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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“Sexiest Eye Candy” by Monique DeVere

Nothing is better on a hot summer week-end than a spicy contemporary romance story with a sassy heroine and a super-hunky love interest. “Sexiest Eye Candy” by Monique DeVere is the perfect choice for fans of this kind of stories, as it combines sweet romance with steamy scenes that readers won’t be able to forget long after they have finished the book.

Karis Van de Burke is a brilliant cosmetic surgeon with a dark past that still haunts her. Because of the baggage she carries, she cannot have a serious relationship, so she prefers one-night stands with no emotional involvement. When she meets Ethan Stone, she immediately decides that she must have him. He is the super-hunky, weight-loss celebrity all women desire, and she knows that he’d never say “no” to her. However, their one night of guilty pleasure becomes another, and then another. Soon, they realize they have crossed a line and what they’re looking for is much more than sexual gratification. But will Ethan still want Karis after he finds out about her painful past?

Monique DeVere is an incredible storyteller, and she managed to write a powerful and sexy love story that readers will not easily forget. Her characters are very well-developed, and it is easy to relate to them. Both Karis and Ethan are likeable and behave in a realistic way. Readers will root for them and want to see them together, as they seem to be made for each other. Karis is an intelligent and independent woman who knows what she wants. Unfortunately, she suffered a lot and she’s not yet ready to love again. Even though he has the attitude of a bad boy, Ethan is very gentle and understanding, and he wants to be by Karis’ side no matter what.

“Sexiest Eye Candy” is one of those books that are impossible to put down. The interesting plot and the dramatic scenes between the two characters will keep the readers glued to the pages, and make them want more of the author’s writing after they finish the last chapter.

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“Hidden Doors, Secret Rooms” by Jamie Eubanks

If you feel like reading a fast-paced, action-packed mystery/suspense novel, then “Hidden Doors, Secret Rooms” is the best choice you could make. Even though it is the author’s debut novel, this unconventional story will take you by surprise and blow your mind the moment you realize that it is so much more than the description suggests. Jamie Eubanks has done a great job at balancing the plot and the characters’ backstories, and at keeping readers on the edge of their seats by revealing all the mysteries little by little.

Jillian Braedon is on the run from the FBI because she knows a secret for which there are people who want her silenced. She has no choice but to take her five-year-old daughter, Valerie, with her. Things get complicated and very dangerous when they are caught in the middle of a blizzard, and Jill is badly injured. Her only chance is to send Valerie off into the raging storm and hope that she would find help. The girl finds the house of a retired musician, John Mills, who manages to find Jill alive in the storm, even though he walks with the aid of a cane. However, once Mills brings Jill and Valerie into his house, he gets caught up in their torment. He decides to keep them hidden from the FBI, and asks his friend, Mel Talbot, a brilliant computer hacker, to help them.

Jamie Eubanks is an incredible storyteller. She manages to introduce backstory through character interaction and dreams, so that the readers wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by too much information. She is amazing when it comes to showing, not telling, which makes her book a great example for aspiring authors who are still trying to find their voice and writing technique. Her characters are very well-developed and realistic, and readers will find it easy to relate to Jill and John, especially because John’s backstory is absolutely heart-breaking. His wife and child died in an accident, and since then he has been living in isolation, unwilling to have anything to do with the world. Jill and Valerie will give him hope and, eventually, change his life completely.

Mystery, science fiction, adventure, romance… “Hidden Doors, Secret Rooms” has everything it needs to become a must-read for any fan of the genre. Once you start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down. It is one of those novels that people start recommending to their friends the moment they turn the last page.

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“How to Stay Young and Fit No Matter How Old You Get: Anti-Aging Secrets” by Sharon J. Scott

The fact that everyone is afraid of aging comes as no surprise. But, sometimes, aging has nothing to do with feeling old and acting as if you were old. Life and different troubles or dissatisfactions can make someone feel old when, in fact, physically and mentally they are perfectly young. They may have all the reasons to enjoy life, but, somehow, they don’t see this. Sharon J. Scott’s guide, “How to Stay Young and Fit No Matter How Old You Get: Anti-Aging Secrets”, is the perfect read for anyone who feels tired and unhappy because they believe they are too old to feel otherwise. Even though this book is aimed at readers over 40, it can be useful to anyone, regardless of age.

In writing this book, the author adopted a unique perspective on things: the truth is that all people are young, they just need to be reminded of it. So, Sharon J. Scott’s guide isn’t trying to teach readers what they need to do in order to start feeling young again, but it’s actually trying to show them that they have always been young, and most of the aging process is something that is only happening because they allow it to happen. The book isn’t trying to fix the problem of growing old, because that would mean the readers need to accept this as a fact and then try to deal with it. Rather, what it is trying to do is convince people that age isn’t a problem, and all they need to do is improve their lifestyle, eating habits, and way of thinking in order to see that.

“How to Stay Young and Fit No Matter How Old You Get: Anti-Aging Secrets” discusses all the aspects people should be aware of when it comes to the aging process and what they can do to slow it down. Actually, the first thing the author does is to dedicate an entire chapter to explaining what the aging process truly is and how it should be understood. Then, the next chapters deal with wellness, attitude, emotional health, how to stay spiritually young, and also discuss the problems of stress, nutrition and physical exercise.

