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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“Super Secrets of Successful Executive Job Search” by Simon Gray

Simon Gray is an experienced recruiter, chartered accountant and entrepreneur. He has extensive experience in the recruitment industry, so he is the perfect person to teach jobseekers how to find the job they need, then seize it by proving they are way better than their competitors. “Super Secrets of Successful Executive Job Search” is a guide that any CEO should read. Well-researched, concise and to the point, it offers executives brilliant advice on how to take control of their own destiny and go looking for the jobs they know they deserve.

Too many people wait for the right position to be advertised and don’t understand that by then it is too late for them to get it. In this book, Simon Gray teaches them a completely new and different approach that leads to great results. The author starts by talking about the executive job market environment and the psychology of executive success. Whether you are a CEO in the US looking for a job locally, or a CFO in the UK looking to further your career internationally, you absolutely need to have these insights into the executive job market. It’s the only way you can make a plan of attack. The best part is that Simon Gray offers you one in his guide.

The author has created a process that ensures success in any industry. There are only eight steps you need to follow, and Simon Gray talks extensively about each of them. Sure, your resume and cover letter are important, but the key is to prove you are different than all the others who are trying to get the same job. Different in the best way possible. This book will challenge you and empower you, and once you finish reading it, you’ll realize you have the right tools to change your own life.

“Super Secrets of Successful Executive Job Search” will help you uncover a higher number of executive opportunities in a shorter period of time, generate a higher probability of converting executive opportunities into job offers, and even negotiate a more competitive starting salary and benefits package. All the advice is written in a simple, concise manner, and it is easy to apply by anyone who wants a better executive position. It is packed full of practical ideas, and each chapter focuses on a specific topic, thus making the whole guide very well-organized and easy to follow.

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“Demographics and the Stock Market Crash of 2015-2016” by Edward Cheung

“Demographics and the Stock Market Crash of 2015-2016: Baby Boomer Retirement and How to Survive the Stock Market Crash and the Coming Economic Depression” is the book you absolutely need to read if you are interested in economy and you truly care about your financial safety. The author, Edward Cheung, has researched demographics for 30 years, and he called the last economic downturn just a month before the stock market peaked in 2007. He is the right person to learn from about how demographics and the economy work together and influence each other. The best part is that his book is easy to understand. He presents his research and conclusions in such a way that anyone will be able to get a better grasp of how the stock market will change in 2015 and why.

Here are the facts: the great retirement boom has already started, and the world is ageing. As people retire from the workforce, there will be shortages of workers and this will eventually lead to a slowing economy. The first thing readers need to understand is that demographics is the key to economy, and the Baby Boomer retirement in 2015 will cause the stock market to crash. Edward Cheung shows his readers how close we are to a 1930s style economic crisis and how to protect themselves and make sure it doesn’t affect them.

The author’s conclusions are entirely based on the study of historical demographics. The moment when the demographics transitions from a young growing population to an ageing population has a great impact on the economy, and the problem is that many people today don’t have enough money saved to face a crisis. But Edward Cheung’s intention is not only to shed light on the crisis that is to come, but also to teach people how to preserve their savings for the forthcoming stock market crash. The most important part is to be prepared, and, for this, people need to understand exactly how economy works.

The topics Edward Cheung discusses include labor force, wages, inflation, interest rates, post-office revenue, and many more. Each of these topics has its own chapter, and the author presents everything clearly and in great detail, so that readers would understand the connections between them and even draw their own conclusions.

“Demographics and the Stock Market Crash of 2015-2016” will be on promotion on Amazon between May 2 and May 8, when you’ll be able to purchase it for only $0.99.

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“Job U: How to Find Wealth and Success by Developing the Skills Companies Actually Need” by Nicholas Wyman

We all know how difficult it can be to get a job today. It is especially difficult for high school and college graduates who have no experience, because companies are actually looking for people who already have the skills they need. But, how is a fresh graduate supposed to acquire said skills if no one is willing to take the time to teach them to him/her? Whether we see it or not, the main problem is that higher education, of which we are so proud, doesn’t actually help when it comes to teaching us the actual skills that we need in order to build a career. Everything we learn in college is purely theoretical, which helps so little when we want to find a job and realize than we have no practical training. This is where author Nicholas Wyman comes in with his amazing book: “Job U: How to Find Wealth and Success by Developing the Skills Companies Actually Need”.

Nicholas Wyman is the CEO of the Institute for Workplace Skills and Innovation. He decided to write this guide because he knows that so many people need a solution to unemployment and underemployment. The problem is not that there are no jobs, but that the people who want those jobs are not prepared for them and don’t know how to prepare. The author comes with some incredible ideas that can truly help readers choose a career they want to have, learn the practical skills it requires, and then obtain the job and start on their way to success and financial freedom. The best thing is that Nicholas Wyman talks from his own experience, which means that the solutions he offers have been first tested by him. In the Introduction, he tells his story and explains why he believes that college does not actually offer the opportunities students and parents hope for. Does this mean people should stop going to college? No, but they should think very carefully before making a decision: do they want to learn only theoretical things they might never use in life, or do they want a real job which can give them the chance to make their contribution to society?

