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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“The Secret Gospel of Ireland” by James Behan and Leo Behan

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People generally think of religion and science as two separate forms of knowledge that are in perfect opposition. However, authors James Behan and Leo Behan have researched through centuries-worth of material, both theological and philosophical in nature, bringing to light historical facts which throw a different light on how we perceive religion and science.

The Behan brothers’ book, “The Secret Gospel of Ireland: The Untold Story of How Science and Democracy Descended from a Remarkable Form of Christianity that Developed in Ancient Ireland,” presents in an accessible manner historical facts, philosophical concepts, and theological values. By creating various associations between all these pieces of information, James and Leo Behan explain and illustrate the major role played in history by the ancient Irish people, and how their teachings and beliefs shaped the modern world.

Ancient Romans attempted to civilize and Christianize Ireland, a land which had never been conquered before. As Romans made one last effort to enlarge their dominion and to increase their influence in the West, something truly remarkable happened. The ancient Irish people benefited from a secret form of knowledge, brought all the way from Egypt. This secret knowledge was combined with Christian concepts, thus giving birth to a unique form of Christianity that would later on make science, democracy, and our modern world possible.

It all began with a young native Romanian man who went to Bethlehem. Standing in the Cave of the Nativity – where Christ is said to have been born – the man vowed to join a monastery in Egypt, given that Egyptian monasteries were renowned for how well-organized and disciplined they were. For many years after his arrival in Egypt, the man enjoyed a calm spiritual life in the desert, but then the Egyptian monks were divided by a controversial dilemma: did God have a physical body or was he a being of light like an angel? The man believed that God was a spirit of light, opinion which eventually forced him to flee from Egypt, because the bishop didn’t agree with it. However, before leaving Egypt and heading for Ireland, the man took away with him something of great value, a secret which in the hands of the Irish monks would unlock the ultimate potential of Christianity and the door to modernity.

“The Secret Gospel of Ireland” is an intriguing and thought-provoking read, which nourishes both the mind and the spirit. Authors James and Leo Behan did an admirable job with their research work and the manner in which they presented their findings. Find “The Secret Gospel of Ireland” on Amazon.

Two Books by Holy Ghost Writer Are Permanently Free on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Bestselling author Holy Ghost Writer has long become a literary phenomenon, but no one has managed to discover his/her real identity yet. The prize for the reader who will follow the clues in his books and figure out who he/she is has risen to $5000. If you haven’t read any of his/her novels, now it’s the time to start, because two of the “Count of Monte Cristo” sequels are permanently free on Amazon and Barnes & Noble“The Sultan of Monte Cristo” and “The Boy Who Played with Dark Matter”.

“The Sultan of Monte Cristo” is the first sequel to Dumas’s well-known novel, “The Count of Monte Cristo”. The action takes place after everything that happened in Dumas’s story, and after Edmond Dantes got his revenge. Now he is off to new adventures. He’s got Haydee and Mercedes by his side. By marrying Haydee, he becomes Sultan, but this doesn’t mean that his life is about to become peaceful and happy. Edmond has to fight a new enemy, the pirate Medusalocks, and overcome many obstacles along the way.

This book will be greatly enjoyed by those who have read the original novel, but also by those who don’t know much about the character Edmond Dantes. Holy Ghost Writer introduces enough back-story and background information to turn the sequel into a pleasant, rewarding read. New characters are introduced, such as Raymee. Like all the women in “The Sultan of Monte Cristo”, Raymee is strong, intelligent, and confident. Actually, this is one of the many things that readers will appreciate: the author has created some amazing female characters that prove to be just as powerful and determined as the male characters. Mercedes, Haydee, and Raymee all play an important role in Edmond Dantes’s life and development.

The second book Holy Ghost Writer has made permanently free is the fantasy/science-fiction bestseller “The Boy Who Played with Dark Matter”. Even though it is part of the series, the novel can also be read as a standalone. It is appropriate for young readers, but it will be greatly enjoyed by adults as well, especially because they will be able to see the connections between all the sequels written by HGW, and the characters in them.

