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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“Gabby, Angel of God” by Greg Sandora

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Any person on this planet experiences at least once in his or her lifetime the loss of a loved one. This is probably the most painful thing to ever go through, sometimes being a true emotional trauma. Only time’s passing can soothe a broken heart and make things better. But what if an angel helped you? Would your loss seem any less painful or would your recovery become faster and easier?

“Gabby, Angel of God: Guardian and Messenger,” by Greg Sandora, addresses exactly these questions by introducing Gabby, an angel of God, into the life of Bo. The latter is a widower who has recently lost his wife, and who now finds himself alone, with two children to raise, and going through incredible suffering. Gabby’s mission is to help him better cope with his loss and to show him that life is worth living even though his heart has been shattered by pain.

A supernatural element by default, Gabby is an angel who does everything she can in order to prove to Bo that life is beautiful and full of surprises, new adventures, and meaningful moments. She teaches the young man how to contribute to the wellbeing of others, how to open his heart and soul to love again, and encourages him to find the hidden strength which lies within all of us.

“Gabby, Angel of God: Guardian and Messenger” brings together the best of several genres, combining various elements in a creative, pleasant manner. The novel is original and well-written, and the adventures of Bo and Gabby will surely take you on a thrilling journey. The main themes of this book are friendship, love, faith, loss, and charity.

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A Gripping Action Novel – “Flash Bang” by Kellen Burden

If you feel like reading a fast-paced, action-packed novel with realistic plot, characters, and dialogue, then “Flash Bang” by Kellen Burden is the perfect choice for you. The author works in the field of loss prevention, security, and organized crime investigation, and his novel is based on his own experience in military and civilian law enforcement, as well as on the many interviews he conducted with the purpose of writing his debut novel. Thus, “Flash Bang” presents a truly realistic story of an ex-US Army infantryman/CID agent-turned-bounty-hunter that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

After being dishonorably discharged from the Army, Sebastian Parks doesn’t feel like getting a real job, or a real life, for that matter. He and his ex-military friends, John Harkin and Eric “Etch” Echevarria earn a living by finding wanted felons on Facebook and bringing them to the good guys who hire them. Things get complicated when the body of a teenage Muslim boy is found in front of a nightclub. Just as always, Parks and his friends have to find the bad men, but this particular mission might be more complicated than they initially thought.

What makes “Flash Bang” a very realistic story is the writing style the author chose to adopt. Readers might find it a bit unusual and eccentric, but the truth is that Kellen Burden decided to forgo the basic writing structures and grammatical rules in order to let the main character speak directly to the reader. The whole novel gives the impression that Parks is actually having a conversation with the readers, telling them what happened and how the action unfolded, drawing them in by expressing his thoughts and feelings in an uncensored manner. This technique helps readers relate to the character, and offers the book more veracity.

Even though the narrative is very different from what people are generally used to, “Flash Bang” is very easy to read, and truly enjoyable. The readers are never distracted by the writing style because they are completely immersed in the story, something the author has achieved specifically by letting the character speak to them in his own language. There is some violence, there is self-loathing, and there is some foul language that might bother some people, but there is also the truth that most of those working in the military talk like this. With the risk of not being understood by some of his readers, Kellen Burdern has decided to stay true to his story and characters, and let Parks’ personality shine through the way he talks and acts.

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“Is Your Chair Killing You?” by Kent Burden

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Whether you are a student who sits at his or her desk for hours or an employee who spends a long period of time in a cubicle looking at a PC screen, you probably sit for far too long. We all develop a sedentary lifestyle which despite seeming comfortable and relaxing leads to serious issues, such as heart conditions, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. In order to help people fight against the negative effects of prolonged sitting, Kent Burden wrote “Is Your Chair Killing You?”

