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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“Love Beyond Time” (“Morna’s Legacy Series”, Book 1) by Bethany Claire

If you love historical romance novels with a bit of mystery to make things more interesting, then “Love Beyond Time” by bestselling author Bethany Claire is the perfect choice for you. Time travel, magic, love, and sexy Scots… this book has everything it needs to keep the readers glued to the pages. And the best part is that “Love Beyond Time” is just the first book in “Morna’s Legacy Series”, with two more to follow – “Love Beyond Reason” and “Love Beyond Hope” –, and the fourth book waiting to be released in June.

Everything began four hundred years ago, when a powerful Scottish clan was completely destroyed in a surprise attack. No evidence remained, as the castle was burned to the ground, and present-day archaeologists are still trying to figure out what happened then. The murder of the entire Conall clan is a mystery that no one will probably solve. Who thought that a Texas kindergarten teacher would be the one to find out what happened so many hundreds of years ago?

Brielle Montgomery can’t refuse her archaeologist mother when she asks her to accompany her on a dig in Scotland. After all, she is bored with her life, and she needs something to distract her. A short adventure in Europe would do her good, so Brielle takes the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone. However, she gets more than she bargained for when she finds a secret spell room below the castle ruins and she is transported back in time, when the people of the Conall clan were still alive. Moreover, she is married to the castle’s Laird, and everyone calls her Blaire.

At first, Brielle/Blaire wants to go back to her time. She soon finds out that she must play her part and be Blaire if she doesn’t want to put everyone in danger. While trying to make sense of what is happening to her and find a way out, she falls in love with her husband. This is the moment when things become really complicated, because she realizes that she might be the clan’s only hope.

“Love Beyond Time” is a heart-warming, timeless romance that will keep the readers on the edge of their seats. The author has an incredible writing style, and she managed to capture the fascinating Scottish society of 1645 in vivid images and amazing dialogues. The characters are complex and well-developed, and the readers will find it easy to relate to them. The romance between Bri and the Laird is sweet and heart-warming, and it develops in a very realistic, believable way, making the readers want to grab the next book in the series as soon as possible.

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“An Aria in Venice: A Musical Interlude Novel” by KaSonndra Leigh

Behind her bright eyes and beautiful smile, Adriana Dostov hides a difficult childhood and a tense relationship with her mother that often drains her of energy and motivation. She is a talented ballerina with great potential, but her personal life keeps dragging her down. When she meets Luca Martuccio, the gorgeous and arrogant fashion designer who steals women’s hearts, Adriana knows her life is about to change.

At 21, Adriana is a virgin, and she wouldn’t mind losing her innocence to Luca. So, when the girls in the ballet troupe challenge her to offer him a one night stand, she doesn’t say “no”. After all, what could go wrong? Luca wants her just as much as she wants him, and a passionate night in Venice will leave them both satisfied. However, Adriana soon discovers there is more to the bad boy she has fallen for. His incapability to commit to one woman has its roots in a dark past that has never stopped haunting him. The grief he has suffered will bring him and Adriana closer. She might be the one who can heal his wounds, and he also wants to support her and help her become the successful ballerina she was meant to be.

“An Aria in Venice” is a coming-of-age story that combines heart-warming love scenes with hot, steamy scenes between the gorgeous Luca and the sweet, inexperienced Adriana. It is full of twists and turns, because true love is never simple, and the characters have to go through many challenges that will prove they are perfect for each other. The way their relationship evolves is very realistic, and the readers will love the fact that they can easily relate to Adriana and Luca. They are complex, well-developed, and very believable, which will make readers turn the pages as fast as possible to see what happens next, hoping the two of them will overcome all obstacles and end up together.

KaSonndra Leigh has an amazing writing style, and she easily plays with all the five senses to immerse the readers into the universe she creates. They will feel exactly what the characters are feeling, and they will laugh and cry with them. “An Aria in Venice” is a stand-alone novel with a satisfying conclusion that will make you want to read everything the author has written.

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“The Truth Which Was Kept from Us: Mysteries of the Past” by Klaus E. Berger

Most people consider the Bible the only book that contains the truth about the Son of God, about the world, and about what we should and shouldn’t do in order to live as good Christians. What if someone told you all this is just what the Church wanted people to believe? What if you found out that the Church actually hid and even destroyed most of Jesus’ real teachings in order to better control us and guide us on a path of its choosing? It would be quite a shock, of course. Author Klaus E. Berger thinks the world needs to know the truth and needs to have access to the real wisdom Jesus shared with the people, so he reveals everything in his book, “The Truth Which Was Kept from Us: Mysteries of the Past”.

