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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“The Miracle of the Christmas Wish Holder” by R.A. Cabral

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Christmas is really not that far, and because time passes quickly many people have already started to think about what presents they might get for their loved ones. If you have a friend who loves books, you might consider getting them “The Miracle of the Christmas Wish Holder” by R.A. Cabral. Why? The answer is very simple: because it is one of those classic Christmas tales that can make one feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Relatable and realistic characters, an interesting plot, an unexpected twist, and magic… this novella has everything it needs to keep the readers hooked.

The Soltero Brothers have delighted the children and parents in the Sacramento area with their custom-crafted wooden “wish boxes” for years. It is said that if you place a note with your wishes for a friend or a loved one in a “wish box” and you truly believe in magic, your wishes will come true. And the kids know this is no myth; it is real, and they can’t wait to get their “wish boxes” each Christmas. But things get a bit complicated when Donte Soltero creates a new logo for the “wish boxes”, and the Soltero family business is charged of trademark infringement because the logo somehow resembles the logo of a large corporation focused on cloud computing storage. If the issue is not solved soon, the kids will not receive their “wish boxes” this year and many wishes will not be fulfilled. Donte asks his high school sweetheart, public relations executive Grace McBride, to mediate a settlement with the company.

The characters are one of the many strengths of this novella. They are all realistic and very well developed. Donte is a widower with two teenage children. He is doing his best with his kids, and this shows in their behavior. Even though they act just like all teenagers would, they are well educated and they respect their family. Grace is an intelligent, independent and kind woman. There is a possible romance between her and Donte, and the readers will like to see them together because they would really make a great couple.

If you’re wondering where the Christmas magic in this story is, you’ll have to read it and find out. Let’s just say that Grace has a hard time believing that the dust from the Rosewood tree cuttings that is applied on the logo truly possesses magical powers.

“The Miracle of the Christmas Wish Holder” will be on promo on Amazon on December 5, so make sure you grab a copy, or maybe two if you think someone close to you might like it.

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A heart-warming Christmas story – “The Three Gifts” by Daris Howard

If you feel like reading a classic Christmas story that will warm your heart and remind you how wonderful and exciting the holidays are, then “The Three Gifts” is just the right book for you. Daris Howard didn’t only manage to create a magical story about love, devotion and selflessness, but he also created some very realistic characters that will make you laugh and cry along with them. “The Three Gifts” sure is the ideal present to put under the Christmas tree.

For Halloween, three young men thought it would be a great idea to steal candy from little children, so now they find themselves in a more than serious situation: they might go to prison. Life, however, is full of surprises and the judge decides to sentence them to 100 hours of community service, which means babysitting at the Women’s Crisis Center. Now, our young men were prepared to go to prison, but they certainly weren’t prepared to take care of little kids. Will these babysitting hours change their perspective on life? We all know that we, adults, have many things to learn from children, so you can only imagine the three “bad boys” in our story will go through a unique experience that will help them mature and see things in a whole different light.

“The Three Gifts” can be read in one sitting and it is the perfect story to warm you up on a cold winter day. It is a special book that will remind you just how good you can feel if you simply choose to quit being selfish and love the ones around you, no matter if they’re family, friends or strangers, and no matter if they hurt you in the past.

“The Three Gifts” is available in paperback at  and in Kindle format at

“Christmas Miracles: A Collection of Inspirational Stories to Warm the Heart” by Kristine Pierce

If you want to buy the perfect Christmas present for someone you love, then you should definitely consider this collection of short stories. “Christmas Miracles: A Collection of Inspirational Stories to Warm the Heart” will remind you and all the people who read it how special Christmas is and how it can work its magic and take you by surprise even when you least expect it. Truly touching and heart-warming, this book will make you smile and realize how important it is to enjoy the moments you spend with your friends and family during Christmas time.

All the five stories in this collection are meant to remind you that little things can make all the difference and miracles can happen no matter where you are. Probably one of the worst feelings is when Christmas is coming and you can’t be near your family. This is how Anna, the main character in “When a Child is Born”, feels even though she did her best to prepare her apartment for the holidays. What she’ll learn is that miracles can happen anywhere and at any time, taking you by surprise and filling you with joy and wonder.

In the second story, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, Jeff is coming home after four years of being away and has the biggest surprise in his life. Reading the next three stories in this collection, “The Little Christmas Tree”, “Christmas Memories” and “Give This Christmas Away”, you’ll remember that being with the ones you love is not enough, and the holidays are also the perfect time to help the ones around you and bring a smile on their faces. Giving and receiving makes you feel complete and this book is the perfect present to put under the Christmas tree. If you offer it to someone you love, you’ll make them feel very special, and if you choose to buy it for yourself, it will warm your heart and your home even if you have to spend the holidays away from your family.

“Christmas Miracles” is currently available for Kindle, but soon you’ll also be able to purchase it in paperback. You can find it at