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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

Pulp Fiction about Empowered Women

Vic: Fast!” (The Incredible Adventures of Vic Challenger Book 5), is the fifth installment in the series written by Jerry Gill. The story line takes place back in the 1920’s and features strong women lead characters. Vic, (short for Victoria), is the reincarnation of a 100,000 year old cavewoman, Nat-ul,  who vividly remembers her past life. Nat-ul is searching for her soul mate with whom she made a pact to love forever. She believes he is also reincarnated and she will one day find him.

Lin Li, is her strong side kick. They train for fighting and feats of strength to overcome survival during their worldwide travel adventures. Women power is demonstrated throughout the story line. In this series, they are visiting the Australian outback and get confronted by robbers while visiting Vic’s mother. They decide to track the robbers and face deadly situations on the way.

Most readers reviewing Gills series all agree that each book is its own story and can stand alone. The books can be read in any order and you can catch on and ride strong on the adventure.

There are tidbits of historical happenings combined with general knowledge that reinforce the self-reliance and independence of the women featured in the story.  They are history making during the time where the first women are allowed to vote. They live for adventure and to make things right where fixing the wrongs in the world seem impossible.

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Relics (A Modern Magics Story, Book 1) by Maer Wilson

If you’re looking for a paranormal story with a twist, then “Relics” is the best choice you could ever make. Ghosts, angels, demons, detectives who can talk to the dead – this novel has everything it needs to become an all-time favorite. The best part is that the author, Maer Wilson, has used the myths and legends of these paranormal beings in a unique, compelling way. No matter how many fantasy novels you’ve read until now, the twists in “Relics” will take you by surprise. The world Maer Wilson has created is original, complex, and intriguing. It’s a whole universe waiting to be explored.

This is the story of Thulu and La Fi, husband and wife who own a detective agency that caters to the supernatural. Most of their clients are dead. La Fi, Fiona Bartlett by her real name, is a young woman who has always been able to see dead people. Until she was ten, she didn’t even realize the people she saw were actually dead because she couldn’t quite make the difference. When her parents die in a car accident and come to say “goodbye”, Fiona understands that she has a gift. She is a medium. Later, she meets Erik Thulukan, who is a finder, and they become good friends. Their friendship turns into love, they get married, and they start their own business.

Their lives get truly complicated when they take on a case which they thought would be simple. A ghost asks them to find a piece of jewelry which was stolen from her right after she was killed. The thief’s name is Jones, and from then on he is mentioned more and more often. Soon, La Fi and Thulu are looking for more relics and finally get to meet Jones, who is a daemon. But is he really the bad guy? A portal is about to be opened, and no one on Earth wants that to happen. La Fi and Thulu decide to help Jones keep the portal closed and fight against his greatest enemy, Gabriel.

“Relics” is a fast-paced, action-packed paranormal novel with lots of twists and turns and a mystery that will keep readers on the edge of their seat. When it comes to character development, author Maer Wilson is amazing. Readers will immediately relate to La Fi, and will love her sweet, caring husband, Thulu. Together, they make a great couple and the best detective team. The villain won’t disappoint either, as he is developed in such a way that he truly poses a serious threat to the main characters. Thus, readers will find themselves laughing and crying, wishing nothing bad happens to La Fi and Thulu.

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“The Temptation of Tara” (“Charmed in Paradise”, Book 2) by Sara McBride

Paranormal adventure, steamy romance, evil billionaires, and curvy witches – the story of Tara Mathers continues in the second book in the “Charmed in Paradise” series by paranormal romance author Sara McBride. “The Temptation of Tara” is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat book that will keep readers glued to the pages.

In the first book, Tara found a magic pendant that makes her irresistible to men. After a terrible break-up and a serious blow to her self-esteem and self-confidence, this pendant helps her get her life back on track. The best part? It also makes her irresistible to mega-sexy pro football star Troy Schell. Women would give anything to spend a couple of minutes with him, but he only has eyes for hot, curvaceous Tara. It’s no wonder she feels like she’s in paradise. There are moments when she can’t believe that a man like him would be interested in a woman like her, but all her worries and insecurities melt under his passionate kisses.

