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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

The Dream Walker: Land of Mystica Series

When there are castles, servants, and kings, there is a little curious boy named Mortimer. The book launches into his story to pull the reader in through his eyes. He is the son of a servant. His mother is well liked and personable. When questions arise about the identity of his father, his mother never answers. No one knows who his father is.

Mortimer explores around the castle and finds small interesting tokens to collect such as interesting buttons, ribbons and other tiny objects. He keeps a small collection under his bed covered with mud and straw. After awhile he grows tired of finding similar items. He decides to carefully explore outside the castle.  He is aware he needs to be watchful of bad people that could prey upon the weak.  He decides to stop at the border where there is a small stream. He decides to take a swim where he observes a glistening black rock that he retrieves from the water.

Mortimer recalls a tale of the three white wizards and the dark wizards who battled over controlling power. The lead dark wizard casts a spell that goes awry where the wizards become trapped into their respective white and black rocks. Because the power of the land of Mystica is tied to their existence, a darkness emerges and people are not only at war with each other but also with wizards, elves and dwarfs.

Mortimer pondered this wondering if the rock he found could be tied to this story. He was doubtful. All he knew is that he wanted to keep the rock for his very own.

A girl named Miranda is having dreams. She feels the need to travel to Mystica to act upon them. She becomes a part of the battle siding with light to defeat darkness.

Read how the stories merge into a robust and eventful story. Author Michelle Murray developed this story around creating a land of dreams with well developed characters and magic.

This book is written in a fashion to appeal to readers young and old to enjoy.

Read the ample preview on Amazon and automatically get pulled into the story.

Source: Jo Farrell Examiner News Reuters News Network

Baltimore writer ranks in the top 100 Young Adult Books for “Outsiders”

Tammy Ferebee’s book “ Outsiders” has risen in the top 100 Kindle Young Adult Science Fiction category. Ferebee resides with her family in Baltimore, Maryland. She enjoys an active family life and is an avid reader. “Outsiders” is a young adult reader’s choice for its lively and diverse characters.

The main character Jaylen Hayes knows that she is different from all other seventeen-year-old girls. Possessing extraordinary intelligence, she is also uncannily powerful and inexplicably hated by wild animals. But it is not until she transfers to Trinity High that she learns the truth about who—and what—she really is.

Instinctively drawn to two new classmates—the intense and passionate Indigo, and the charismatic and breathtakingly gorgeous Michael—Jaylen soon learns the shocking secret of their shared heritage, and the bloodline that extends to the stars. However, all is not what it seems, and Jaylen soon finds her newfound security threatened when a trusted friend becomes a dangerous and vengeful enemy.

“Outsiders has character personas that tastefully voice complex and challenging social issues of today. Ferebee points out body image, people trying to change themselves, and many more topics.”  said Steve Owen, of Independent Publishing News. Fans also agree that her adding bits of LGBT were clever and something that took a lot of courage.

Outsiders contains teen slang and some sexual content.

Outsiders has a free book preview on Amazon:…

The Monsterjunkies: An American Family Odyssey

This beautiful graphic novel is the adaptation of the original novel “The Monsterjunkies”, written by YA authors Erik Daniel Shein and Theresa A. Gates. The adaptation was made by Jay Fotos Studios, and the result is absolutely amazing. Recently, “The Monsterjunkies: An American Family Odyssey” has received a Readers’ Favorite award in the gold category, and has been positively reviewed by Kirkus Reviews.

The Monsterjunkies are a family of cryptozoologists. They live in an impressive mansion in Foggy Point, Maine, which they use as a sanctuary for rare and endangered species. The two Monsterjunkie children, Crow and Indigo, go to school in town but find it very difficult to fit in. All the other teenagers think they are freaks and treat them very badly. While Indigo has a way of making herself liked by the others, Crow often feels alone and unwanted. He prefers to lock himself in his room, where he works on his monster figures, or spend time with the creatures around the mansion, who are his friends.

