on the Russian front, Petra understands that she is all alone and she needs to run from the Lebensborn Institute. Even though she lives in luxury, she knows that once she gives birth to her child two terrible things might happen: the child might prove unworthy for the Nazis’ superior race, or it might be taken from her to be placed in an orphanage. She can’t take risks, so she decides to run away in the woods. Seven months pregnant, with no money or friends, Petra has to find a way to survive.

Her story will keep you on the edge of your seat and you’ll soon realize you won’t be able to put the book down until you finish it. The best thing about Roberta Kagan’s writing is that it easily pulls you in the story and makes you relate to the characters and the situations they’re going through. Anger and sadness will overwhelm you while reading how the Nazis considered it their birth right to play God and destroy so many lives. Separating mothers from their children is unforgiveable, and you’ll find yourself investing so much in Petra’s story, hoping that she will eventually save herself and her unborn child. Heartbroken and alone, she is determined to fight for her baby and this makes her an amazing character.

Roberta Kagan has a true talent of presenting this dark, yet fascinating period of our history. If you read the other two novels I’ve mentioned above, you know what I’m talking about. In “A Flicker of Light” she managed to create wonderful characters who struggle to free themselves from a system that will kill anyone who doesn’t fit in. Hope and faith are these people’s only weapons.

“A Flicker of Light” will be available for free download from Amazon between 29th and 31st January. If you’re a fan of historical fiction, you shouldn’t miss this unique opportunity.

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