Tara’s perfect life is turned upside down when billionaire wizard Blake Richards decides he wants her magic. He’s got his eyes set on her pendant, and he will stop at nothing to get it. Now, Tara doesn’t only have to protect her magic gift, but she also has to protect herself, her friends, and the love of her life. Given that the magic pendant helped her overcome a dark period in her life, she’s not willing to let Blake Richards take it from her. She’s not the hurt, vulnerable woman she used to be when her ex-boyfriend dumped her. Now, Tara is a strong, determined woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.

“The Temptation of Tara” has everything a paranormal romance fan would expect from the genre: adventure, lots of steamy scenes, a feisty heroine, and a hot billionaire who only has eyes for her. The books in the “Charmed in Paradise” series should be read in order, as they are not standalones. They are only intended for adults age 18 and over. Book 3, “The Redemption of Tara”, has already been released on July 29th, 2015.

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“The Awakening of Tara” (“Charmed in Paradise”, Book 1) by Sara McBride

Are you a fan of steamy paranormal romance books that feature spunky, curvaceous heroines and sexy, ripped billionaires? Then, “The Awakening of Tara” is the book you’ve been looking for. The first in the “Charmed in Paradise” series, this novella will introduce you to a world of hot witches, gorgeous pro-athletes, and billionaire wizards. The funny characters, scorching romance, and unexpected twists and turns will keep you glued to the pages and leave you wanting more.

Tara is a big girl who thought her relationship with her fiancé was going great until he decided to leave her for a skinny little bitch. Tara has always been a confident woman, but now her self-esteem has been shredded. To make things worse, work is stressful and she doesn’t even have time to think about the breakup and decide what to do next. So, when her best friend suggests a vacation on the tropical paradise island of Barbados, Tara immediately accepts. She really needs to relax, figure out her life, and allow her wounds to heal. Unfortunately, destiny has other plans for her: a freak accident on a Caribbean beach leaves Tara with a magical gift that makes her irresistible to men. Of course, this is great because her gift rebuilds her self-esteem and throws her into the arms of a sexy mega millionaire pro-athlete. The bad news is that it also draws the attention of an evil billionaire wizard who likes to take what he wants without asking questions.

Now, Tara has to find a way to fight the evil wizard and protect her friends. One might say her life has become even more complicated than before, but at least now she knows what true love really feels like. She is determined to find a way out of this mess and get her happily-ever-after.

“The Awakening of Tara” is a steamy romance that is intended only for adults age 18 and over. Author Sara McBride is amazing when it comes to character development, so readers will immediately relate to the heroine, Tara. She is strong, confident, and she shows women that there is life after a breakup. Such terrible things only happen because there’s something better waiting for you in the future. Tara’s journey of self-discovery is thrilling and empowering, and her incredible adventures will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

“The Awakening of Tara” is scheduled for release on July 15th, 2015. The second book in the series, “The Temptation of Tara”, will be released on July 22nd, 2015, and the third book, “The Redemption of Tara”, on July 29th, 2015.

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“Benton: A Zombie Novel” (Book 3) by Jolie du Pré

The third book in the “Benton” series by Jolie du Pré continues the adventures of Jennifer Benton and her friends, as they are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Moving from one place to another, hoping for some safety, is not how Jennifer envisioned her life, but she has no choice. Mark led their group to his family’s Texas ranch, but when they find it destroyed, they realize that the only choice they have is to look for a new shelter. Maybe they’ll be luckier next time. The fact that Jennifer and Mark are expecting a baby doesn’t help at all. They are happy together, and they truly want the best for their unborn child, but Jennifer is still not sure if a baby would be a curse or a blessing during the apocalypse.