Eventually, Crow and Indigo manage to make some friends, but just as they think their lives are getting better, the lead bully in their school, Ruth, decides to torment them. If Ruth’s favorite activity is to upset Crow and Indigo, Ruth’s father favorite hobby is to ruin their parents, Talon and Pandora Monsterjunkie. The man is rich and powerful enough to run the Monsterjunkies out of town. What will the family do? Will they give up, or choose to stand up for themselves? They don’t even want to think about what would happen to the kind monsters around their mansion if Ruth and his father succeed.

“The Monsterjunkies: An American Family Odyssey” is a brilliant graphic novel that manages to send some very important messages: bullying is wrong, and when it happens teenagers have to find the power to stand up for themselves. Being different is not bad and shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. Yes, it is very important to all of us to feel that we fit in society and that we are accepted, but that doesn’t mean we have to change everything about ourselves to achieve that.

This adaptation by Jay Fotos Studios is faithful to the original story, and the art is absolutely beautiful. The characters are well-drawn, and the colors are used in such a way to make the mysterious monsters stand out and jump from the panels. Even though it is a story with and about teenagers, “The Monsterjunkies” will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

You can find it here.

“The Cosmic Corridors” (“I, Human”, Part Seven) by Vito Veii

The seventh book in the “I, Human” series, by science-fiction author Vito Veii, proves to be even more complex and exciting than the previous ones. Captain Magnusson, Padre, Vlen, and Astra are starting to understand the darkness at the edge of the galaxy and that they are the only ones who can fight it. Why? Because they have traveled so much, learned so many things, and seen so many worlds. They have managed to make friends on the planets they visited, and now they know there are people they can count on for help and support. Even though it is a pretty long installment, “The Cosmic Corridors” is so fast-paced and action-packed that readers will find themselves unable to put the book down. With each chapter, their favorite characters find out new information about the mysterious darkness, which allows them to make new decisions and come up with a plan.

Chapter Fifty-Two opens with the Captain, Astra, Padre, Tavo, and Vlen around an artificial campfire. They have just arrived from a portal, and they are trying to decide what to do next. Now, the Captain knows he must first find the allegorical man if he wants to get to the nexus, where he will meet a powerful ally. Even though the time watcher gave them some great advice in the previous book, he didn’t explain the Captain everything he would have liked to know. He still has unanswered questions, and there are mysteries and secrets he and his crew still need to uncover.

Astra knows where the allegorical man is, or at least she thinks she does. It seems that she met him when she was on Sapentia and she was strangely attracted to a golden-orange orb. Inside the orb, she met a man who told her she had come there with a purpose, even though she didn’t know what it was. Captain Magnusson asks Astra to contact the allegorical man again, as he seems to hold the key to their strange mission.

Fans of Vito Veii probably know what to expect from “The Cosmic Corridors”: well-developed characters, interesting discussions about philosophy, politics, and the meaning of life, and a compelling plot that will keep them glued to the pages. The author is incredible when it comes to world-building, and his fictional universe grows larger and more fascinating with every new book he publishes. Readers can only hope that Vito Veii will continue working on this brilliant series, because it is obvious he still has much more to say and so many more stories to tell.

“The Cosmic Corridors” is live on Amazon.

“Benton: A Zombie Novel” (Book 3) by Jolie du Pré

The third book in the “Benton” series by Jolie du Pré continues the adventures of Jennifer Benton and her friends, as they are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Moving from one place to another, hoping for some safety, is not how Jennifer envisioned her life, but she has no choice. Mark led their group to his family’s Texas ranch, but when they find it destroyed, they realize that the only choice they have is to look for a new shelter. Maybe they’ll be luckier next time. The fact that Jennifer and Mark are expecting a baby doesn’t help at all. They are happy together, and they truly want the best for their unborn child, but Jennifer is still not sure if a baby would be a curse or a blessing during the apocalypse.