All those who feel ready to learn about all the things the Church wanted to keep hidden, should read this book to the end. The author discusses some thought-provoking ideas that will make readers question their own belief, and maybe even entirely change their opinion about religion. In fact, Klaus E. Berger doesn’t have a very good opinion about religious people. However, to understand what he means through the word “religious”, readers will have to go through this book with an open mind. What he is trying to say is that religion, as the Church promotes it, is only a series of traditions and superstitions meant to keep people in the dark. Thus, he dedicates his book to those who are not afraid to seek the truth, and those who understand that there’s more to Jesus’ teachings, to faith and love than what the Church lets us see.

“The Truth Which Was Kept from Us: Mysteries of the Past” doesn’t only reveal ancient teachings that we’ve never had access to, but also takes biblical verses and tries to discuss and explain them. Those who have read the Bible with a critical eye have probably seen all the contradictions and confusions. The author points them out and shows how people have been deceived by being taught how to read the Bible and what to understand from it. His aim is to open our eyes so we can finally see what love, compassion, peace, and happiness truly mean, and how we can achieve them by following Jesus’ real teachings.

Although it cannot be considered a light read, Klaus E. Berger’s book is easy to understand by anyone who wants to see things for what they really are, and make a change. Every line and every paragraph will make readers stop for a few seconds and think about what they have just read. If you read this with genuine curiosity and an open mind, expect to feel like a whole different person after finishing the last page.

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“A PR Practitioner’s Guide to Activist Groups: When and How to Respond” by Keva Silversmith Free on Amazon 4/23 and 4/24

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Activism has changed the face of mankind and it still benefits society nowadays in various ways. However, Keva Silversmith thinks that activist campaigns are often so far outside the normal course of business that it becomes a challenge for any executive to handle them. What seems to be even worse for corporations and organizations is that executives rarely try to discover efficient ways of dealing with this challenge. Drawing from his experience as a public relations professional, Keva Silversmith wrote “A PR Practitioner’s Guide to Activist Groups: When and How to Respond.”

In his book, Keva Silversmith refers to the lack of action from the executives’ part in terms of naivety, which – in his opinion – can be both individual and institutional. He claimed that activist groups often use well-planned strategies and tactics in order to exploit this naivety, and that some of these tactics have been valid for over fifty years.

Furthermore, K. Silversmith looks from a different point of view at a company’s response to activist demands: it is firstly a business decision, and only secondly a communication-related undertaking. It is at this point that the public relations department is overwhelmed by the demands for help of both clever activists and weary executives.

Keva Silversmith uses present-day examples in order to back-up his claims and to provide an efficient practical and philosophical approach to engaging with activist groups. Whether you are a business executive, an entrepreneur, a corporate leader, or a PR practitioner, “A PR Practitioner’s Guide to Activist Groups: When and How to Respond” is bound to help you better manage the challenge posed by activist campaigns.

You may find “A PR Practitioner’s Guide to Activist Groups” on Amazon, where it will be available for free on 4/23 and 4/24.

“Angry: Helping Children Cope with Anger” by Esther Adler

Being a parent is not easy, especially in the first few years, when you have to come up with different methods to explain your children how they should behave in certain circumstances, and why something is good or bad. Children tend to be very emotional, and they usually express their feelings in a loud and determined way. Oftentimes, they might not be sure why they feel the way they do, and don’t know how to react or let their parents know about their emotions. So, how do you help a child deal with anger, sadness, disappointment, or even happiness? Author and Mental Health Counselor Esther Adler brings to teachers and parents one of the best tools to use in these complex situations: the ColorFeelingTM series.

The first book in this brilliant series is “Angry: Helping Children Cope with Anger”. The title says it all: this adorable book with brightly colored illustrations will help children recognize and understand the feeling of anger. It will also help parents, teachers, and counselors better explain to the little ones how they should deal with anger in such a way that it doesn’t hurt them or the ones around them. It’s only natural for children to have problems with recognizing, processing, and expressing their feelings, and this can get even worse with strong, overwhelming feelings such as anger.

The author chose a very simple, yet effective method to make children understand what anger is: the feeling is associated with a color, red in this case, and an animal character. Thus, children will be able to associate the abstract emotion of anger with something they can understand and conceptualize. Then, anger is described in terms of the physical changes that it causes, and the book also gives examples of situations that might make a child feel angry. Finally, at the end of the book there are interactive exercises and worksheets that encourage children to express their feelings, describe them, and discuss them in order to find the best solutions to cope with them.

“Angry: Helping Children Cope with Anger” is perfect for children up to 7 years old, as the lovely illustrations will immediately get their attention, and the simple, yet engaging story will lead them to a deep message that will help them understand why they need to control their anger. The next books in the ColorFeelingTM series focus on other important feelings, and parents and teachers might want to have the entire collection for their children.

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“I, Human (Book II)” by Vito Veii

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Robotics is a field which has kept growing in popularity over the past years. A considerable amount of research related to artificial life has been done, specialists trying to build androids which act and think just like a human-being. But what if this actually became the norm among robots? What if they actually behaved and had feelings just like a real person?

