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Good reads for March: A new favorite hero is found in “Shining Path”.

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At the start of a good book, if the action scenes start to roll intensely, it’s a win. You are not going to put a book like that down until you are finished with it.

The hero in this story, Lone Wolf, is a trained Native American “sky walker”.  In Chicago, many people actually had the chance to see sky walkers finish the top of Trump Towers.  Most construction workers cannot tolerate such high elevations. Sky walkers have special generational knowledge passed down to them. They study from a young age how to do impossible feats to remain strong and mentally focused. They tackle difficult work at extraordinary heights.  Lone Wolf excels in his army training and escalates up to the CIA where he is taken through even more rigorous training to equip him for elite missions.  He decides to leave the CIA when he is asked to take on a mission that he doesn’t complete.  He has his morals and standards. Excellent at what he does, he is contracted by a United States Senator to be the eyes and ears on the ground in Peru. His mission is to find a beloved Kentucky Congresswoman who is kidnapped during a public massacre by the Shining Path.  He is instructed to cut through the red tape and be ready to help with rescuing her. When you don’t want to rely upon a government, and you need to save someone’s life, Lone Wolf is the kind of man you want spear heading your mission.

The Shining Path was an actual group of revolutionaries in Peru, responsible for ravaging and killing a reported 70,000 people according to CIA intelligence. The author of the book, “Shining Path: Lone Wolf Thriller Book One”, William Schnorbach, spent two years in Peru through 1992 during the time that ended the twelve year reign of terror. The founder of the Shining Path, Abimael Guzman, is carefully described in an accurate manner. Guzman self -proclaimed being the fourth sword of communism. He aligned his identity after Mao, Lenin, and Marx.  The author robustly brings all the details to the table using Guzman’s real life setting for this novel. While his ultimate demise ended the threat to Peru’s sovereignty, his real life journey is robustly described as the setting and context for this novel.

I recommend that you put down what you are reading and hop on to Amazon to look inside this book.  From the introduction you are given a concise history briefing. Then you are launched into action from the first page of chapter one. Does this intense ride end? No, it doesn’t. The minutes will fly by as you get to the start of chapter two. Then you are just hit with full maximum impact. You might even look down to check to see if you are wearing military boots.

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Weight Loss Through Body Building

Strategies used by professional body builders that you may not know about.
Weight Loss Thorough Body Building by James Eaton
Weight Loss Thorough Body Building by James Eaton
NEW YORK - May 24, 2016 - PRLog – James Eaton, a Selma, Alabama based author, has launched “BODYBUILDING FOR WEIGHT LOSS: “FACTS” ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS THROUGH BODY BUILDING THAT YOU DID NOT KNOW ABOUT” on Amazon.This book contains an easy to follow plan which contains researched strategies by professional bodybuilders. In addition to explaining when to eat, when to exercise, and when to rest., you will “learn the weight-training exercises you need to work out your entire body – and how to work your way up to greater weights and more reps!”

This book explains strategy through applying time tested lessons proven to work through history.

With summer fast approaching, there is a demand to implement effective techniques that can produce desired results. With diet supplements being a multi-billion dollar industry there have been too many try and fail experiences in figuring out what does work.

Knowing the right facts and details can aid in choosing the right supplements, weight training options, diet, and techniques.

Eaton developed this book to act as a reference guide to help arm the reader with potent knowledge to accomplish an effective body building routine. This book is recommended for beginners to get a quick launch into how to effectively target their needs. Experienced bodybuilders can also find this useful in developing an award- winning physique.

This is book is available for free under the Kindle Unlimited Program.


Bringing families closer together, sharing the sadness, mirth, and pain of mental illness

Bringing families closer together, sharing the sadness, mirth, and pain of mental illness

Duncan MacLeod was born in Oakland. He went to prep school and then attended an Ivy League college. Later he dropped out, got arrested, hospitalized, addicted and recovered. When he gained steady footing in life, he penned a novel with a mission to bringing thousands of families closer together, sharing the sadness, mirth, and pain of mental illness.

This is the first in a series of novels, “5150: A Transfer (The Psychotic Break Series) ” takes the reader through the journey of mental illness.Set in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district in the 1980’s, 5150 depicts a failure in the rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood. When young, gay Ethan Lloyd awakens to tremors he is first convinced they are little earthquakes. They turn out to be a forewarning of a psychotic episode that lands him first in jail, and then transferred or “5150’ed” to the mental hospital.

This book has a mission to share the psychotic experience with families and friends of the mentally ill, so that they may better understand what is going on inside the heads of their loved ones.

