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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“The European Casino Guide” by Cyco Publishing

Thanks to “The European Casino Guide”, tourists who travel to Europe and like to have fun in a casino from time to time don’t need to do their own research anymore. The American casinos are all featured and well documented in “The American Casino Guide”, but until now there was no such publication dedicated to the European casinos. This guide is the result of many months of work and those behind it already have a great plan for the future editions: if in the first edition you can find all the contact information of casinos in 40 European countries, in the next ones you might just find impartial reviews for all of them.

“The European Casino Guide” is very well organized, so no one would have problems finding what they’re looking for. The guide starts with a “How to Play” section that will introduce you to some of the most popular casino games and give you clear explanations on how to play them. I think this is great information for all beginners who simply want to hit a casino once in a while and have fun with their friends. Then, the guide lists over 300 casinos in alphabetical country order. Moreover, you can also find some very useful information about each country: a short description and how to get there by plane, train, bus or car. Again, this will reduce a lot of your own personal research.

Another thing that is absolutely amazing about this guide is that you have all the information you need about the casinos in every European country and city in one place: you have an address, a photo, contact phone/ fax and email, as well as dress code, age restrictions, any applicable fees and even the number of gaming tables and slots. It’s clear that any casino lover should own this guide when travelling through Europe.

“The European Casino Guide” can be a great Christmas gift for someone who intends to spend their holidays in Europe, so don’t hesitate to purchase it in Kindle or paperback version at or at