This was the premise of Vito Veii’s novel “I, Human,” the first installment in the series which depicts the adventures of an android and his friends as narrated by captain Magnusson. The journey continues in “I, Human (Book II)” as The Padre, Vlen, Captain Magnusson, and other memorable characters explore the vastness of the universe.

Vito Veii’s novel is a thought-provoking piece of fiction which brings up important matters for the future of mankind and that of technological progress. “I, Human (Book II)” will surely appeal to all fans of the science-fiction genre, and those who have read and enjoyed the first installment in the series are bound to like the second one as well.

The author’s take on artificial life proves that he is a visionary. Both “I, Human” and “I, Human (Book II)” are entertaining, original novels, which go a step further than other works of the genre. The reader will often find himself or herself confronted with important questions regarding our conception of life, humanity, and artificial life.

If you want to know how the adventures of captain Magnusson and his crew continue, get your copy of “I, Human (Book II)” and start reading. Find it on Amazon.

“The Love Makers” by Y.L. Cantrell

Love is a tricky thing. Sometimes, you might fall in love with the wrong person, or with someone who doesn’t even acknowledge you. And, even though you know you should probably give up on the idea of a relationship, you still can’t suppress your feelings. So, what if there was a possibility to make two people fall in love completely without even realizing they were conditioned to do so? Would you become a client if there was a company that could provide such services?

“The Love Makers” is Y.L. Cantrell’s debut novel, and it is based on one of the most interesting and original premises. Vivionne Wayne is a psychologist who came up with the idea of creating a company that would specialize in the field of… romance. Thus, the Love Markers Agency, or LMA, was born. The organization operates on a theory that rarely fails: people tend to fall in love if they are forced to go through a traumatic ordeal together. This theory works because it is based on the psychological condition called the Stockholm Syndrome, which explains how two people can become very close if they have to face a life-threatening situation. The pressure and desire to survive makes them develop strong feelings for each other.

The LMA agents stage dangerous and exciting adventures for their clients, which immediately develop into sizzling hot romantic encounters. Sure, their methods are at least questionable, but no one complains as long as the clients are satisfied. However, things get complicated when Vivionne and her business partner, Boris, find themselves in a situation that is very similar to what they are used to creating for their clients. Despite always trying to be professional and ignoring their feelings for each other, not they have to face their attraction and hope for the best.

Y.L. Cantrell is a truly talented author whose writing easily brings the characters to life. Readers will root for Vivionne and Boris, and they will find themselves turning the pages as fast as possible to see what happens next. “The Love Makers” is one of those addictive books that you read in one sitting and then wish it would have never ended.

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“Blue Butterfly” by Marian L. Thomas Is Available on Amazon

Marian L. Thomas is the acclaimed writer of the bestsellers “My Father’s Colors” and “Strings of Color”, which have received important prizes and have been seen on the Oprah Winfrey Network, Ovation, and A & E Network. Her newest novel, “Blue Butterfly”, has just been released, and fans of Clean Fiction and Christian Fiction will love it. The author is well-known for her refusal to introduce explicit erotic scenes or profanity in her novels, instead choosing to feature strong female characters readers can easily relate to.

“Blue Butterfly” is the story of a young, black ballerina who dreams of conquering the world of ballet with her passion and talent. At the beginning of the novel, Precious Blue Johnson is just a simple country girl who decides to leave Lutts County, Georgia for the intimidating city of New York in hopes of finding success and, maybe, her birth father. However, she didn’t expect it to be so difficult to convince people that she can dance just as graciously as any white girl. The art of ballet seems to be a privilege only white girls are allowed to have, but Precious Blue is ready to change this mentality and prove that her mocha skin and full lips have nothing to do with her skill, talent, and determination.

In her journey to self-discovery and success, Precious Blue will make a lot of enemies and friends. She will have the advice of the wise Ms. Ann, and she will find true love in the arms of Ray Silvers, a young, handsome man with a promising career in medicine. Ray will be the one who will support her the most, giving her strength when she needs it, but his dark past will challenge the future of their relationship. His drug-addicted mother may try to ruin their happiness, but their love and devotion will be strong enough to overcome anything.

In writing her novel, Marian L. Thomas was inspired by the real stories of five of the world’s greatest ballerinas: Raven Wilkinson, Lauren Anderson, Tai Jimenez, Misty Copeland, and Aesha Ash. Their courage of seeking a career on stage has inspired many black women to pursue their dreams and prove that what truly matters is hard work, talent, passion, and skill, and that these qualities have nothing to do with the color of their skin. Thus, Precious Blue can be easily considered a great role model, teaching young, black girls that if they persevere in what they want, they will achieve success.

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