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Professional SAT Tutor Coaches Teenagers in Success Through Time Management


Author, Christian Heath, is a professional SAT tutor, entrepreneur, author and graduate of Pomona College, a top-10 ranked private college. His elite high-school tutoring company and website, “Love the SAT Test Prep,” maintains an exceptional 4.6 out of 5 star average rating with students and parents.
Heath has launched a book to help aspiring teens reach their goals through his book, “Ultimate Time Management for Teens and Students”. This book is targeted for teenagers that are busy but have not yet reached the goals they intended in their academic career. It is a key resource for parents who wish to improve a hectic lifestyle into reaching success goals.
Heath has growing testimonials on the personal impact his strategies have made in improving the lives of parents and their teens navigating the upward and downward spirals. It is his goal to teach parents and teens how to” attain their goals, ditch stress, and have more free time – all while improving your college resume.”
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The I Ching Companion

The I Ching, often called “The Book of Changes”, has marched through the centuries accumulating and preserving the wisdom of Chinese civilization for a span of over 5000 years time. It has survived and prospered through the rise and fall of dynasties and empires, plague, famine, war and all the other perils of time and history. In its long and illustrious history it has served as the advisor and preserver of King and commoner alike; its wisdom, insight and counsel illuminating the circumstances in which human beings find themselves in the course of their journey through life and pointing out the right path to take in any situation that a human being may encounter. Its images encompass, symbolize and reveal the totality of the energies of consciousness and being in their interaction with the visible human and the invisible spiritual dimensions of the universe and so can reveal the truth of any situation. In this companion volume, the correct usage of the book and its wisdom is approached from the perspective of the individual who seeks a trustworthy guide to accompany him or her on the road that they must travel from womb to tomb. No prior knowledge of the I Ching is required as its usage and spiritual philosophy is explained in terms that any individual of average intelligence can comprehend. The use of the coin Oracle is covered in great depth and detail so as to impart a complete understanding of how to correctly ask questions of the book. Richard Palmer began writing at an early age and is the accomplished author of five previously published works. In this pioneering work, the I Ching is presented in a new format especially geared to the individual who has no prior knowledge of this great and noble book and which will allow any interested individual to use the power and insight of the Book of Changes to illuminate their path and protect their life and safety in the often dangerous landscape of the material universe

Read the first 4 pages of in-depth insight from ” The I Ching Companion”

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Free Adult Coloring Book Page from Mandala Mantra 30 Handmade Meditation Mandalas With Mantras in Sanskrit and English



Inside this book are 30 Hand Made Meditation Mandalas for relaxation, peace and healing. Each Mandala has a Sanskrit mantra with English translation. The mantras have been chosen as per the theme of the Mandala on that page. Back of the page is blank so that the completed Mandala can be taken out and framed. The design of the mandala has been created to be visually appealing so as to absorb the mind in such a way that irritating thoughts are unable to get through and a spiritual essence surrounds the individual observing the mandala, which in turn allows the individual a higher consciousness or awareness, almost as though being hypnotized. This allows the busy mind to take a break while the creative mind is allowed to run free. Having said that, the mandala is primarily used as a form of meditation to gain knowledge from within. It is important to let go of the negative feelings while coloring. If they creep back, simply bring your focus and attention back to the beauty of the mandala.

This book is created by Surabhi Kuthala.

Surabhi has had a flair for drawing illustrations from early years of her childhood. Surabhi believes that art can be seen in everything and anything. She believes that an artist is born with a beautiful heart and mind. “I see happiness around myself and that is what I like to draw, happy faces. Creating art is like meditation to me, it relaxes and rejuvenates me. ” quotes Surabhi. Surabhi is inspired by everything and anything that she sees, feels and experiences, but loves feminine figures, which portray different moods of womanhood. She loves to reveal feelings and thoughts through her art. Her work tends to be intricate and detailed. Mandala Mantra is her first coloring book to be published to be followed by many more.

You can experience one of Surabhi’s Mandalas right now for free.

Print Your Free Adult Coloring Book Page :

If you encounter any issues receiving your downloaded coloring page

please directly contact the author website Visit the Mandala Mantra Website this site also contains more information about the author and

her work. It is also a great place to enjoy a variety of her postings.

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Bullying Can Affect Adults Long Term

Author Mark A. Stewart was bullied in middle school and high school. It took him ten years to heal from the bullying. His quest for recovery led him to write the book, “Names Will Hurt Me: Healing for Victims of Bullying”, to help others.