This guide includes short and efficient exercises, alternatives to “standard” sitting, information drawn from recent research and various other studies, and much more. The aim of this guide is to explain in an accessible manner how sitting down for an extended period of time affects your body and how the damage can be prevented or – even better – reversed. Kent Burden drew from his experience as fitness and wellness expert, designing the quick and easy movements explained in this guide.

These movements can be performed by anyone and they only require 1 to 5 minutes. In order for these exercises to be effective, you should do them every one hour. This will ensure that you burn calories, stay energized, prevent health issues, and reverse the damage produced by long sitting periods. The purpose of the guide is to help you slowly incorporate movement into your daily lifestyle, so that you may easily move from being predominantly sedentary to having a more active lifestyle.

Burden’s “Is Your Chair Killing You?” is more than just a guide about back pain – it is a wellness book. By reading it, you will learn basic action steps that you can take right away in order to improve the quality of your lifestyle. Find it on Amazon.

A Guide for Hardworking Parents – “My Cup Runneth Over” by Daryl D. Green


When you are a parent who has to work and provide for the family and also raise one or more children, balancing your life can become a real challenge. On the one hand, you have a full-time job that requires all your attention. You have to give 100% at the office, and sometimes you even think about your work when you’re at home and you should be spending time with your family. On the other hand, you are perfectly aware that your children need you. They don’t only need you to buy them things, send them to school, and take them on the occasional trip, but they actually need you to be there, to talk to them, listen to them, and spend time with them doing different things. But there doesn’t seem to be enough time for all of that. So, as a hardworking parent, how do you manage to balance your career and your family life?

In his book, “My Cup Runneth Over”, Daryl D. Green presents a solution that has worked for him and his wife. This solution is called Meshing, and it is a method that can easily improve family life. It is based on the idea of setting goals, just as one does at the office in order to reach deadlines and deliver quality work. This time, however, the purpose of planning is to make sure you spend enough time with your partner and children and, most importantly, that you take full advantage of every minute you spend with them. Unlike most parenting books, “My Cup Runneth Over” focuses on practical solutions and offers tips and advice on how to start using the Meshing technique and make it work for you and your family.

The book is structured in such a way that the readers can easily learn the process step by step. In the Introduction, the author explains what Meshing is and how it can help busy parents plan their family life. Then, in Chapter 2, readers will learn about how important a personal coach is in assisting them and their families in goal setting. The author discusses vision, communication, and family priorities, and then dedicates an entire chapter to “The Family Plan” that is supposed to be set for one year. This plan is discussed in relation to spirituality, family, finance, and career. At the end of the book, readers will also find a section with Suggested Readings in case they want to read more on parenting.

“My Cup Runneth Over” is a guide that should be read by any parent. The Meshing technique gives great results for single parents as well, and it makes them feel better about themselves because it teaches them that it is in their power to make a change. Because single parents are the only providers, they often tend to sacrifice the time they should spend with their children. Meshing will help them plan their family goals just as well as they plan their financial goals.

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“Three Essays about Massurrealism” by James Seehafer, Michael Morris, Philip Kocsis

Over the past decades, mass media has developed like never before. This fact combined together with the technological booming we have witnessed during the same period of time has created the fertile environment for the appearance of a new form of art – digital art – and has facilitated the development of this kind of art. In this digital era, surrealism and mass media have been mixed together, thus forming what American artist James Seehafer called “Massurrealism” back in 1992.

As the title suggests, “Three Essays About Massurrealism” is a compilation of three essays written by the above-mentioned artist, James Seehafer, Michael Morris, and Philip Kocsis. Each of the three authors presents massurrealism, trying to explain where it came from, what factors contributed to its growth, explaining how it impacts our day-to-day life, and much more.

As James Seehafer said in his essay, massurealism is driven by the mass media, but it is in fact a combination of multiple tools – on one hand, traditional ones (classic photography, acrylic, classic collage, etc.), and on the other hand, new innovative ones (everything that is digital: photography, media, software, techniques, etc.). In Michael Morris’ opinion, massurrealism deals with both the interior dimension of our existence (the feelings, the inner struggles, the emotions) and with the exterior reality. Furthermore, in order to better illustrate this opinion, M. Morris offered as example artists such as David Hockney, Jennifer Bartlett, and Ron Kitaj.