Once again, Jolie du Pré proves she is a brilliant author when it comes to character development, building suspense, and creating action scenes that will leave readers gasping for air. New characters are introduced, and each of them plays an important role in Jennifer’s life, who has lost so many friends along the way. Mark befriends Todd, a survivor who convinces them to fly with him to his wealthy family’s home in Oklahoma. Jennifer and Mark both know there’s nothing left for them at Mark’s ranch, so they eventually accept. After all, what better choice do they have? What they don’t expect is for Todd’s house to be far worse than the zombies outside. Surprises seem to be waiting for them around every corner, and most of them are certainly not pleasant. They’ve been careful and took care of each other so far, but now Jennifer and Mark are even more aware failure is not an option. They will do whatever it takes to protect their child.

The third book in this amazing zombie series is just as exciting as the first two. Fast-paced action, a complex plot, characters readers can easily relate to – “Benton” has all the necessary ingredients to become a bestseller. Jennifer is one of the most powerful and determined heroines of the genre, and readers will root for her and hope she and her baby will find a way to survive the tragedy. Mark proves to be an amazing boyfriend, who is ready to sacrifice his own life to keep Jennifer and their child safe. Jolie du Pré’s writing is so good that readers will feel the tension, and fear for the lives of their favorite characters.

The third book in the “Benton” series will keep fans of zombie novels glued to its pages. They will have no time to breathe or think of anything else outside Jolie du Pré’s world.

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“Infinite Worlds” (“I, Human”, Part 6) by Vito Veii

So far, the “I, Human” series by science-fiction author Vito Veii has been one amazing ride. Now that the sixth book is finally out, fans of the series can enjoy a set of new, exciting adventures, following their favorite characters as they explore space and alien planets. It might be a subjective opinion, but “Infinite Worlds” is definitely the best installment so far. Suspense, well-developed characters, fast-paced action, alien artifacts – it has all the right ingredients to keep any science-fiction fan glued to the pages.

The book contains chapters 45 to 51, and it continues the adventures of Captain Magnusson, Padre, Vlen, Astra, and the entire crew. Chapter 45 introduces Corporal Democritus Nobody, a character that readers will love from page one. He is strong, intelligent, and absolutely excited about his new mission: he is to land on a new, unexplored planet together with his platoon. The main goal is to investigate the planet and figure out if it is ready for colonization, but, at the same time, the platoon has to protect the team of scientists who will study an alien artifact. Needless to say that the alien artifact, which will actually prove to be some kind of portal to another world, will be the first thing to grab the readers’ attention and make them turn the pages as fast as possible.

Vito Veii is incredible when it comes to building suspense. His descriptions are very detailed, and readers will find themselves paying attention to every word and clue, in an attempt to learn more about the alien machinery and what it does. Once they land on the planet, the scientists and the soldiers have one adventure after another, and their discoveries are mind-blowing. It’s easy to see why “Infinite Worlds” is so difficult to put down once you start reading it.

What is wonderful about the “I, Human” series is that it is so much more than a science-fiction work that explores interesting ideas and futuristic technology. It is a piece of speculative fiction that has so many elements of philosophy, metaphysics, psychology, and hard science-fiction that it appeals to a broad audience, offering its readers a great opportunity to think and discuss about some very thought-provoking hypotheses. If you’re a “Star Trek” fan, you must pick up this series and read the books in order. You won’t regret it.

Find “Infinite Worlds” on Amazon.

“The Titan Drowns” by Nhys Glover Is Permanently Free on Amazon

The sixth book in the “New Atlantis Time Travel Romance” series by Nhys Glover won the SFR Galaxy Award in 2013, and for good reason. One of the judges said: “Heroism and true romance set inside one of the most heart-rending tragedies of all time? Oh, yeah, that deserves an Award!”. However, those who haven’t read the first five books in the author’s series, should know that they are all standalones, so they can start with whichever they like. “The Titan Drowns” is a perfect start, especially since it is permanently free on Amazon.