His process involves some key steps which include:

• Validating your pain
• Illustrate how the damage from the bullying can sabotage your careers and relationships if not dealt with
• Provide a road map for healing and creating the life you desire

“With deep compassion and vulnerability, Mark Stewart has written a book that will at once provide support for people who are experiencing the effects of bullying and redemption for those who have endured this commonly experienced schoolyard abuse. Like any form of abuse, it is easy… perhaps desirable… to assume that young people are resilient and will get over the emotional and physical assaults they have suffered. Mark gives us a bird’s eye view of the reality that the victims of bullying do not easily recover from the invasions of psyche and self-esteem they have suffered. The effects of bullying may linger for years, interrupting every area of a victim’s life. Mark is a glowing testament that healing is possible. He lays out a program for acknowledging, recovering from, and moving on from the emotional and spiritual residues of bullying in a way that only a fellow-traveler can. This book is a must read for any adult who works with or lives with adolescents.” As reviewed by Susan Westbrook Ph.D. – Author of The Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop

Stewart has a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Mass Communications and Media Arts. He has also taught workshops to help people overcome adversity and create lives that have deep personal meaning and success

You can read an ample preview on Amazon

The Dream Walker: Land of Mystica Series

When there are castles, servants, and kings, there is a little curious boy named Mortimer. The book launches into his story to pull the reader in through his eyes. He is the son of a servant. His mother is well liked and personable. When questions arise about the identity of his father, his mother never answers. No one knows who his father is.

Mortimer explores around the castle and finds small interesting tokens to collect such as interesting buttons, ribbons and other tiny objects. He keeps a small collection under his bed covered with mud and straw. After awhile he grows tired of finding similar items. He decides to carefully explore outside the castle.  He is aware he needs to be watchful of bad people that could prey upon the weak.  He decides to stop at the border where there is a small stream. He decides to take a swim where he observes a glistening black rock that he retrieves from the water.

Mortimer recalls a tale of the three white wizards and the dark wizards who battled over controlling power. The lead dark wizard casts a spell that goes awry where the wizards become trapped into their respective white and black rocks. Because the power of the land of Mystica is tied to their existence, a darkness emerges and people are not only at war with each other but also with wizards, elves and dwarfs.

Mortimer pondered this wondering if the rock he found could be tied to this story. He was doubtful. All he knew is that he wanted to keep the rock for his very own.

A girl named Miranda is having dreams. She feels the need to travel to Mystica to act upon them. She becomes a part of the battle siding with light to defeat darkness.

Read how the stories merge into a robust and eventful story. Author Michelle Murray developed this story around creating a land of dreams with well developed characters and magic.

This book is written in a fashion to appeal to readers young and old to enjoy.

Read the ample preview on Amazon and automatically get pulled into the story.

Source: Jo Farrell Examiner News Reuters News Network

A teenager with savant talents obsesses with solving a mystery

“A Whole Lot” is a Kindle scout winning debut novel of Bradley Wind. The main character in the story, Abel Velasco, is a teenage savant. He was raised in foster care until he was reunited to live with an abusive aunt and an older sister. Abel has the ability to see patterns and solve complex mathematical puzzles.

Abel ventures into an abandoned mansion and finds strangely numbered Bible. He wonders if there is a link between the Bible and the murders that occurred at the mansion. This sends him on a journey from suburban New Jersey to Berkeley, California and beyond.

Bradley Wind has demonstrated a great deal of research by choosing a unique case of the autism spectrum to create a character around. Reading Abel’s dialogue and thoughts will give the reader an introspective look into following the mental flow and logic of a gifted mind.

Wind was born and raised in Pennsylvania. A prolific visual artist whose work has exhibited in the 20th century wing of the Philadelphia Museum. He is currently a director of IT for a child-focused non-profit.

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Author Christina Tetreault Captivates with Hot Contemporary Romance

When Callie Taylor loses her mother, she is shocked to find out her father didn’t die in a car accident as she had always believed. In fact, her father is a US Senator who had been unaware that she even existed! Callie is unsure she wants to be a part of this “new” family. Senator Warren Sherbrooke wants to meet his daughter and sends his stepson, Dylan Talbot to make arrangements. Callie and Dylan both question each others’ motives, but cautiously proceed to start a friendship.

Senator Sherbrooke is a very honest politician who is willing to face his responsibilities from a past lost love. His wife, daughter, Sara, and son, Jake, have different ways of accepting Callie. Dylan tries to appease both his mother and step-father while finding himself falling in love with Callie.

“The Teachers Billionaire” offers an ample preview to look inside and read on Amazon. Author Christina Tetreault has written an entire growing series on the Sherbrookes of Newport. Each title offers a passionate journey into the life of a handsome billionaire. Tetreault’s characters are just so real; within a few pages you will certainly forge a connection to them.
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