Once again, Jolie du Pré proves she is a brilliant author when it comes to character development, building suspense, and creating action scenes that will leave readers gasping for air. New characters are introduced, and each of them plays an important role in Jennifer’s life, who has lost so many friends along the way. Mark befriends Todd, a survivor who convinces them to fly with him to his wealthy family’s home in Oklahoma. Jennifer and Mark both know there’s nothing left for them at Mark’s ranch, so they eventually accept. After all, what better choice do they have? What they don’t expect is for Todd’s house to be far worse than the zombies outside. Surprises seem to be waiting for them around every corner, and most of them are certainly not pleasant. They’ve been careful and took care of each other so far, but now Jennifer and Mark are even more aware failure is not an option. They will do whatever it takes to protect their child.

The third book in this amazing zombie series is just as exciting as the first two. Fast-paced action, a complex plot, characters readers can easily relate to – “Benton” has all the necessary ingredients to become a bestseller. Jennifer is one of the most powerful and determined heroines of the genre, and readers will root for her and hope she and her baby will find a way to survive the tragedy. Mark proves to be an amazing boyfriend, who is ready to sacrifice his own life to keep Jennifer and their child safe. Jolie du Pré’s writing is so good that readers will feel the tension, and fear for the lives of their favorite characters.

The third book in the “Benton” series will keep fans of zombie novels glued to its pages. They will have no time to breathe or think of anything else outside Jolie du Pré’s world.

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“Sold to the Alpha” – New Paranormal Romance Serial by Cara Wylde

Cara Wylde is a new paranormal romance author who writes sizzling hot stories about dominant Alpha males and their sassy mates. “Sold to the Alpha” is her first serial, and the first two books have recently been published on Amazon.

“Trapped in a Gilded Cage” introduces the readers to a fascinating universe where the shape-shifters have finally signed a peace treaty with the humans. However, the peace is not exactly in the humans’ favor. They have to provide the shifters with young brides to give them heirs and ensure the perpetuation of their species. All over the world, there are special boarding schools that take girls from orphanages and educate them to become the perfect brides. The heroine, Avelyn, is a curvy 24-year-old student at Alma Venus Boarding School, who has done her best to stay away from shape-shifters. If no one buys her by the time she turns 25, then she will be kicked out of school. Her plan is to run to Italy and start a new life. Things are turned upside down when rich and sexy Alpha werewolf Max Blackmane buys her and makes her his bride. Now, Avelyn’s only chance to regain her freedom is to run away before he locks her up in his luxurious castle.

Readers will love the chemistry between Avelyn and Max. The first book is filled with tension and suspenseful scenes. Avelyn manages to run away, but Max finds her and brings her back. Will he punish her for her disobedience? Things get even more heated in the second book, “The Other Bride”. In order to escape, Avelyn decides to gain her husband’s trust. She tries to seduce him, only to realize that she’s falling into her own trap. Max is the perfect gentleman, and offers her everything a woman could ever ask for: love, protection, long nights of lust and passion. By the end of book two, Avelyn might not even want to leave him anymore. But Max is hiding a terrible secret that can break them apart. Will Avelyn give him a chance to explain himself, or will her love turn into hate?

“Sold to the Alpha” is an exciting story with a complex plot, well-developed characters, a feisty heroine, and a hot Alpha wolf-shifter. Cara Wylde is amazing when it comes to world-building, and readers will be curious to find out more about the five shifter factions: the Wolves, the Foxes, the Bears, the Dragons, and the Eagles. The next four books will be published in February and March 2015. All installments will be free with Kindle Unlimited.

Find the first two books in the “Sold to the Alpha” serial on Amazon:
“Trapped in a Gilded Cage”
“The Other Bride”

“Morium” by S.J. Hermann

One of the most difficult topics to tackle is that of bullying. Many Young Adult books try to do it, but not all of them succeed. “Morium” by S.J. Hermann is one of those few novels that manage to depict this problem in a realistic way, showing how both the victims and the bullies have to suffer because of this dangerous behavior. The fantasy elements allow the author to show how bullying can actually turn a victim into a bully once he or she gets the power and the favorable circumstances to take action.