Zeddy is a six-year-old genius who is trying to find his father in a world that has gone mad. The International Government changes the laws every day to keep the population busy, and interdicts almost everything that might bring the poor people some happiness. Zeddy’s father is a physicist, and it seems that he was kidnapped. While Zeddy’s mother, Zadie, believes that the International Military Police have taken her husband, Nimueh, the ancient Lady of the Lake, tells the boy that his father is in a parallel universe. Now Zeddy has to travel to the dark-matter planet Zamira to save his father.

Holy Ghost Writer’s novels have a unique way of grabbing the readers’ attention and keeping them glued to the pages. The stories are creative, the characters are likeable, and the world-building is absolutely amazing.

Don’t forget that you can now download “The Sultan of Monte Cristo” and “The Boy Who Played with Dark Matter” for free on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“The Haunting of Hockomock Swamp” by H.E. Kline

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There are novels and stories of which you find yourself completely engrossed from the very first pages, avidly reading every paragraph, wishing to learn more as soon as possible. “The Haunting of The Hockomock Swamp” by H. E. Kline is one such novel. It is a suspenseful paranormal narrative, which is based on Native American cultural aspects.

The protagonist, Janie Williams, discovers by chance a sensational news story about a rather unusual epidemic spreading throughout Massachusetts: a childhood epilepsy epidemic. Although this quickly holds Janie’s attention, her bosses aren’t as intrigued as she is, their indifference stemming from the fact that she is a newcomer on the team. However, there is more to the story than first meets the eye. While convulsing, children go through a paranormal experience: following Metacom – an Indian ghost – deep into the woods of Hockomock Swamp, they cross over into an alternate dimension.

Once in that alternate dimension, Metacom traumatizes the children by showing them horrible images; he goes through several metamorphosis, first turning into a three-headed dragon, then into a flying pterodactyl.  Showered in blood and thrown into the swamp, the children are deeply affected, but Metacom’s actions aren’t just gratuitous expressions of violence – he is trying to send them a message. Janie ignores her bosses’ opinion about the so-called epilepsy epidemic and begins an investigation on her own. As she learns more about the whole phenomenon and tries to help the children in Hockomock Swamp, she falls deeply in love and discovers more about herself and her sexuality.

“The Haunting of Hockomock Swamp” nicely combines romance, suspense, mystery, history, and the paranormal, satisfying any reader’s tastes. H.E. Kline skillfully weaves Native American cultural facts into the story, relying on the legend of Metacom, a seventeenth century Indian man, who started a war after his people’s lands were taken away from them. Describing “The Haunting of Hockomock Swamp,” the author said: “Suspenseful, romantic, and enmeshed in Native American ghostly folklore, ‘The Haunting of The Hockomock Swamp’ will capture and captivate the imagination of men and women, young and old, blurring lines. I challenge you to Google along with Janie and discover who Metacom is…”

Engaging, full of suspense, and spiced up with some hot romance, H.E. Kline’s novel makes for an entertaining read. You may learn more about the author and his other novels on his website. Also, find “The Haunting of Hockomock Swamp” on Amazon.

“Sanctuary” (“The Monsterjunkies, An American Family Odyssey”, Book 2) by Erik Daniel Shein and Theresa A. Gates

The second book in “The Monsterjunkies” series continues the adventures of the most interesting and intriguing American family. Those who have read the first book will absolutely love the second one, and those who haven’t should immediately fix that by getting it as soon as possible. A year after what happened in the first book, the Monsterjunkie family has opened the gates of their mysterious mansion to a few people they trust. However, this doesn’t mean that life has become easier and less stressful for their children, Crow and Indigo. They are still bullied at school for the simple fact that they are different, and sometimes the situation becomes unbearable.

“Sanctuary” is a middle grade-young adult novel that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. However, the whole series is highly recommended to teens, as it tackles a very important topic: bullying. The authors managed to portray today’s society in a realistic way, showing how bullying in school can have permanent effects on young people who are just discovering themselves and trying to express their own personality through the way they dress, talk, or behave. The two children in this series are constantly picked on because of their name, Monsterjunkie, and because they choose to wear gothic clothes and do things differently. In “Sanctuary”, readers will see that Cromwell, the teenage son of the Monsterjunkies, will have to go through a lot simply because his schoolmates never try to understand him or accept him the way he is.