The author presents a series of educational options that provide the technical, vocational, and soft skills on demand in today’s workplace. All readers need to do is to think about what they would like to do in the future and choose the option that fits them best: professional certifications, associates degrees, apprenticeships, or occupational learning. All these are fairly easy to obtain, and they don’t take more than two years. The greatest advantage is that, in these two years, a person can learn a completely new set of skills. Even though learning how to do something new might sound intimidating at first, the truth is that the only condition is for the person to like the job and want it. Skills can be easily learned, while loving something you’re not passionate about is just a waste of time and energy.

“Job U: How to Find Wealth and Success by Developing the Skills Companies Actually Need” is not only aimed at high school and college graduates. Of course, it is also aimed at their parents, who usually have a say in their children’s career choices, but it is also meant to offer solutions to those who want to change their job, to people who have just lost their job, or to those who haven’t been in the workforce for a long time and don’t know where to start.

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“How to Become a 3D Printing Entrepreneur” by Yoni Binstock

In the last few years everyone has become more and more curious about 3D printing. Slowly, this curiosity changed into new business ideas as entrepreneurs realized there is money to be made with the help of this emerging technology. If twenty years ago the personal computer changed the lives of average people, some years from now the 3D printing technology will probably do the same. Currently, this technology is not available for everyone and it hasn’t reached everyone’s households, but it is quite clear that this will happen in the near future. Until then, entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a business in this field will find everything they need to know about 3D printing in Yoni Binstock’s book – “How to Become a 3D Printing Entrepreneur”.

This concise and easy-to-understand guide is very well structured, and the author covers all the aspects of 3D printing in five sections. In the Introduction, Yoni Binstock offers a brief history of this new, exciting technology, and tries to give a definition that would help readers understand exactly how it works. He compares it with the traditional method of creating objects, thus offering a clear view of what a 3D printer is and what it does. The author explains that the object is “printed” by a multi-dimensional process which adds layers upon layers which are placed on top of one another to form a 3D object. Also, he mentions all the types of 3D printing that are currently used, which he will later detail in the following chapters.

Each section of the book focuses on an important part of this technology and how it can be turned into a source of income in various ways. For instance, there is a chapter especially dedicated to designers, which covers software choices, expected salaries, and opportunities for freelancing. Yoni Binstock also offers advice on how to purchase a 3D printer, explaining the features of different models and listing the different objects they can print. At the end of the book, there is a list of over 50 resources readers can check to learn even more about 3D printing. For more encouragement to start a business, there is also a collection of words of wisdom from other 3D printing entrepreneurs.

“How to Become a 3D Printing Entrepreneur” is one of the most complete books on the subject. It is ideal for beginners who don’t know anything about 3D printing and want to learn, but it is also a great resource for those who already have some ideas and simply need more information to make a decision. The truth is that this new technology offers an incredible opportunity for business success, so it is at least worth taking into consideration.

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“The Millionaire Within Us” by Chris Carley

Sometimes life can be terribly unfair, throwing at us problems and obstacles that are too heavy to carry. There are people who give up, thinking that, for some reason, they don’t deserve to be happy or successful. Fortunately, however, there are more and more people who refuse to let themselves defeated, and fight until they reach their goals. They might fail once or twice, but, eventually, they prove that if you believe in your dream and never give up fighting, you obtain the success, money, and happiness you’ve always wanted. Chris Carley is one of these people.

In 1987, Chris Carley was living a nightmare. She was working the Grave Yard night shift, which involved moving heavy tools and breathing in toxic air because the equipment she was given was almost worthless. And all that for $10.50 an hour, from which she also had to pay her taxes. When she was fired, she didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. What she did know was that she had to come up with a plan. At that moment she had terrible health issues, low self-esteem, and no idea what she was supposed to do next. So, Chris took a loan of $79 from her father and started a business in network marketing.

“The Millionaire Within Us” is the inspirational story of Chris Carley, but, make no mistake, it is not a book that will teach you how to become rich overnight. That kind of magic does not exist. Chris Carley failed a couple of times before she started seeing the results of her hard work. Even worse, for a long time people didn’t believe in her. She didn’t have the support of family and friends, so she also had to fight a battle with her own negative thoughts and low self-esteem. Every time she failed she knew that she had to get up by herself and keep trying, because no one would ever help her accomplish her dreams.

