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‘TaRNished’ first installment serial killer series free on kindle 10/26/15



With the changes in the overburdened medical system in America, there are not enough nurses to take care of the growing demands of being chronically ill. The state of healthcare has declined in quality and the average nurse may not have experience or the patience.

Enter Dale, a young male nurse, who aimed his way up the ranks to be charge nurse. Dale leads the code blue calls. He has a mind of his own. He believes he gets a power charge from allowing a patient to die. He judges who deserves this fate. His mother, Isabel, nurtures his actions and is more than willing to kill to protect him.

One by one, patients die and it is justified by Dale’s reasoning. Dale is constantly plotting and aiming to improve his way of releasing patients to their death while not getting caught.

Family members assume that they can trust Dale to take care of their loved one in the ICU. Meanwhile, they have no idea what fate waits their chronically ill loved one once visiting hours are over.

Reading this book may change the way you perceive medical personnel.

At 160 pages, it offers an ample preview to get you hooked on the story.

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Portable, solar-powered ecocapsules mean you can live rent- and electric-bill free, globally

If you’ve just had it with taking the subway, or sitting in an office, or just generally being around other people, you may be in luck. Slovakian firm Nice Architects has built an egg-shaped “Ecocapsule” that runs entirely on solar and wind energy, allowing its dweller(s) to live both literally, and figuratively, off the grid.


The completely self-sustaining portable home contains a 9,744 watt-hour battery, a 750 watt wind turbine, and high-efficiency solar cells that can support you for about a year in pretty much any location in the world, provided there is some sunlight. (It probably wouldn’t work in a cave, for instance, should someone desire to live in one.)

The capsule also includes a rainwater collection and filtration system. Inside, there’s a kitchenette with running water, a flushable toilet, a shower, a bed, and work space. Nice Architects says the capsule, which is about 4.5 meters (14.7 feet) long and 2.4 meters (7.9 feet) wide, can comfortably fit two people.

The egg-home can be “easily transported” by trailer, according to the company, and can even charge the electric car that’s towing it.

 But beyond just nomadic living, the Ecocapsule has plenty of other potential applications, from providing shelter in disaster areas to doubling as scientific research stations.
 Nice Architects will unveil its prototype at the Pioneers festival in Vienna on May 28 before taking pre-orders at the end of 2015 for shipping in the first half of 2016. The company says the price will be released later this year, though there’s already a steep shipping cost. Sending the capsule from Slovakia to New York, for instance, will cost you €2,200 ($2,383) alone, and the capsule itself is likely to run to tens of thousands of dollars.
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Author Vito Veii has newly released a book that expounds upon the marvels of future technology called ” The Paradox of Tele-Awareness
You can find an ample sample to peruse on Amazon
Imagine going into the future where there are no limits. You are seeking to save your world and you run into aliens that are so beyond the advancement of technology they have no need for technology. In addition, these aliens could care less about the future of all other worlds. You seek out others to align with to get the aid you need. You travel in solar powered cars and you have the technology to take a simple gift and sprinkle a drop of water on it and it can grow into leaps and bounds. If you have imagined anything under the sun, you will enjoy the trip through this book and experience the boundless leaps and advancements of what we may have to look forward to in the next 25 years. The author provokes thought of  being able to travel in your own home  while living in it.  Imagine having your health diagnosis measured in one snapshot . Imagine the future of light moving beyond what we could ever conceive.
Take this enjoyable journey and read about the future possibilities through the eyes of some very unique characters.


“Redemption” (“Heaven on Earth”, Book 2) by Reana Malori

Vanessa Baldwin has made it a point to avoid men who work in the Military. Her husband died far away from her, leaving her a widow with a young son, and Vanessa will never be able to get over the loss. All she wants is to raise her son well and build a peaceful future for both of them. However, her life is turned upside down when she meets Ethan Dickerson. He is everything she has ever wanted in a man: he is strong, romantic, protective, and he loves her son. His only flaw is that he is a Navy SEAL, which make his off limits. She’s not about to start a relationship with another man who is willing to risk his life to save others.