No one wants the Monsterjunkies in Foggy Point, Maine. It’s not only because they live in a macabre mansion or because they are passionate about exotic wildlife, but also because other people want the real estate their mansion sits on. The whole family has to stay strong and united because this is the only way they can keep what is theirs. Meanwhile, Crow is going through a very difficult period. He is constantly bullied by Ruth Grimes, and he is not sure how he should defend himself. It seems that his retaliation from months ago did nothing to make things better, and Crow cannot find an appropriate solution. Moreover, he has to deal with the fact that his sister is leaving and his father expects him to carry on the family’s legacy in cryptozoology. It is simply too much for a teenager to handle.

Just like the first novel in the series, “Sanctuary” will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The characters are likeable and interesting, and the situations they have to face are very realistic and believable. Teenage readers will gain a new perspective on bullying and why it happens, and this can help them handle such situations better.

“Sanctuary” can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“Vanished from Dust” by Shea Norwood

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Friendship is one of the strongest bonds uniting two people. Being understood and soothed when things become darker and everyone rejects you is the best part about having a true friend. In “Vanished from Dust,” by Shea Norwood, Eric learns this lesson through his own experience, discovering the importance of friendship and courage after being forced to confront the mysterious past of Dust.

Eric Stark, the protagonist of “Vanished from Dust,” isn’t your average fourteen-year-old teenager. He has a special ability: he can see phantoms. After trying to warn the inhabitants of Dust about the figures lurking in the shadows, his life takes a turn for the worst, because those around him think he is insane. Luckily for Eric, Kyle Barrett moves to town and they become friends. With Kyle as his ally, the protagonist learns more about himself and eventually finds comfort and peace, despite his feeling that danger looms over the town.

However, Kyle and Eric soon realize that something truly sinister is taking over the people of Dust, but they can’t identify the cause of the entire phenomenon. Maybe the phantoms are to blame or maybe it is all linked to the mysterious death of hundreds of townspeople in 1922. The two teenagers embark on a dangerous adventure in order to find out the truth. Soon they get lost in a deserted, ghostly version of Dust. The discoveries they make there are edifying, yet chilling.

“Vanished from Dust” is a well-written paranormal novel, filled with mystery, suspense, and heart-warming lessons of friendship. Comparable to works such as “Stand by Me,” “Odd Thomas,” and “The Dark Tower,” Shea Norwood’s work keeps the reader’s interest at peak level thanks to his masterful manner of creating vividly detailed narrative scenes and well-developed characters. Find “Vanished from Dust” on Amazon. The book will be available for free on Amazon on 7/15 and 7/16.

“Immolation” by H. E. Kline

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Nothing is more efficient in making your blood pump through your veins and your heart race faster than a good horror novel. If you are a fan of Stephen King – and particularly of his “Cujo” –, then H. E. Kline’s “Immolation” should be next on your reading list.

The action of “Immolation” is set off by what seems to be at first sight an ordinary event: one night on Route 44, Doug King offers a ride to a red-headed ghostly hitchhiker. But this stranger isn’t just a harmless person in need of a ride; the hitchhiker passes a herpes virus called PseudoRabies to Doug’s family injured pet, a cat named Ponce De Leon.

The virus slowly works in the system of Ponce, turning the cat into a dangerous killer who savagely attacks Doug’s family, friends, and neighbors. As the threat posed by the infected cat grows bigger and bigger, Doug decides to take action: he has to contain or to destroy the plague altogether.

“Immolation” is a gripping horror novel, full of suspense and thrilling scenes. H.E. Kline’s writing style involves a creative mix of nonfictional facts with science-fiction, contemporary romance, urban legends, mythical ghostly folklore, and horror. The author also draws on local culture in order to write his books, factor which renders them uniquely engaging and entertaining. Although “Immolation” is a narrative piece of relatively small size, it makes for an intense read.

 If you would like to learn more about “Immolation,” about the author, and his work, you may visit his website here. Also, find the book on Amazon.