When she started on her journey to success, Chris Carley had a $30,000 debt. Now she is a millionaire and she wants to teach all those who are willing to learn how to make it in network marketing, a niche that few people truly understand. “The Millionaire Within Us” is filled with great advice, principles, techniques, and tips that can help anyone become a marketing expert. Her personal story is very motivational, especially because it is written in a simple, humble style, thus showing that financial success didn’t change Chris Carley in the least. This also sends an important message: people should never let themselves changed by success, they should simply keep working and then helping others by showing them the right path.

“The Millionaire Within Us” can be found on Amazon.

“For Sale by Divorce: The Experts Guide to Divorce and Property Division®” by Lou Rodriguez

We can all agree that divorce is one of the most terrible experiences one can go through, and, unfortunately, it is one that we often encounter today. It is not only emotionally and physically stressful, but it is also difficult when it comes to the legal issues it implies. If children are also involved, then it becomes an even worse situation. One of the main concerns when it comes to a divorce is how the two parties will divide the property or properties they own. Real Estate Divorce Specialist Lou Rodriguez decided to write a short, yet comprehensive guide in which he covers the basics of divorce law, and all the legal implications of selling the Marital Property during a divorce. His book, “For Sale by Divorce: The Experts Guide to Divorce and Property Division®”, can be read by anyone, as it is written in layman’s terms.

The author is more than a Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist (REDS) and a Sellers Representative Specialist (SRS); he is also a former divorcee. After two divorces and after going through financial devastation, Lou Rodriguez knows exactly how to avoid all the complications that come with the radical separation between two people. The whole process is traumatic enough, so the parties involved shouldn’t have to worry about all the legal issues as well. This is why Rodriguez insists that those who are in this situation should always allow professionals to help them and make sure property division is treated in a businesslike manner. The proper assessment of the Marital Property value is of extreme importance, as well as knowing all the options for selling it.

Lou Rodriguez has asked for the collaboration of two other specialists: Family Law Attorney Nancy K. Brodzki, and Certified Financial Divorce Specialist™ Carol Ann Wilson. Nancy K. Brodzki offers insight in the legal issues that arise during a divorce, and Carol Ann Wilson discusses the tax issues. It is important to take tax issues into consideration, because selling and dividing a property can sometimes result in financial losses. The goal is to sell the property or properties the two people own so that everyone would get the best financial outcome.

“For Sale by Divorce: The Experts Guide to Divorce and Property Division®” is the perfect guide for anyone who has to deal with a divorce. It might be the first step in understanding what a divorce implies and deciding to hire the best specialist to take care of all the issues that you cannot solve yourself.

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The Google Gamble by Tim Levy


Everything today moves at an almost unbelievably high rate of speed — especially where the Internet is concerned — and it’s difficult for anyone to keep up on all of the latest trends and technologies involved.

Nowhere is this more true than when dealing with the subject of “SEO” (“Search Engine Optimization”)…

The parameters that search engines such as Google use to qualify their lists of results are anything but static. Mathematicians and technologists are constantly reevaluating and reworking the formulas and requirements used to arrive at the order in which the user sees them displayed. For most CEOs — whose skills usually run more toward the ability to “see the big picture” and the identification of larger, overall trends — trying to keep up with all the technical nuiances of SEO is asking for one gigantic headache; however, then the question of finding competent, well-experienced personnel who can interpret these technicalities enters the picture.

Most of the books available today on the subject read like what they are: Technical manuals. Now, however, to the rescue, enters successful consultant, speaker and coach Tim Levy whose clients include such top companies as Vistage International, CEOSpace International and Secret Knock. Tim focuses on clarity in regard to web technology and digital content and his latest book “The Google Gamble” was written, not for “techies” but, rather, for CEOs and entrepreneurs who require more of a general comprehension of the overall mechanics and requirements of SEO and how they can incorporate these methods to drive traffic to their companies’ websites to result in a higher rate of sales.

By now, the message that all successful companies must maintain a presence on the Web is abundantly clear. Just how best to go about doing that in an effective and profitable way requires the expert advice of a Tim Levy. Take a look around Tim’s informative and well-structured website ( for more ideas on how to do it right and then pick up a copy of “The Google Gamble: The CEO’s Guide to Traffic, Conversion and the Mysteries of S.E.O.” and get your company’s webpages tuned up and ready to race.

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“A PR Practitioner’s Guide to Activist Groups: When and How to Respond” by Keva Silversmith Free on Amazon 4/23 and 4/24

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Activism has changed the face of mankind and it still benefits society nowadays in various ways. However, Keva Silversmith thinks that activist campaigns are often so far outside the normal course of business that it becomes a challenge for any executive to handle them. What seems to be even worse for corporations and organizations is that executives rarely try to discover efficient ways of dealing with this challenge. Drawing from his experience as a public relations professional, Keva Silversmith wrote “A PR Practitioner’s Guide to Activist Groups: When and How to Respond.”