One of the best things about this book is that it teaches readers they should never look for easy methods that promise youth, beauty, and energy. They need to understand that pills and expensive cosmetic treatments are not the solution. It all comes from within. It’s all about how you choose to think and feel, and these two can be educated through the tips and techniques Sharon J. Scott offers in this amazing guide.

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The Google Gamble by Tim Levy


Everything today moves at an almost unbelievably high rate of speed — especially where the Internet is concerned — and it’s difficult for anyone to keep up on all of the latest trends and technologies involved.

Nowhere is this more true than when dealing with the subject of “SEO” (“Search Engine Optimization”)…

The parameters that search engines such as Google use to qualify their lists of results are anything but static. Mathematicians and technologists are constantly reevaluating and reworking the formulas and requirements used to arrive at the order in which the user sees them displayed. For most CEOs — whose skills usually run more toward the ability to “see the big picture” and the identification of larger, overall trends — trying to keep up with all the technical nuiances of SEO is asking for one gigantic headache; however, then the question of finding competent, well-experienced personnel who can interpret these technicalities enters the picture.

Most of the books available today on the subject read like what they are: Technical manuals. Now, however, to the rescue, enters successful consultant, speaker and coach Tim Levy whose clients include such top companies as Vistage International, CEOSpace International and Secret Knock. Tim focuses on clarity in regard to web technology and digital content and his latest book “The Google Gamble” was written, not for “techies” but, rather, for CEOs and entrepreneurs who require more of a general comprehension of the overall mechanics and requirements of SEO and how they can incorporate these methods to drive traffic to their companies’ websites to result in a higher rate of sales.

By now, the message that all successful companies must maintain a presence on the Web is abundantly clear. Just how best to go about doing that in an effective and profitable way requires the expert advice of a Tim Levy. Take a look around Tim’s informative and well-structured website ( for more ideas on how to do it right and then pick up a copy of “The Google Gamble: The CEO’s Guide to Traffic, Conversion and the Mysteries of S.E.O.” and get your company’s webpages tuned up and ready to race.

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“The Beginnings: The Gospel of Mark” by Cary Holbert

Reading the Bible is not the same thing as understanding it. People read it and, if they are not guided properly, they understand it in their own way. Sometimes, however, this might not be the best thing to do. In order to understand and assimilate the truth of God and his Son, people need a frame of reference. They need correct information regarding history, religion, and even philosophy. Studying the Bible is not always an easy task, but it is the most rewarding one. This is why author Cary Holbert decided to take The Gospel of Mark and analyze it in a series of sixteen books, each focusing on a chapter of the gospel. The first one is “The Beginnings: The Gospel of Mark”.

Cary Holbert starts by telling the readers everything they need to know about how the Gospel of Mark was written. This includes some historical background that is very important when it comes to understanding when and how the Gospel was written. The historical, cultural, and social aspects are always necessary to shed light on a piece of literature, and in this case, given that we are talking about one of the most important Gospels in the Bible, these aspects are crucial.

Thus, readers will find out that the Gospel of Mark was written around 60-70 AD under the tutelage of Peter the apostle to the Church of Rome. Those were very difficult times for the church, and people needed their pure faith in God’s power to be able to survive the oppressions of the Roman Emperor Nero. In this time of great need, Mark started to write about the long-awaited offspring God promised. Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah, was finally there, and he was about to make the greatest changes humanity had ever seen.

“The Beginnings: The Gospel of Mark” is the perfect start of a series that readers will not want to miss – “He is Our of His Mind Devotional Series”. The book will be free on Amazon from May 15 to May 17, 2014, so make sure you grab your copy.

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“Corvette Nightfire (The Z Redemption Trilogy)” by Daniel Wetta

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Have you been looking for a thrilling, action-packed novel to spice up your evenings and to make you read hours on end? Then Daniel Wetta’s “Corvette Nightfire,” the second book in “The Z Redemption” Trilogy, is just what you have been searching for.

“Corvette Nightfire” continues from the point in which “The Z Redemption” ended, and it follows the eponymous character as he goes to Las Vegas to play in the Final Nine in the World Series of Poker. However, soon after he arrives to his destination, he is unwillingly and unexpectedly involved in a dangerous international vortex of intrigues. Corvette’s life takes a 180-degree-turn as Valentina, a beautiful exotic-looking woman, exits the Las Vegas casino accompanied by gunshots and throws a heavy bag in his arms, quickly giving him instructions in Spanish.

Apart from being a fast-paced thriller, Daniel Wetta’s novel also has a romantic dimension. Corvette and Valentina get closer to each other, although the former doesn’t speak Spanish and the latter doesn’t know any English. However, words don’t represent a barrier between the two. One evening, Valentina shares her story with Corvette through dance images. Now, the protagonist feels that there is no going back to how his life used to be; he must use his skills as a poker player in order to save the woman he loves from a cold-hearted killer.

“Corvette Nightfire” includes some of the characters from the first installment in the trilogy, such as David James, Enrique Santos, Ana Valdez, and President Donald Austin Blair. Corvette’s dangerous mission to keep Valentina safe brings more characters into the spotlight, part of them representing the law and part representing the drug cartels.

Daniel Wetta’s thriller skillfully combines universal themes like loyalty, duality, passion, and self-discovery. The cultural aspect of the novel renders it all the more interesting, because the readers learn quite a bit about Mexican culture.

“Corvette Nightfire” can be found on Amazon. For more information on the author and his work, you may visit his site.