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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“Morium” by S.J. Hermann

One of the most difficult topics to tackle is that of bullying. Many Young Adult books try to do it, but not all of them succeed. “Morium” by S.J. Hermann is one of those few novels that manage to depict this problem in a realistic way, showing how both the victims and the bullies have to suffer because of this dangerous behavior. The fantasy elements allow the author to show how bullying can actually turn a victim into a bully once he or she gets the power and the favorable circumstances to take action.

Stacy, Nathan, and Lexi are three high school seniors whose lives are a horrible hell. They are all constantly bullied at school for various reasons, and they lack the support they should receive from their families. Nathan’s parents are always gone, and Lexi has just lost her mother. They only have each other, but sometimes it is not enough. Lexi is forced to see her father struggle with her mother’s death, and the only way she can cope with the pain and despair is to cut her arms methodically. She never cuts herself deep enough to cause any serious damage, but if anyone found out about her dark secret, they would believe she was crazy. Things take an unexpected turn for both Nathan and Lexi when they find some strange rocks that fell from the sky in the forest. They touch them, and after some time they realize that the rocks have given them supernatural powers.

If Lexi is trying to control her powers in order not to hurt anyone, Nathan has a different understanding of what has just happened to them. He calls their powers “The Gift”, and decides to use his against the people who tortured him for so long. Suddenly, Nathan turns from a weak victim into a ruthless tormentor. Even worse, he becomes stronger and more dangerous when he absorbs the souls of other people. His actions determine Lexi to break their friendship and go against him. But, will she try to destroy him in order to stop him, or will she choose to save him from himself and the dark power that has taken control of his being?

This first installment in the “Morium” trilogy is an exciting fantasy/science-fiction novel that will appeal to readers of all ages. S.J. Hermann has managed to create some compelling characters that display both noble qualities and terrible flaws, which makes them believable, well-developed, and easily relatable. The story shows how things can go horribly wrong when a tortured soul, Nathan in this case, who has never received love and attention, gets hold of the power to take everything he wants and punish the people who hurt him. Readers will turn the pages as fast as possible, eager to find out what will eventually become of Nathan and Lexi.

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“Andrew Murray: Destined to Serve” – A Biographical Novel by Olea Nel Free on Amazon October 29-30, 2014

Andrew Murray was a South African Christian pastor and one of the founders of the South African General Mission in 1889. He is one of the most interesting and compelling figures in Christian history and literature, and those who have read at least some of his works will want to learn more about him and his formative years. After all, there’s nothing more fascinating than reading about someone who truly made a difference through his work, and observing how he became the person we know today. Andrew Murray’s Christian writings are still guiding people on God’s path. “Andrew Murray: Destined to Serve” by author Olea Nel is a brilliant biographical novel that shows the life of this incredible man and pastor starting with the year he was ordained by the Hague Committee of the Dutch Reformed Church.

Olea Nel’s novel begins with Andrew Murray’s reunion with his family after having spent several years in Europe studying theology to become a pastor. He is only 21 years old, he is young and ambitions, and he is determined to become a powerful preacher and make his mark as the younger son in a family of pastors. Thus, he begins to serve a congregation of over 20.000 souls. His first year of ministry to the Voortrekkers in the Orange River Sovereignty and the Transvaal, between 1849 and 1850, is difficult and challenging, but it also motivated the young pastor to do his best and overcome his own limits.

The author has done an amazing job showing the readers how Andrew Murray, overwhelmed by his mission, struggled with his insecurities and doubts regarding his calling. Because his preaching tours were long and exhausting, he often found himself in the situation when he didn’t have time to pray and ask for God’s advice and guidance. Moreover, he had to deal with the conflict between the Boer farmers and the British settlers. For a young man of 21, all these responsibilities and difficulties were a lot to handle, but Andrew Murray was committed to spreading the Gospel and building the Church in an environment where people needed his support.

