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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“The Adventures of Joey Who Would Not Sleep” by Denise McCabe

The best bedtime stories are the ones that help children relax, and give them wonderful dreams. “The Adventures of Joey Who Would Not Sleep” is certainly one of them, especially since it was written for children who don’t like sleeping in their own room. The author, Denise McCabe, is the mother of two small children, and she knows exactly what kind of problems parents usually encounter. She has decided to help them solve these problems with the help of bedtime stories. Joey’s adventures in dreamland will not only help children understand why they should get used to sleeping alone, but they will also teach them about friendship, family, and why it is important to follow some rules.

Joey is a young boy who always wants his mother to stay with him until he falls asleep. The problem is that once his mother lies down on the floor to keep him company, Joey starts talking about everything he did that day, and he can go on like this until morning. So, his mother finds a solution: she gives Joey a magic dust that takes him to Alphabet Island, where a band of pirates are trying to find a lost treasure. Joey must help them find the missing letters of the alphabet in order to reach the treasure, but while he’s on this exciting adventure, he realizes how difficult it is to be around people who never sleep. This is a great lesson for him, and Joey will never keep his mother awake again.

Paula Curran’s beautiful illustrations will draw the children’s attention and make them curious about the story. “The Adventures of Joey Who Would Not Sleep” is perfect for the age level 2-6, and the little ones will want their parents to read it to them every night. They will easily relate to Joey, and they will immediately fall in love with Captain Awake Head and Captain Asleep Head, two of the main characters. Then, there’s their adorable parrot that talks all the time, eventually making Joey so tired that the only thing he wants is to sleep.

“The Adventures of Joey Who Would Not Sleep” has amazing reviews on Amazon. Here is what one customer said: “I was pleasantly surprised with this book. The idea of the book is a very original one, and told in a very clear and well-thought-out way. The illustrations do a good job of supporting and enhancing the story. It really is an easy book for parents to read and for children to enjoy and understand.”

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“All Quiet on Nassau Lake: A Rhyming Animal Bedtime Story” by Maria Schell Burden

“The moon’s on the rise over Nassau Lake
And the animal parents know…
Their babies need rest, but they will protest
So they murmur soft and low…”

This is how Maria Schell Burden’s adorable children’s book begins. What follows is a lovely story of how all the baby animals around Nassau Lake go to sleep after a long day of fun and games. “All Quiet on Nassau Lake” is the perfect bedtime read for children who are full of energy and don’t want to go to sleep when it’s time. Saying “goodnight” to their favorite characters will surely help, and parents will also enjoy the beautiful, soothing rhymes and the hand-painted watercolor illustrations. If children will love the story and the pictures, parents will love the book because it will remind them of those they had when they were little.

“All Quiet on Nassau Lake” is a new classic, written and illustrated in the unique tradition of Beatrix Potter and Robert McCloskey. Maria Schell Burden is a very talented painter, and her baby animals are absolutely adorable. Children will say “goodnight” to the baby otters, then to the little turtles, ducks, squirrels, frogs, bunnies, little swallows, and finally, to the little child who falls asleep in his cozy bed.

The book is perfect for ages 0-5. It will make children sleepy in a matter of minutes, but it will also teach them about the various animals that live around a lake. The illustrations are amazingly accurate, so the little ones will learn exactly how the animals they read about look like. They will later be able to recognize them on TV or in real life, if they have the chance. So, “All Quiet on Nassau Lake” is not only an enjoyable, soothing bedtime story, but also a great tool to teach children about a great number of animals.

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