Philip Kocsis draws the reader’s attention to how massurrealism has influenced advertising and how this affects us as consumers of goods. P. Kocsis affirmed that advertisers have learned to shape and change our perception so that we may buy their products. This is what the author calls “perceived reality.” Trying to support his opinion by providing an example of how ads manipulate us, Philip Kocsis refers to the “Obsession” perfume, asking “[…] how much did you pay for a .25 fl oz. bottle of “Obsession” perfume?”

“Three Essays About Massurrealism” is a must-read book for any modern individual. The authors have exposed several thought-provoking pieces of information which are worth checking into. Find it on Amazon.

“What’s Your Hook? How to Reel in Your Audience and Make Your Message Stick” by Kevin Carroll

No matter the field you work in, communication is very important; more specifically, the ability to send a message and make the others appreciate it and remember it. You might be a teacher, a manager, or a salesperson. Actually, you might simply be a parent who is trying to teach and educate a child. The first step is to make your audience listen. And, once they start to listen, all you have to do is give the best presentation you possibly can and convince them. But, the truth is that the first step is one of the most difficult ones as well. To make it easier for everyone, Kevin Carroll has written a concise guide on how to hook your audience from the very first words you speak – “What’s Your Hook? How to Reel in Your Audience and Make Your Message Stick”.

As the author says, “There are no boring topics, there are only boring speakers.” He remembers when he was back in college and he had professors who were able to hook their students. That’s when he understood how hooks work and how they can be cleverly used to make people pay attention to what you are saying, even when they are not necessarily interested in the topic. When you have the ability to persuade you can sell anything to anyone, or convince people to do as you suggest. Persuasion is one of the qualities you need to achieve success. A leader will never be a true leader if he/she cannot persuade others. What Kevin Carroll offers in his book is advice on how to come up with that perfect hook to draw your audience’s attention. After reading “What’s Your Hook? How to Reel in Your Audience and Make Your Message Stick” and applying the tips, you should become a clearer and more persuasive communicator, and also enjoy giving presentations more.

Kevin Carroll defines a hook as “any creative device that grabs someone’s attention”. Then, he continues his description adding that “A hook could be: a catchy phrase, a humorous story, an amazing statistic, a memorable demonstration or a though-provoking question.” Anything can become a hook as long as it is interesting enough and it is directly tied to the presentation you want to make. The greatest advantage of using hooks is that they make the message stick. They make the audience remember you and your presentation because they remember how clever and relevant your hook was.

Unfortunately, many people are reluctant when it comes to using hooks, even though they are aware of how well they can work. One reason for which they might hesitate is that they fear the hook won’t be as good as they expected, or it won’t have enough relevance, and they’ll end up in an awkward situation. Kevin Carroll refers to all these problems and fears in his guide, and he teaches his readers how to use hooks so naturally that no one will ever imagine the speaker actually took a lot of time to come up with them.

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“Strength Is Ageless: The Options 90-Day Bodybuilding Guide for Women 40 and Over” by Kriss Brooks

Usually, as people grow older, they tend to be less vibrant, less confident, and they sometimes give up on physical exercise thinking that it’s not necessary at their age. Thus, they become less happy with their bodies, and they also lose the strength of youth, thinking back at the days when they felt strong and resistant, and they could count on their healthy bodies for any activity. But why should things be like this? Kriss Brooks, the author of “Strength Is Ageless”, thinks that people should never give up on fitness and bodybuilding no matter their age. With the right exercises and the appropriate training program, even those over 40 can build a strong and healthy body they can be proud of.