Ethan chose to become a Navy SEAL because it seemed to be the perfect job for someone like him, someone who lived to protect those who are not able to protect themselves. Tragedy was always part of Ethan’s life. As a child, he had to deal with domestic violence, and this changed him forever. The moment he meets Vanessa, he is fascinated by her resilience in the face of tragedy and loss, but, at the same time, he realizes that she is vulnerable and in need of love and protection. He makes it his mission to conquer her heart and spend his life making sure she and her son will never have to suffer again.

“Redemption” is the second installment in Reana Malori’s interracial romance series “Heaven on Earth”. It follows the story of two characters readers have already met in her first book, “Escape to Heaven”, and the author once again manages to tackle the issue of domestic violence in a unique way that aims to empower and encourage. Readers will immediately fall in love with her characters. Both Vanessa and Ethan are very relatable and well-developed. Reana Malori took her time to develop Ethan’s backstory, which gives the character depth, making readers understand him and root for him. Vanessa is also a strong female character that shows how women are powerful enough to survive any kind of tragedy.

Fans of interracial romance novels will want to remember Reana Malori’s name, as she is one of the most popular writers in this genre. Her “Heaven on Earth” series is a must read, as well as her other over 20 novels and novellas she has published thus far. Complex plots, fast-paced action, intriguing characters, and sweet love stories – her works have everything they need to make readers addicted to her writing.

Find “Redemption” on Amazon.

Visit the author’s website for more interracial romance novels.

“Destroy Me” (“The Obsession Series”, Books 1-3) by Laura Bailey

Are you a fan of books such as the “Cross Fire Series” by Sylvia Day or “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E.L. James? If the answer is “yes”, then you’re probably looking for more similar books, or even for the next best thing that will keep you on the edge of your seat. There’s no doubt that “Destroy Me” by Laura Bailey is one of the best choices you can make if you love dark erotica novels with strong characters and intriguing plots. The author released the complete “Obsession Series” on March 3rd, and the finished novel contains the three bestselling novellas – “Surrender to Me”, “Break Me”, and “Destroy Me”.

This is the story of Tara and Damien, who meet in the most unlikely circumstance: Tara is looking for her fiancé, Matt, who wiped out their bank account and disappeared in thin air. She soon finds out that Matt also stole 5 million dollars from Damien, and now she must pay Damien back. He is not about to let Tara go without getting something out of this mess, so Damien suggests they sign a contract that stipulates Tara has to pay him back with… sex. The attraction between them has been almost unbearable from the first moment they saw each other, so Tara is not about to refuse this occasion to get what she wants from Damien. She is far from innocent and shy, unlike most of the female lead characters in erotic novels, so her relationship with Damien will be explosive given that they both have strong and independent personalities.

Laura Bailey has managed to write a story that will draw the readers in from the very first pages. “Destroy Me” has a captivating and intriguing plot, and the action is so fast-paced that you won’t have time to get bored. By getting the complete series you have the possibility to read all three parts in one sitting, which is something to be envied by those who had to wait for the second and the third parts to be published after being completely hooked by the first one.

“Destroy Me” is a dark erotica novel that contains strong language and BDSM moments. It is only suitable for readers over 18.

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“Forgiven. Not Forgotten” by Dominique Wilkins

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Relationships are difficult to maintain regardless of their nature: amongst family members, friends, or lovers. Two elements that are bound to destroy any relationship are mistrust and jealousy. These two act like worms that eat up an apple from its core to the outside, spoiling the fruit which, despite looking fine when seen from the outside, is actually rotting. Joy and Kenny’s marriage is the apple in Dominique Wilkins’s “Forgiven. Not Forgotten.”

Author of several short books that are part of the Contemporary Christian and Inspirational fiction genre, Dominique Wilkins is well-known for works like “Theresa in Wonderland”, “The Bad Parent”, “Mother-In-Law Guilty of Murder”, and “7:10.” She has brought to thousands of readers heart-touching and highly relatable stories, with the characters of which people can identify, drawing valuable lessons from their actions.