“Andrew Murray: Destined to Serve” is the perfect choice for those who want to have a clear, honest image about who this man of God truly was. The author presents him as a down-to-earth and practical person despite his age, and as a patient and loving pastor. He represents an example for all of us, showing us how stress and exhaustion can be defeated when the goal is to help people and keep their faith alive. The experience and wisdom he accumulated while serving his congregation can be seen in his serious, thoughtful writings. For a better understanding of the historical period he lived in, the author included maps, photos, and a glossary at the end of her book.

“Andrew Murray: Destined to Serve” is free on Amazon Kindle from October 29 to October 30, so make sure you download your copy.

Learn more about Olea Nel and her books on the author’s website.

“A Grave Hunger” by G. Hunter – Free on Amazon from October 31 to November 2, 2014

A strong woman seeking revenge, a sexy vampire hunter who turns her life upside down, and a bloody struggle between humans and vampires… “A Grave Hunger” is clearly one of those serious vampire novels that depict the night creatures exactly as they are in myths and legends: cruel and deadly. G. Hunter has brought together elements of suspense, mystery, and paranormal romance, offering readers a novel that has everything it needs to become an all-time favorite.

Leah is absolutely sure that the death of her parents and sister was not the result of an animal attack. This is what the official investigation says, but she knows that wild animals don’t kill the way her family was killed. She suspects a vampire did it, and now she is determined to get her revenge. But killing vampires is not easy, so she first needs to learn how to do it. She befriends Bobby, an experienced hunter who teaches her the basics, and once she is ready, Leah sets on a personal mission to eradicate as many vampires as she can. She is helped by the hot and sexy Finlay, Bobby’s protégé, and a special kind of relationship starts developing between them. When tragedy strikes and Bobby is killed, both Leah and Finlay have an even stronger motivation to stop the bloodsuckers from harming more innocent people.

What Leah doesn’t know is that Finlay has his own secrets and dark past. He was always a bit isolated, never allowing anyone to get into his personal space, and after Bobby’s death, Finlay withdraws even more. It’s up to Leah to break down his walls and find out what he’s hiding so she could help him get rid of his demons. However, when she does find out what is haunting him, she might reconsider her feelings.

“A Grave Hunger” is much more than a paranormal romance novel. It is a suspenseful thriller that will keep readers glued to the pages, eager to solve the puzzle before they reach the end of the book because, yes, G. Hunter introduced a lot of unexpected twists and turns. The characters are believable and well-developed, and readers will find it easy to relate to Leah and her desire to avenge her parents and sister. After going through such a terrible tragedy, it’s only natural that the only thing that is keeping her alive is the desire to hunt down the killer. Readers will also fall in love with Finlay, who comes as a good distraction, giving Leah a new reason to live and fight for what she believes in.

The book will be free on Amazon from October 31 to November 2, 2014, so make sure you download your copy if you feel like reading a real vampire novel.

Find G. Hunter’s other books on the author’s page.

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“A Taste of Honey” (“The Crime and Passion Series”, Book 1) by Gamal Hennessy – Free on Amazon, November 2-4, 2014

It’s not often that you find a thriller novel that dares to touch a high level of eroticism without affecting the plot and the flow of the action. Actually, in “A Taste of Honey”, the steamy scenes are so well done and perfectly integrated that they add a lot to the characters, allowing the readers to understand what is happening in their minds and souls. This first book in “The Crime and Passion Series” proves that Gamal Hennessy is that kind of author who challenges his readers and takes the genre to a whole new level.

Nikki Siriene is a woman in love. We all know that love can make people do unimaginable things, but in Nikki’s case, it made her cross the line one too many times. She would do anything for her lover, Chris. It doesn’t matter if that means she has to use her sexual charms to spy for him, humiliate herself, or put her life in danger. All she wants is to be by his side, hoping that one day Chris will give up all these dangerous adventures and decide to build a family and a future with her. When he brings her to Argentina and tells her she needs to seduce a suspected arms dealer, Nikki thinks this is the last job they’ll have to take care of. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Nikki is a complex and complicated character. On one hand, she might seem weak and vulnerable because she allows Chris to manipulate her and use her any way he likes. On the other hand, readers will see that Nikki grows a lot by the end of the novel, and becomes a strong woman. After all, she had it in her all along because it takes a lot of strength and intelligence to seduce some of the most powerful and dangerous men.