It’s natural for older people to feel more fragile and to sometimes be afraid of lifting weights or practice complex physical exercises. In her guide, Kriss Brooks shows the readers how to train safely with weights, but, more importantly, she teaches them how to change their perspective on age and bodybuilding. The first step is to identify the practical and emotional barriers that tell someone they can’t do bodybuilding in order to eliminate them one by one. For this, the author has chosen a series of personal stories of women who have achieved what seemed impossible to achieve at their age. These uplifting and inspiring stories will help the readers understand they can do anything they set their mind to, and age has nothing to do with it.

“Strength Is Ageless” is a comprehensive guide based on the best recent research, and also on the author’s experience. Kriss Brooks has been a coach for over thirty years, and she herself is an example for all women who want to be strong, healthy, and live a vibrant life. The examples are very practical, the directions are simple, and the weightlifting regimen is described in detail so that anyone can follow it. The Options Strength Fitness Program for the beginner is explained step by step, and the greatest advantage is that you don’t have to join a gym to put everything into practice because you can start it immediately at home. This Program has been created in such a way that it can help you get into better shape in just 90 days.

Even though the guide is aimed at women over 40, it can be successfully used by anyone between 17 and 97. What matters is the desire to become a healthy and active person and the determination to do something about it. “Strength Is Ageless” gives you all you need to start and adopt a bodybuilding program that truly works. Reading this book is the first step towards the life you’ve always wanted to have.

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The High Side of Five: Nice Guys Five Point Paradigm for Casual Dating Success by Ken Bolden

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We often feel like we simply aren’t enough: beautiful enough, charming enough, rich enough, and so on. This leads to major confidence and self-esteem issues which don’t affect only women, but also men. Present-day society focuses on perfection – not of the interior, but of the exterior –, rendering most people completely terrified at the thought of approaching the opposite sex and asking for a date.

As said in the above paragraph, men are just as strongly affected as women are by this current state of things. This is the reason why Ken Bolden decided to write a guide which would help the representatives of the stronger sex in their attempts to find a potential life partner. “The High Side of Five: Nice Guys Five Point Paradigm for Casual Dating Success” provides a guaranteed-to-work dating strategy backed-up with suggestions, advice, and valuable insights, all the result of the author’s extensive dating experience.

Regardless of age, job, and other such factors, all men who have always been confronted with problems in the world of dating can benefit from reading Ken Bolden’s guide. Once you finish reading “The High Side of Five,” you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to determine if a woman is interested in dating you, without asking her directly and without resorting to acquaintances for information and advice. You will also learn the main seven reasons why you should expect a positive response from the woman you plan on approaching.

Well-structured and written in accessible language, “The High Side of Five: Nice Guys Five Point Paradigm for Casual Dating Success” is the perfect guide for men who are just starting on the path of casual dating. Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship or simply wishing to meet new women, Ken Bolden’s book will prove extremely helpful.

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Into the Darkness by Fox Lee (Chapter 8)




“The man who does ill must suffer ill.”

- Aeschylus

Rheinhold faded back in from his waking dream as he heard another thump from underneath him. He wasn’t five years old anymore, and he hadn’t seen his father since then, yet he was afraid. He flipped the switch on the desk lamp, and heard a muffled ‘pop’ as the light bulb sparked and then burned out. He knew that he should leave, but something told him that he had to see what was making the thumping noise under the floor.

He fumbled around momentarily in the dark and then found the penlight that he kept on the desk in his work area and clicked it on. The penlight shed a relatively meager amount of light onto the wooden floor.

Rheinhold knew that the Nazis often kept hidden storage areas underneath their meeting places for storing weapons caches and documents. In fact, he found some very interesting military plans in the hidden rat-hole that ran below the last building that he had inventoried. Still, a couple of new Nazi maps, or an old grenade or two definitely should not have been enough enticement to overcome the fear that crept into his empty stomach as he sat in the dark with only a penlight. He clicked off the light and sat momentarily on the hardwood floor. The faint odor of urine from his piss soaked pants brought Rheinhold back to reality. He clicked the penlight back on, and stood up to leave.