Stacy, Nathan, and Lexi are three high school seniors whose lives are a horrible hell. They are all constantly bullied at school for various reasons, and they lack the support they should receive from their families. Nathan’s parents are always gone, and Lexi has just lost her mother. They only have each other, but sometimes it is not enough. Lexi is forced to see her father struggle with her mother’s death, and the only way she can cope with the pain and despair is to cut her arms methodically. She never cuts herself deep enough to cause any serious damage, but if anyone found out about her dark secret, they would believe she was crazy. Things take an unexpected turn for both Nathan and Lexi when they find some strange rocks that fell from the sky in the forest. They touch them, and after some time they realize that the rocks have given them supernatural powers.

If Lexi is trying to control her powers in order not to hurt anyone, Nathan has a different understanding of what has just happened to them. He calls their powers “The Gift”, and decides to use his against the people who tortured him for so long. Suddenly, Nathan turns from a weak victim into a ruthless tormentor. Even worse, he becomes stronger and more dangerous when he absorbs the souls of other people. His actions determine Lexi to break their friendship and go against him. But, will she try to destroy him in order to stop him, or will she choose to save him from himself and the dark power that has taken control of his being?

This first installment in the “Morium” trilogy is an exciting fantasy/science-fiction novel that will appeal to readers of all ages. S.J. Hermann has managed to create some compelling characters that display both noble qualities and terrible flaws, which makes them believable, well-developed, and easily relatable. The story shows how things can go horribly wrong when a tortured soul, Nathan in this case, who has never received love and attention, gets hold of the power to take everything he wants and punish the people who hurt him. Readers will turn the pages as fast as possible, eager to find out what will eventually become of Nathan and Lexi.

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“A Grave Hunger” by G. Hunter – Free on Amazon from October 31 to November 2, 2014

A strong woman seeking revenge, a sexy vampire hunter who turns her life upside down, and a bloody struggle between humans and vampires… “A Grave Hunger” is clearly one of those serious vampire novels that depict the night creatures exactly as they are in myths and legends: cruel and deadly. G. Hunter has brought together elements of suspense, mystery, and paranormal romance, offering readers a novel that has everything it needs to become an all-time favorite.

Leah is absolutely sure that the death of her parents and sister was not the result of an animal attack. This is what the official investigation says, but she knows that wild animals don’t kill the way her family was killed. She suspects a vampire did it, and now she is determined to get her revenge. But killing vampires is not easy, so she first needs to learn how to do it. She befriends Bobby, an experienced hunter who teaches her the basics, and once she is ready, Leah sets on a personal mission to eradicate as many vampires as she can. She is helped by the hot and sexy Finlay, Bobby’s protégé, and a special kind of relationship starts developing between them. When tragedy strikes and Bobby is killed, both Leah and Finlay have an even stronger motivation to stop the bloodsuckers from harming more innocent people.

What Leah doesn’t know is that Finlay has his own secrets and dark past. He was always a bit isolated, never allowing anyone to get into his personal space, and after Bobby’s death, Finlay withdraws even more. It’s up to Leah to break down his walls and find out what he’s hiding so she could help him get rid of his demons. However, when she does find out what is haunting him, she might reconsider her feelings.

“A Grave Hunger” is much more than a paranormal romance novel. It is a suspenseful thriller that will keep readers glued to the pages, eager to solve the puzzle before they reach the end of the book because, yes, G. Hunter introduced a lot of unexpected twists and turns. The characters are believable and well-developed, and readers will find it easy to relate to Leah and her desire to avenge her parents and sister. After going through such a terrible tragedy, it’s only natural that the only thing that is keeping her alive is the desire to hunt down the killer. Readers will also fall in love with Finlay, who comes as a good distraction, giving Leah a new reason to live and fight for what she believes in.

The book will be free on Amazon from October 31 to November 2, 2014, so make sure you download your copy if you feel like reading a real vampire novel.

Find G. Hunter’s other books on the author’s page.

Find “A Grave Hunger” on Amazon.