The relationship between Nikki and Chris takes an unexpected turn when Nikki gets caught between the arms dealer, his mysterious wife, and his paranoid business partner. She thought that she would only have to deal with the man she was supposed to seduce, but when jealousy comes into play and an explosive secret is revealed, Nikki realizes that she might not come out of this business alive.

“A Taste of Honey” is a must-read for thriller fans. It includes the previously released books “Anything for Love”, “The Art of Seduction”, and “The Screams of Passion”. And the best part is that it will be free on Amazon on November 2-4, 2014, so make sure you download your copy. It will make for a great read during the holidays.

Read more about the book and series on the author’s blog.

Find “A Taste of Honey” on Amazon.

“The Secret Rapture” by Dr. Scott McQuate

One of the most confusing events the Bible and other ancient texts speak of is the Rapture. Why is it so confusing? First of all, because the word “Rapture” is not even mentioned in the Bible, but the text does offer clues about this epic event that will happen right before the Tribulation and will announce the End Times. The term, however, was coined by an Evangelist by the name of Darby in the 1800’s. Since then, many Theologians and Biblical Scholars have conducted research and written books about the Rapture without actually being able to understand it or reveal the truth about this event that will inevitably affect the entire world. Author and lecturer Scott McQuate has studied all these works and many more, and has managed to separate the false interpretations from the correct ones. He gathered all his research, results and conclusions in his book, “The Secret Rapture”, thus offering his readers a clear and complete view on what the Rapture truly is, what it means, and how we can all prepare for it.

Even before Christianity was established, it has been prophesied that many truths will be hidden from us. The Bible contains clues related to the Rapture and the Tribulation that no one has been able to discover and interpret until now. Dr. Scott McQuate has dedicated his entire life to the study of ancient texts and religions, and his main goal is to tell people about the secrets and mysteries they have always tried to understand. The author believes that the time has come for us to find out the truths that God decided to conceal until the world was ready to accept them.

In “The Secret Rapture”, McQuate discusses important matters, such as the connection between this event and the letters Y-H-W-H, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Great Pyramid of Giza. All these are linked, and once people understand how the interpretation of certain parts of the Bible works, they will be able to see the links for themselves. Everything is explained in detail and backed up by Dr. McQuate’s personal findings, so it is perfectly verifiable, as well as easy to understand by anyone interested in the study of the Bible and ancient mysteries. Readers will also discover that the Bible talks about a hidden planet that is directly connected to the Rapture and the human DNA. The author’s conclusions are absolutely mind-blowing, and they will completely change the readers’ perspective on religion and the world.

“The Secret Rapture” has already been read in more than 40 countries, and experts described it as “brilliant and shocking”. Dr. Scott McQuate sheds light on this incredible event, tells us what we should expect from it, and explains why it shouldn’t be called the Reaping or the Harvest, because it has nothing to do with these terms. There are people who have considered it a myth, and people who have searched for answers only to reach the conclusion that the secret will never be known. Well, the secret has been revealed in this book and we all have access to it. There will be readers who will understand, and readers who will be a bit skeptical. Nonetheless, Dr. Scott McQuate has reached his goal, and everything he knows is now available to the wide public.

“The Secret Rapture” can be found on and

“Tribulation: Hidden Secrets Revealed from Texts Predating the Bible” by Dr. Scott McQuate

It might be difficult for us to believe that most of what we now know about the messages of the Bible and the mysteries of the universe is wrong. If you have ever studied the Bible or sought answers to your questions by way of religious organizations or metaphysical philosophies, then you are most definitely eager to learn the truth. Well, the truth has been hidden from us before Christianity was even established. This is why Dr. Scott McQuate, well-known researcher of ancient texts, has made it his goal to reveal these ancient secrets: the world is ready for the truth. His book, “Tribulation: Hidden Secrets Revealed from Texts Predating the Bible”, focuses on what we know as the most catastrophic and chaotic event the world has ever experienced: the Tribulation.