Joy Pembrooke, the protagonist of “Forgiven. Not Forgotten,” is a woman who constantly tries to be a good wife and a good Christian. Marrying Kenny, she thought she had found the love of her life, her soul mate, the one and only man that would be there for her unconditionally. However, things aren’t quite like that. The relationship between the two of them weakens because of her husband’s jealousy and lack of trust. When he finds Joy in the company of another man, he immediately presumes that she has been cheating on him. Without believing any of Joy’s words, Kenny cheats on her in – what he considers – a means of making things even. Caught in this unhappy marriage, Joy strongly wishes to forgive her husband, but she can’t forget just as easily.

“Forgiven. Not Forgotten” is a fast-paced short story, that treats subjects such as low esteem, relationships, jealousy, mistrust, and how Joy Pembrooke gracefully overcomes all of these issues keeping her head high and a positive attitude. The question is whether the protagonist will only try to ignore her husband’s infidelity or will she set herself free by forgiving him?

Find “Forgiven. Not Forgotten” on Amazon: .

The Arrangement 10 (Ferro Family) by H. M. Ward

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This is Volume 10 in the New York Times Bestselling Arrangement Serials.

Avery, our heroine, works as a call girl to pay for college.  Sean is an old boyfriend.  They’ve never been truly done, they seem to be locked in a cycle of conquests and competition.  No matter what either of them did, they couldn’t seem to let go.  They just cared too much for each other.

One of Avery’s clients had just posed as a masked Sean.  Then someone posted a picture of Avery naked and masturbating on the internet.  Sean wants to protect her until they figure out who the impostor is and who posted the picture.

Avery is especially upset about the picture because she fears being outed at school for prostitution and knows if she’s outed her best friend Mel will be too.  Mel thinks she can protect her better than Sean can.  At least Avery has two people who love her enough to try and keep her safe.

H.M. Ward is the a New York Times bestselling author.  Ward has also been hailed by many papers across the country.

Will Sean keep her safe?  Will she resume with Sean?  Will they find out who the impostor is?  What else will happen? Want to know?  You need to buy “The Arrangement 10 (The Ferro Family)”.

You can buy it on Amazon.  Find it here –


“Friends First” by Dominique Wilkins

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One of the worst things in a relationship is having to choose between your friends and your partner. It is painful if you are the one who has to choose. It is equally painful if you’re the one who is left behind when the decision is finally made. When it comes to this kind of situation, you feel as if it doesn’t matter anymore how beautiful you are, how much attention you offer to your loved one or how nicely you act. But what is a woman to do when her husband’s friends are stepping over certain boundaries and the man who should protect, cherish, and love her doesn’t believe a word of what she has to say?

Dominique Wilkins tries to offer an answer to this question and a solution to such a difficult situation in her latest book, “Friends First.” The protagonist, Fiona, is a woman who as a child suffered an abusive treatment at home, without anyone to help her and without a place where to escape. One day, her hopes came true and her long-awaited savior showed up in the person of Cliff. The two of them got close to each other, committed to one another, and thus Fiona was able to leave home, being received by Cliff’s family with love and care. It is in this environment that Fiona finally managed to put behind her past and to overcome all those years of abuse.

After marrying Cliff, when she thought things couldn’t possibly get any better, Fiona realizes that the man she tied her destiny to is actually an untrustworthy person with a shady past of his own. Now Fiona is faced yet again with an unpleasant situation, and she has to make a decision.

Dominique Wilkins, author of several short stories – “The Bad Parent,” “Theresa in Wonderland,” “The Audacity of You,” and many others –, managed to wrote yet again a narrative piece that is both heart-touching and thought-provoking. If you’d like to know what decision Fiona will make and how everything will eventually turn out, then get your copy of “Friends First” and find out.

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“Pen or Discipline” by Dominique Wilkins

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Parents always want the best for their children. They wish to see them happy, healthy, prosperous, but sometimes, in their efforts to protect them and to keep them on the right path, parents can go a bit too far.  The result of such an attitude is unpredictable: children either obey every rule or they go astray and start living as if they were fighting against the bubble their parents created around them.