As he passed his desk, Rheinhold heard a faint shuffling from underneath the floor. It sounded like it was closer than the bumps he had heard before. A sinking feeling started to crawl from his guts up into his throat as he stood listening. Then he heard a sound from deeper below the floorboards. “What the fuck?!”, he whispered to himself.

Then he heard it again. It sounded like a woman laughing. As a matter of fact, it sounded eerily like the voice of the dominatrix from his favorite porn site. Rheinhold relaxed somewhat when he heard the feminine voice. The image that he had conjured up of the spirit of some unnamed Nazi soldier with chains on his arms and legs haunting the crawlspace under the building didn’t seem as scary after hearing the sexy woman’s laughter. He still could not imagine a situation that would lead to the woman of his wet dreams actually hiding out underneath the Nazi building, but he figured that maybe he would find out for himself.

He trained the fading beam from the penlight onto the floor beneath his desk, and traced each gap between the floorboards back to the far wall. A glint of metal between the third and fourth boards caught his eye. Looking straight down the gap, he saw two hinges set below the level of the floor. He huffed with effort as he slid his ancient hardwood desk against the far wall. “I’ll be damned!” He thought as he blew the dust off of the outline of a small square that had been cut into the planks.

As he scanned his office for something to pry up the trap door with, he heard what sounded like another female voice moaning from below. “Hold on, ladies, I’m coming,” Rheinhold whispered. He felt something stirring in his wet boxer shorts. “Easy boy..” He said with a smile.

He grabbed the large metal scissors from the cup on his desk and wedged the blade between the planks of the floor. The metal blade bent slightly as the trap door lifted out of place with a loud creak. A smell of undisturbed dirt escaped from the crack in the floor, and a wisp of dust danced in the dim beam of the penlight. There was another smell, too. Unfortunately for Rheinhold, the faint smell of death from below didn’t register, as he was too busy fantasizing about the possibilities of a rendezvous with two whores in the dungeon-like area below.

He held the penlight in his mouth as he put both hands under the lip of the trap door and lifted with everything he had. The door flew open and Rheinhold’s heart leapt in his chest as it crashed onto the floor behind the hinges. He caught his breath as he shone the penlight into the blackness below. He saw nothing but more swirling dust under the trap door.

Removing the seal from the ancient tomb caused a cold draft to emerge from the dark tunnel into Rheinhold’s office. He felt a chill under his wet pant legs as he dangled them below the trap door, and then slowly lowered himself down through the opening. He felt his loafers brush the dirt floor of the tunnel as he hung from the floor of the office, and he looked down with the penlight in his mouth. Then, he let go and dropped into the pitch blackness of the tunnel.

A shuffling sound came from the dark, some distance below him. He pointed his penlight at the noise, but the fading beam only extended about ten meters into the stifling murkiness. Rheinhold briefly wondered what two beautiful porn actresses would be doing in this God-forsaken hole, then he smiled as several different scenarios came to mind. All of them he imagined were appealing. Yes, they were indeed!

With renewed vigor, he followed the penlight’s beam, descending slowly down the dark tunnel toward his impending doom. As he approached the chamber at the end of the tunnel, Rheinhold noticed that the beam from his ten year old flashlight was quickly fading. Had he changed the batteries since he bought it at the gas station in 1999? He didn’t think so. ‘Oh well’, he thought. ‘I have ladies waiting.’

He kept his left hand on the wall for balance, and continued forward as the light died. He hoped he’d be able to find the women in the complete darkness. Actually, it might be better this way, he thought. He wasn’t the most handsome of men to start with, and there was also that dark stain in the crotch of his pants, which he didn’t imagine most porn princesses would find attractive. And, to be honest, Rheinhold didn’t intend to give the sluts the opportunity to deny him the pleasure he deserved. If they didn’t put out immediately, he would just take what he needed. Who the hell was going to know down here anyway? He smiled at the thought.