The premise of this time travel romance novel is absolutely brilliant: a team of people who want to make a change in the world travel back to the past, on the Titanic, and their goal is to save all children by bringing them to the future. The three members of the rescue team couldn’t have been more different: Pia Rogaland is shy, insecure, and her only desire is to save the children, Elish Cork is feisty and loves adventures, and Karl Ontario is a lab geek who would rather spend the rest of his life in his medical facility. The fact that they are nothing alike makes them work together so well.

Their mission is by no means an easy one. Aside from the fact that they need to first identify the suitable targets, they also have to come up with a good explanation for their insane attempt of taking them to the future. It’s difficult to convince so many people that the unsinkable Titanic is nothing but a tragedy waiting to happen. Things get even more complicated when Pia falls in love with a man she is not allowed to save. Their romantic relationship plays out in a few, fateful days, and the fact that they are so perfect for each other makes the inevitable separation even more heart-breaking. What was supposed to be a rescue mission might turn into a death sentence for everyone involved.

Even though there have been so many books written on the Titanic theme, author Nhys Glover manages to bring something new and fresh to her story. Certainly, the best part is the romance, and fans of this genre will immediately fall in love with Pia and her lover from the past. There’s nothing more compelling in a novel than an impossible love story, and Nhys Glover has managed to take this theme to a whole new level. Readers will root for the characters and hope that a miracle will allow them to avoid the tragedy, and live happily ever after.

“The Titan Drowns” is one of those books which readers will want to reread and recommend to family and friends. It is one of a kind, and it is permanently free on Amazon, so don’t forget to download your copy.

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“Legends: Nomory” by Mohamed Moshrif

Aliens, mythical monsters, and an ancient Egyptian tomb… Mohamed Moshrif’s debut novel, “Legends: Nomory”, has all the right elements to become a top favorite of any fan of Fantasy/Science Fiction books. It is original, intriguing, and action-packed. The author has also managed to create some memorable characters whose mission is to solve an ancient puzzle and save the Earth from a new war. So, if you like stories that combine old legends and myths with advanced technology, then you will admit that “Legends: Nomory” is a must-read.

Sarah Michael is one of the best Egyptologists in the world, and she has finally found the tomb she has been looking for. One year before this expedition in Egypt, her father received a papyrus that mentioned a tomb like no other. To find it, Sarah needed a team. Four of her students decided to help her, and in the Prologue we see them all in the desert, trying to figure out how to open the strange tomb that didn’t seem to have any visible entrances. John, Fares, Nour, and Melinda admire Sarah and are ready to follow her anywhere. However, when they finally manage to enter the tomb, they realize that Egyptology might not have been their best choice of career. All five are trapped inside the tomb, and their only chance to see daylight again is to figure out a way to escape by following the instructions of a mysterious hologram.

Mohamed Moshrif has created a unique, exciting history for his imaginary world. The hologram that acts like a guide for Sarah and her team is actually an alien. His name is Monar, he is a chief scientist on the planet of Nomory, and his hologram has been programmed to keep the secret of an intra-galactic war until the right people would discover the tomb. Now, the five Egyptologists have to listen to his story carefully, find a way out of the tomb, and then use the information Monar gave them to save Earth from certain destruction. There is a war that will soon begin, and they are the only ones who can stop it.

“Legends: Nomory” is a brilliant blend of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and suspense. Readers will find themselves turning the pages as fast as possible, eager to find out everything there is to know about the intra-galactic war. The author has used many symbols and clues to build an intriguing puzzle that will keep both the characters and the readers guessing. For example, the tomb is covered in unknown symbols and pictures of mythical creatures. The connection between these creatures and the aliens will come as a surprise, and readers will want to grab the next book in the series to find out even more.

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“Morium” by S.J. Hermann

One of the most difficult topics to tackle is that of bullying. Many Young Adult books try to do it, but not all of them succeed. “Morium” by S.J. Hermann is one of those few novels that manage to depict this problem in a realistic way, showing how both the victims and the bullies have to suffer because of this dangerous behavior. The fantasy elements allow the author to show how bullying can actually turn a victim into a bully once he or she gets the power and the favorable circumstances to take action.