“Pen or Discipline,” by Dominique Wilkins, tells the story of two sisters, Dorothy and Danielle, who have been raised by a very protective and strict mother. When the two of them experience motherhood, each tries to do what she considers best for her child. While Danielle decides upon raising her son with love, patience, always being open-minded and ready to communicate with him, Dorothy feels that she should do whatever it takes in order to keep her son safe. Scared by the realities of the world in which she lives, Dorothy brings her son up the same way she and her sister had been raised, her ultimate goal as a mother being to keep her teenage son away from prison.

But is a restrictive upbringing truly effective? Which of the two – Dorothy’s or Danielle’s son – will end up locked up? Wilkins’s book has a lot of messages to share with the readers and it depicts honestly and skillfully the struggles of all teenagers who are caught between the demands of their parents and those of their teachers. They find themselves living under constant pressure, learning what life really is, how to think, and how to fit in.

Dominique Wilkins is the author of several books, all of them telling relatable stories with strong messages that have a great impact on the reader. Some of her other works are “The Bad Parent,” “Fight like a Man,” “Theresa in Wonderland,” and “The Audacity of You,” all part of the Contemporary Christian and Inspirational genre.

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“Fight Like a Man” by Dominique Wilkins

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Parents are the guardians of their children and their guides in life, role which can put a considerable amount of pressure on their shoulders. They have to teach their little ones everything that they need in order to live a pleasant balanced life, from walking to which foods are edible, from reading to cleaning, from tying their shoelaces to interacting with others in a polite manner. But what happens when, as a parent, you take your lessons a bit too far?

“Fight Like a Man,” by Dominique Wilkins, portrays this kind of situation. A little girl, Andrea, witnesses the abuses and the rough arguments in which her parents, Amy and Jack, get caught every day. Their family slowly breaks apart, this process reaching its peak when Jack leaves the house. Amy then tries to teach her daughter to be a strong independent woman, to fight like a man for her own happiness and dignity. The author uses domestic violence as means of depicting a universal truth: children may seem too naive or innocent to understand certain things, but those things inevitably stick with them for the rest of their lives. Once Andrea grows up and the story unfolds, history repeats itself, the young woman committing the same mistakes as her mother.

Dominique Wilkins is the author of several short stories – “The Bad Parent,” “Theresa in Wonderland,” and “The Audacity of You” just to name a few –, part of the Contemporary Christian and Inspirational fiction genre. They depict real life situations, aspect which makes them all the more relatable, the readers being able to draw important life-lesson from them. Although D. Wilkins’s stories occasionally include violence, brief sex scenes or strong language, they are written with taste.

Whether you’ve read any of Dominique Wilkins’s other short stories or you’ve just stumbled upon her works, “Fight Like a Man” is a book worth checking out.

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“The Audacity of You” by Dominique Wilkins

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There are people who seem to ignore any kind gesture and any good deed that you do for them. Regardless of how many times you have helped them in the past, they are never there for you when you need it the most. We’re talking about those persons who turn against you because of the smallest mistake, although you have probably forgiven and forgotten a whole lot more of their mistakes. “The Audacity of You,” by Dominique Wilkins, is precisely about this kind of people.

If you have been following the work of D. Wilkins, you may be familiar with some of her other books that are part of the Contemporary Christian and Inspirational fiction genre, such as “Theresa in Wonderland”, “The Bad Parent”, “Mother-In-Law Guilty of Murder”, and “7:10,” to name a few.

“The Audacity of You” is a collection of short stories, each of them revolving around one character – Glorianna, Ernesha, Ke-Ke, Levi, and several others – whose actions serve as example of how not to act. These stories are like modern-day parables that teach the reader not to be selfish, rude, arrogant, and so on. In her representative style, Dominique Wilkins has included Bible verses at the end of each story. They serve as synopsis for the respective part of the book and they remind the reader of the scriptural arguments that explain why it isn’t acceptable to behave in a certain way.

You are bound to enjoy each and every story in this collection due to the fact that they’re highly relatable, they’re well-written, and – most importantly – they succeed in striking a chord in every reader’s heart. They make you laugh and they make you cry, while offering you a piece of wisdom, of food for thought.

If you’re looking for a short book that makes for a good read, then you should definitely check out “The Audacity of You.”

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