“Bloodlines – The Quest” by Jon McDonald

It doesn’t matter if you like vampire novels or not. You will love Jon McDonald’s novel “Bloodlines – The Quest” if you know how to appreciate a well-told story set apart by its fine satire and polished humor. This genre-bending book takes the vampire myth to a whole new level, juggling with the well-known clichés in a clever, unique way. Those who are already familiar with Jon McDonald’s work will see that he manages to make his readers laugh out loud even when he’s writing horror.

The small town of Brampton, Ohio is terrorized by a cold-blooded killer with a mysterious agenda. Because of these terrible murders, the people of Brampton find out that there is a vampire colony that is hiding among them. These vampires, however, are not dangerous in the least because they are still half-human and they only feed on animal blood. They are also called “night sleepers” or “mutants”, and some of them are respectable citizens who have done Brampton a lot of good. But, if the mutants are not responsible for the murders, does this mean there’s a pure vampire on the loose?

Volter is a renegade European vampire who is determined to turn the people of Brampton against the mutants in order to eliminate all of them. This “day sleeper” is cruel, vicious, and he will stop at nothing to reach his goal. What does he have against the mutants? The idea that they are not real vampires who feed on human blood is unacceptable to him. Volter has to kill them all and then make sure that only pure vampires are left in the world. What he doesn’t expect is for the humans to help the mutants get rid of him.

“Bloodlines – The Quest” is a fun, compelling read. Even though it has some very descriptive scenes, they are balanced out by humorous, lighthearted parts. The characters are well-developed, and the way they interact is sometimes so funny that readers will forget about Volter and his gruesome acts. Jon McDonald brings his own contribution to the vampire myth by playing a bit with how a vampire can be killed. It seems that in his universe vampires can regenerate from the smallest portion of cellular tissue, and that’s why the humans and mutants have to come up with a very good plan to destroy Volter completely.

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“The Stone of Blood” (Book 1) by Tony Nalley

Few books manage to pull the readers into a world of magic and fairytales like “The Stone of Blood” does. Tales of witches and ghosts, myths and legends… this novel has everything it needs to keep the readers glued to the pages. But there is even more to it than that: 95% of it is real. It took Tony Nalley many years to sit down and write this book, but the result is, indeed, a unique experience. The story is based on his childhood in Bardstown, Kentucky and on his grandfather’s stories, which he recorded on an old cassette tape recorder when he was only nine. Fiction and reality work together to create a story which readers will never forget.

Toby is a 12-year-old boy who is full of energy, curiosity, and imagination. He lives in a small town and he enjoys everything that surrounds him, from nature, to the games he plays with his friends, and the fascinating stories his grandfather tells him. Brought up as a Christian, Toby knows that he can’t believe these incredible stories. Witches, ghosts, werewolves… none of these creatures are real. Yet, Toby can’t help but wonder. What if at least some aspects of these stories and the local legends held some truth? He has always been a curious child, so when he’s given the opportunity to investigate some facts, he jumps at it. What he discovers might change his perspective on life and reality forever.

Tony Nalley has a unique writing style that transports the readers to the time when all the adventures took place. He used all the ghost stories and legends of his hometown to create a compelling tale that can be equally enjoyed by teen readers and adults. Those who have lived in Bardstown, Kentucky will probably remember the ghost of Jesse James, the haunting of the Old Jail House, the Talbott Tavern, and the history of the paintings at St. Joseph’s Cathedral. There’s no doubt that for some readers “The Stone of Blood” will be like a trip down memory lane. The author combines all these old tales and myths with his own childhood memories and real experiences. He did see a ghost once, and he did discover that many legends were true after he researched his grandfather’s stories.

“The Stone of Blood” is the first volume in a trilogy, and it focuses on young Toby as he discovers an ancient secret. There is a mysterious stone for which many people died, and Toby is determined to find out everything about it. After all, there is a bit of fiction in this novel, and readers will enjoy it immensely.

Find “The Stone of Blood” on Amazon, and find out more about the author and the trilogy on the official website.