Stacy, Nathan, and Lexi are three high school seniors whose lives are a horrible hell. They are all constantly bullied at school for various reasons, and they lack the support they should receive from their families. Nathan’s parents are always gone, and Lexi has just lost her mother. They only have each other, but sometimes it is not enough. Lexi is forced to see her father struggle with her mother’s death, and the only way she can cope with the pain and despair is to cut her arms methodically. She never cuts herself deep enough to cause any serious damage, but if anyone found out about her dark secret, they would believe she was crazy. Things take an unexpected turn for both Nathan and Lexi when they find some strange rocks that fell from the sky in the forest. They touch them, and after some time they realize that the rocks have given them supernatural powers.

If Lexi is trying to control her powers in order not to hurt anyone, Nathan has a different understanding of what has just happened to them. He calls their powers “The Gift”, and decides to use his against the people who tortured him for so long. Suddenly, Nathan turns from a weak victim into a ruthless tormentor. Even worse, he becomes stronger and more dangerous when he absorbs the souls of other people. His actions determine Lexi to break their friendship and go against him. But, will she try to destroy him in order to stop him, or will she choose to save him from himself and the dark power that has taken control of his being?

This first installment in the “Morium” trilogy is an exciting fantasy/science-fiction novel that will appeal to readers of all ages. S.J. Hermann has managed to create some compelling characters that display both noble qualities and terrible flaws, which makes them believable, well-developed, and easily relatable. The story shows how things can go horribly wrong when a tortured soul, Nathan in this case, who has never received love and attention, gets hold of the power to take everything he wants and punish the people who hurt him. Readers will turn the pages as fast as possible, eager to find out what will eventually become of Nathan and Lexi.

Find “Morium” on Amazon.

“A Grave Hunger” by G. Hunter – Free on Amazon from October 31 to November 2, 2014

A strong woman seeking revenge, a sexy vampire hunter who turns her life upside down, and a bloody struggle between humans and vampires… “A Grave Hunger” is clearly one of those serious vampire novels that depict the night creatures exactly as they are in myths and legends: cruel and deadly. G. Hunter has brought together elements of suspense, mystery, and paranormal romance, offering readers a novel that has everything it needs to become an all-time favorite.

Leah is absolutely sure that the death of her parents and sister was not the result of an animal attack. This is what the official investigation says, but she knows that wild animals don’t kill the way her family was killed. She suspects a vampire did it, and now she is determined to get her revenge. But killing vampires is not easy, so she first needs to learn how to do it. She befriends Bobby, an experienced hunter who teaches her the basics, and once she is ready, Leah sets on a personal mission to eradicate as many vampires as she can. She is helped by the hot and sexy Finlay, Bobby’s protégé, and a special kind of relationship starts developing between them. When tragedy strikes and Bobby is killed, both Leah and Finlay have an even stronger motivation to stop the bloodsuckers from harming more innocent people.

What Leah doesn’t know is that Finlay has his own secrets and dark past. He was always a bit isolated, never allowing anyone to get into his personal space, and after Bobby’s death, Finlay withdraws even more. It’s up to Leah to break down his walls and find out what he’s hiding so she could help him get rid of his demons. However, when she does find out what is haunting him, she might reconsider her feelings.

“A Grave Hunger” is much more than a paranormal romance novel. It is a suspenseful thriller that will keep readers glued to the pages, eager to solve the puzzle before they reach the end of the book because, yes, G. Hunter introduced a lot of unexpected twists and turns. The characters are believable and well-developed, and readers will find it easy to relate to Leah and her desire to avenge her parents and sister. After going through such a terrible tragedy, it’s only natural that the only thing that is keeping her alive is the desire to hunt down the killer. Readers will also fall in love with Finlay, who comes as a good distraction, giving Leah a new reason to live and fight for what she believes in.

The book will be free on Amazon from October 31 to November 2, 2014, so make sure you download your copy if you feel like reading a real vampire novel.

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Find “A Grave Hunger” on Amazon.