It has been prophesied that the truth about the Tribulation will be concealed until right before the End Times, and this piece of information can be found in both the Bible and other ancient texts. In Daniel 12:4 we read that God told Daniel: “seal up the book until the time of the end, when knowledge would increase”. Dr. Scott McQuate believes that this time has come and people are ready to learn the truth so that they would be prepared for what is to come. The author starts by explaining exactly what the Tribulation is, and what words such as Repentance, Redemption, and Matrix truly mean. Then, he offers a complete and detailed interpretation of parts of the Bible, linking the information to what ancient cultures such as the Mayan, Sumerian, and Hindu have prophesied. Thus, readers will learn about the connection between the UFO’s and the Watchers from the Bible, as well as the truth about the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. These are just some of the topics Dr. McQuate discusses in his incredible book.

It is, of course, hard to accept the fact that God would conceal such important information from us, but this is exactly what happened, and for a good reason. Pastors, Biblical Scholars and Theologians were not supposed to know the truth because they wouldn’t have understood its meaning and power. Actually, the Bible itself says that God will conceal things and people will have to seek answers one day. In Proverbs 25:2 we read: “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of Kings to discover a matter.” This is exactly what Dr. Scott McQuate does in “Tribulation: Hidden Secrets Revealed from Texts Predating the Bible”, backing up all his discoveries with the thorough research he has conducted all his life.

Readers have already stated that McQuate’s book is “the most important work ever written about the End Times”. It is complete, written in an easy-to-understand way, and it is filled with careful research and shocking conclusions. Readers will be able to confront the author’s ideas and interpretations with the Biblical texts and see how the truth comes to light the moment they understand how they should read certain parts of the Bible and interpret them.

“Tribulation: Hidden Secrets Revealed from Texts Predating the Bible” is available for purchase on and

“Get Ripped Now! Clean Eating Workout Guide for Weight Loss and a Healthy Lifestyle” by Kent Burden

There are so many books on weight loss, nutrition, and physical exercise on the market that it gets complicated for a person who wants to start a well-balanced program to choose the most complete one. And what do we understand by “complete”? Well, the book needs to cover everything from eating healthily and choosing the right foods, to a good workout guide that truly gives results in no more than a month. Kent Burden’s “Get Ripped Now!” contains all these, and even more. It’s enough to read the Contents and look over the Introduction and the first couple of chapters to see that it is, indeed, one of the most complete, well-structured, and efficient books out there.

Kent Burden has over 20 years of fitness experience, and is certified as a master wellness coach, personal trainer, as a Pilates instructor and Yoga instructor, to name just some of his certifications. He has worked with A-list celebrities, including Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, and Reese Witherspoon, and his mind/body fitness programs have been featured in SHAPE, Spa Finder, American Spa, Natural Health, and many other popular magazines. Summarizing Kent Burden’s experience in the field of health and fitness would take up entire pages. Suffice it to say that he is the right person to turn to if you decide to make a major change and start working seriously to obtain the body you’ve always dreamed of.

“Get Ripped Now!” offers a complete, clear picture of the Clean Eating movement, and in the first chapter the author explains why people should adopt this diet that was not only designed to improve their health, but also to help them lose body fat. Combined with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), to which Kent Burden will introduce readers later in the book, this eating program will lead to amazing results that will be visible after the first month. And the greatest advantage is that there is no need to go to the gym. Because sometimes going to the gym alone is a hassle, especially for those who work late and don’t have enough time to work out in the evening, the author has dedicated an entire chapter to the supplies people will need to create their own inexpensive exercise equipment.

Kent Burden’s program is broken into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, and it has 3 phases that are 4 weeks each in length. He explains how readers can choose the appropriate workout level for them, and in the following chapters he walks them through the exercises. Each exercise is presented through pictures, descriptions, and links to videos, so that readers will feel confident that they are doing everything correctly and avoiding any injuries.

“Get Ripped Now!” is such a complete and concise guide that you won’t need any other book or workout program to help you achieve your goals. It will be free from October 22 until October 24 (5pm EST), so make sure to download your copy from Amazon.