As Rheinhold crept slowly past the entrance to the chamber, he heard something rub against the rock wall behind him. He froze as he tried to determine exactly where the noise came from so that he could make his move and pounce on his prey.

There was no sound whatsoever. He held his breath and listened. As his ears attuned themselves to the lack of audible sensation, he was able to make out a faint raspy breathing. In and out, in and out. The breathing definitely did not belong to a hot and bothered woman. Instead, it sounded more like the labored wheezing of his neighbor’s twelve-year old pit bull, usually just before the damned thing freaked out and tried to latch onto anybody that got within twenty feet of the sidewalk going by its house.

Finally common sense started to leak into Rheinhold’s frayed mind, as he realized that whatever was at the far end of the black hole was now coming towards him, and it probably was not going to be pleasant when it got there. He could not help but flash back to his childhood again, when he had been helpless with terror in the cellar of his cottage, with some unknown monsters approaching in the dark to eat him.

This was different though. He was a grown man now, and noises in the dark shouldn’t scare him. Yet, he knew that the object that was coming toward him was much larger than a raccoon this time. He listened helplessly as it steadily approached – one heavy step, followed by a sliding noise, as if the other leg was dragging slightly on the rock floor. The thing’s breathing was also getting louder and faster as it neared.

Rheinhold silently turned around in the pitch dark and tried to find the wooden pillars that he had seen at the entrance to the room while his penlight still worked. He could feel cold sweat emerging from his forehead as he furiously slid his hands along the rock wall. He had to get out there!

He could not find anything besides the rough stone walls of the chamber. Tears started to roll down his face as he whipped back around to listen for whatever was coming for him. He cowered back against the hard wall of the chamber and started to sob as he realized that now it was directly in front of him. He still couldn’t see it, but the breathing sounded like a freight train. The thing had to be huge!

In his mind’s eye, he could almost sense the immenseness of the beast. In a last ditch effort, Rheinhold clicked the switch on the penlight again and slammed it against the rock wall. It flicked on just long enough for Rheinhold to catch a glimpse of the monster, and it was much worse than anything he could have imagined. The thing looked like it was possibly once a man, which made it even more terrifying than a make-believe monster. This was real, and it was coming to kill him.

The image of the giant was etched into his brain like the red dots one sees after looking straight into a camera flashbulb. He could think of nothing else as his legs turned to jelly and he slid down the wall, landing on his ass on the stone floor. His mouth opened and shut in the darkness, but nothing came out. He felt a voiceless scream leave his lungs as he felt two incredibly huge hands painfully latch onto his shoulders and effortlessly lift him off of the ground. He felt his feet dangle in the air briefly, and then one of the hands left his shoulder, grabbed him by the throat, and slammed him backward into the rock wall. He saw thousands of swirling stars appear in the blackness as his head slammed against the stone.

The smell of decaying flesh brought him back several seconds later. His eyes slowly refocused, and he realized that the giant’s gruesome face was only inches from his.

He shook in terror as the beast’s beady yellow eyes pierced his own eyes, and seemingly bored right into his brain. The thing raised his other hand and lifted a lantern up to its hideous face. Rheinhold could see the flame from the lantern reflected in the eyes of the monster.

He knew that if he wasn’t able to overcome the bowel-locking fear that gripped his whole body, he would be slammed against the wall one more time, and that would be it. He had to do something, yet he knew that he had no hope of physically overtaking the huge being. He had to outsmart him. It made him tremble even harder than before, but Rheinhold knew that he had to take a better look at the beast, and see exactly what he was dealing with.

It looked to Rheinhold as if the man-beast had been underground for an extended period of time – its skin was drawn and pasty white. Its body frame was immense, with very broad shoulders and thick sinewy arms. Its hands were huge as well, he noticed as he looked toward the lantern. Thick black hair seemed to shoot out of the rags that looked to be a child’s private school uniform top, and ran all the way down his arm to the tips of his Wilt Chamberlain-sized fingers. The knuckles were enlarged, and thick yellow claw-like nails dug into his frying pan sized palm.