In his book, Keva Silversmith refers to the lack of action from the executives’ part in terms of naivety, which – in his opinion – can be both individual and institutional. He claimed that activist groups often use well-planned strategies and tactics in order to exploit this naivety, and that some of these tactics have been valid for over fifty years.

Furthermore, K. Silversmith looks from a different point of view at a company’s response to activist demands: it is firstly a business decision, and only secondly a communication-related undertaking. It is at this point that the public relations department is overwhelmed by the demands for help of both clever activists and weary executives.

Keva Silversmith uses present-day examples in order to back-up his claims and to provide an efficient practical and philosophical approach to engaging with activist groups. Whether you are a business executive, an entrepreneur, a corporate leader, or a PR practitioner, “A PR Practitioner’s Guide to Activist Groups: When and How to Respond” is bound to help you better manage the challenge posed by activist campaigns.

You may find “A PR Practitioner’s Guide to Activist Groups” on Amazon, where it will be available for free on 4/23 and 4/24.

“What’s Your Hook? How to Reel in Your Audience and Make Your Message Stick” by Kevin Carroll

No matter the field you work in, communication is very important; more specifically, the ability to send a message and make the others appreciate it and remember it. You might be a teacher, a manager, or a salesperson. Actually, you might simply be a parent who is trying to teach and educate a child. The first step is to make your audience listen. And, once they start to listen, all you have to do is give the best presentation you possibly can and convince them. But, the truth is that the first step is one of the most difficult ones as well. To make it easier for everyone, Kevin Carroll has written a concise guide on how to hook your audience from the very first words you speak – “What’s Your Hook? How to Reel in Your Audience and Make Your Message Stick”.

As the author says, “There are no boring topics, there are only boring speakers.” He remembers when he was back in college and he had professors who were able to hook their students. That’s when he understood how hooks work and how they can be cleverly used to make people pay attention to what you are saying, even when they are not necessarily interested in the topic. When you have the ability to persuade you can sell anything to anyone, or convince people to do as you suggest. Persuasion is one of the qualities you need to achieve success. A leader will never be a true leader if he/she cannot persuade others. What Kevin Carroll offers in his book is advice on how to come up with that perfect hook to draw your audience’s attention. After reading “What’s Your Hook? How to Reel in Your Audience and Make Your Message Stick” and applying the tips, you should become a clearer and more persuasive communicator, and also enjoy giving presentations more.

Kevin Carroll defines a hook as “any creative device that grabs someone’s attention”. Then, he continues his description adding that “A hook could be: a catchy phrase, a humorous story, an amazing statistic, a memorable demonstration or a though-provoking question.” Anything can become a hook as long as it is interesting enough and it is directly tied to the presentation you want to make. The greatest advantage of using hooks is that they make the message stick. They make the audience remember you and your presentation because they remember how clever and relevant your hook was.

Unfortunately, many people are reluctant when it comes to using hooks, even though they are aware of how well they can work. One reason for which they might hesitate is that they fear the hook won’t be as good as they expected, or it won’t have enough relevance, and they’ll end up in an awkward situation. Kevin Carroll refers to all these problems and fears in his guide, and he teaches his readers how to use hooks so naturally that no one will ever imagine the speaker actually took a lot of time to come up with them.

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“Defeat the Drama!” by Kirsten E. Ross

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It is of paramount importance for any business to have people who are involved 100%. Any entrepreneur wants to have their business run smoothly and efficiently, and this requires hard-working active employees. This is why when an employee stops focusing on their task, things get a bit out of control: sales and transactions slow down, cash flow keeps fluctuating, and customers are not satisfied. To use an analogy, think of a beehive: as long as each and every bee keeps working along the others, the hive prospers. It is the same for any business out there.

Kirsten Ross, expert in coaching and author, has noticed the impact drama has on employee’s performance and, therefore, on the business. Drama can take a variety of forms: a colleague bringing their personal life to the workplace, poor communication in-between departments because of personal vendettas or inefficiency, stressed bosses, and so on. For Kirsten Ross, drama is everything and anything that leads to a worker’s loss of attention, efficiency, and productivity.

In her guide, “Defeat the Drama!: Strategies to Get Your Team Fueled, Focused and Fired Up for Great Service,” Kirsten Ross offers various techniques and strategies which are bound to inspire entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level, building a team of focused productive workers. The information is provided in an inspirational accessible manner in four sections, each divided in its turn into several other chapters. The author doesn’t leave anything out, treating the subject from all possible angles: communication among one’s employees, celebrations at the workplace, leadership power, etc.

By purchasing your copy of “Defeat the Drama!” not only will you help your business, but you will also help others, because proceeds during virtual and physical book launch go to Turning Point, a non-profit organization – the author’s way of giving something back to the community. You may visit Kirsten Ross’ site, her Facebook page, the book launch Facebook event page, or the Eventbrite page.

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