Rheinhold’s mind raced as he mustered up all his gall and looked into the hideous face of the beast. He relaxed momentarily as he realized that it didn’t appear to be pissed off, or insane. Instead, it looked almost bored, like it was reading an instruction manual or a textbook that contained only information that he already knew. Maybe Rheinhold had a chance after all!

As he dangled limply from the outstretched arms of the beast, Rheinhold tried desperately to free his own vapor-locked brain. He didn’t even know if the thing could talk. It looked human. Well.. sort of human. Maybe it had been underground for so long it wouldn’t be able to understand him. Maybe…


Rheinhold gasped. His eyes flew open in surprise as the voice he heard echoed between his ears. He looked down in horror, and made sure the thing’s mouth wasn’t moving. It wasn’t. The voice had come from inside his own head. He closed his eyes again, and mustered all of his courage. “Wh- Who are y-you? What d-d-do you want with me?”

Rheinhold felt the hand around his throat tighten uncomfortably, then loosen.


Rheinhold felt a trickle of warm blood start from his left ear, and ooze slowly down the side of his cheek. He felt the beast lift him even higher off of the ground, and as the bald spot on the top of his head brushed the coarse stone ceiling, he knew he was about to die. He looked down and saw the beast looking back up at him, with an evil grin on his face. Rheinhold shook in terror as he hoarsely uttered his final words in German – “Der zorn Tuefel… der zorn teufel…..”.

Rheinhold was suddenly cast downward with tremendous force. The beast laughed as he slammed the German face first onto the stone floor and heard a satisfying crackling noise as the weakling’s backbone broke in several places. A large pool of dark red blood instantly appeared beneath Rheinhold’s broken skull. He twitched one last time, then lay still.

As he stood watching the crimson lake grow, the beast mulled over Rheinhold’s last words. “Hmm.. Der zorn teufel. The Devil’s fury. Zorn…Zorn. I like that!” He lifted the lantern up as it began to sputter, and as both the lantern’s flame and Rheinhold’s life faded into darkness, Zorn walked up the tunnel, pulled himself up through the hole in the floor, and entered into the unsuspecting world of the twenty-first century.

“Kitty Witty’s Big Adventure” by A.J. Fontaine

What better present for a child who loves animals if not an illustrated story about a curious and adventurous kitten? A.J. Fontaine is the owner of four cats, and he published two books that were inspired by two of his adorable pets, Kitty Witty and Outside Kitty. ‘Kitty Witty’s Big Adventure’ is the author’s first book, and it is illustrated by J.G. Graphics and Designs. Children will love the brightly colored pictures, and they will eagerly listen to their parents while they read the story to them.

Kitty Witty is a playful kitten that asks his people to let him go outside and play. It is a beautiful day, and Kitty Witty plans on relaxing on the porch and admiring the nature, but his plans are turned upside down when he sees a beautiful butterfly. The cat cannot help himself, and he chases the butterfly deep into the woods. Suddenly, he sees himself alone and very far from his home, and he doesn’t know what to do. This is where Kitty Witty’s adventure begins.

After they realize that Kitty Witty is gone, the family starts worrying and tries to find him, hoping that nothing bad happened to him. Meanwhile, the kitten has found some new friends in the woods, and he is even enjoying himself by playing hide and seek. He doesn’t know that his people are desperately looking for him. Will he be able to find his way home alone?

“Kitty Witty’s Big Adventure” is a book that will teach children that having a pet means responsibility. It is also an inspirational story, because it allows the kids to adapt it to their own lives. Thus, they learn that they should never wander too far from home, because their parents will be very worried. Thus, A.J. Fontaine’s book is not only an enjoyable read, but it is also an educational one.

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