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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“Lonely Heart of the Little Prince” by LeeAnna Neumeyer

If there’s a book all children should read, and then re-read when they become adults, it’s “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.  This is one of those books that are always seen with different eyes if they are read at different ages. No matter when you read it, or how many times you read it, you are bound to find new messages and morals between its pages. For those who have read “The Little Prince” and loved it, here’s a recommendation you shouldn’t miss: “Lonely Heart of the Little Prince” by LeeAnna Neumeyer.

“Lonely Heart of the Little Prince” is a work of fiction, so it should not be regarded as a biography of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry or Adele Breaux. Who is Adele Breaux, you might wonder? Well, Adele was one of the few people who were close to Saint-Exupéry during the time when he was writing his masterpiece, “The Little Prince”. In 1942, Saint-Exupéry was looking for a quiet place to complete his novel, and he found it in a mansion on Long Island, near the village of Northport. Adele was a French teacher from Northport High School, whom Saint-Exupéry hired to teach him English. Little by little, they became good friends, and Adele saw his novel taking form. It seems that what Saint-Exupéry never knew was that Adele could have been more than a friend to him. Adele had fallen in love with him, but she never had the courage to tell him. Consuelo, Saint-Exupéry’s wife, was one of the reasons Adele never confessed to her feelings.

LeeAnna Neumeyer grew up in Northport, Long Island, and her novel is inspired by the memories and recollections from three of Adele’s closest friends. “Lonely Heart of the Little Prince” is a captivating and heart-wrenching book about friendship and true love that must be kept secret for everyone’s sake. However, the story does leave you wondering whether or not this love was consummated. Beautifully written and well researched, this novel is not only a sensitive love story, but also a great addition to what the world knows about the writing of Saint-Exupéry’s masterpiece.

So, if you feel like reading a truly special book, you know what to pick up next. If you haven’t read “The Little Prince” yet, Neumeyer’s novel will surely convince you to give it a try.

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“Department 51” (“Project Solstice”) by V.G. Harrison

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The second installment in the “Project Solstice” series, “Department 51”, continues Ava Frost’s adventure in discovering who was responsible for her brother’s death. This time, Ava has to deal with the mysterious Department 51, an organization that threatens to put her in federal prison for the rest of her life if she refuses to work for them. Having no choice, Ava accepts to work for Department 51, even though she is sure her employers have a strong connection to Ian’s death. She’s in for many surprises, one of them being the discovery of a complex computer program called Ian 2. It’s not enough that the program is imprinted with her brother’s anagrams, but it’s also linked to her own brain.

Things get really complicated when Ava is asked to disable Ian 2. An alien invasion throws everything off course, and she cannot disable the computer program when she realizes it might be the only key to deciphering the aliens’ intentions. Now she wants to save Ian 2, but a band of supernaturals try to remove the implant from her brain, which means that Ian 2 will not be able to reach her anymore.

“Department 51” is a gripping sci-fi/fantasy novel that fans of the genre will read in one sitting. It’s one of those books that can make you grab the next volume in the series the moment you read the last page. V.G. Harrison has created a fast-paced story, filled with twists and turns that will take readers by surprise, and well-developed characters anyone can relate to. Ava is a strong and determined woman who refuses to let any powerful organization control her. Her purpose is to find out how her brother died, and she will get to the bottom of it even though she might be distracted by other missions along the way.

In the second book, V.G. Harrison has introduced even more supernatural beings. Readers will be glad to hear they are going to meet elves and nymphs. Aliens also bring something new, and, with each chapter, they become more and more intriguing. Undoubtedly, “Department 51” is an amazing read that will keep you guessing.

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“Blind Corners” by Jemir Johnson

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Jemir Johnson’s “Blind Corners” is the kind of graphic novel which satisfies even the most demanding fan of the genre. If you are looking for a strong female protagonist, wishing to read something engaging and thrilling, then “Blind Corners” is the perfect read to keep you glued to the pages.

This novel is a collection of four stories, nicely illustrated in a retro style: “Street Sweeper,” “Cross Pattern,” “Down the Line,” and “Pressure Point”. In the first story, Jocasta “Jay” Nova and her partner, Randy Michaels, have to locate an underworld entrepreneur’s estranged daughter, Nia. In this first part of the crime collection we learn about Jay’s telepathic abilities, which are both a blessing – proving extremely helpful in her missions – and a curse – she can’t predict when her abilities will be triggered.

“Cross Pattern” revolves around an underworld czar, Cavario Dominguez, who is in conflict with an El Salvadoran gang. All of them become the subject of Federal investigation. Now Jay and Randy have to rescue a little boy, kidnapped and used by the El Salvadoran gang in their bargaining. The third story, “Down the Line,” is about a former member of a team of street hustlers, Tamia, who gets involved in a smuggling racket. The deal doesn’t go as planned, and that is when Jay and Randy have to intervene, rescuing Tamia from an assassination attempt. In the fourth and last story, “Pressure Point,” Jay and her partner are hired by a Mob leader to recover an incriminating videotape.

Jocasta “Jay” Nova is a unique character, a strong woman who lives by her own rules, making a living out of solving the underworld’s dirty issues. Her telepathic abilities render the story much more gripping and complex, adding a certain degree of emotion to Jemir Johnson’s hardboiled urban crime fiction.

With its minimalist writing techniques and original style – one could describe it as hip hop noir –, “Blind Corners“ is an action-packed crime collection which will appeal to all fans of graphic novels.

You may find “Blind Corners” on Amazon.

“30 Days of Meditation – Fun Techniques for Beginners” by Inbar Shahar

It is well-known that meditation can successfully reduce stress and increase mental focus, which is why many people have started practicing it during the past years. Meditation is more popular than ever, as it is one of the easiest ways of maintaining balance when our job, family life, and daily problems threaten to overwhelm us. Anyone can take up meditation at any moment, and anyone can learn the basic techniques that will lead them on the path to relaxation, positive energy, and inner strength.

Through her book, “30 Days of Meditation – Fun Techniques for Beginners”, Inbar Shahar aims to help people learn these simple techniques in only 30 days. As a beginner, you might feel reluctant when it comes to meditation, mainly because you are not sure where to start. This book will teach you everything you need to know about meditation in a matter of minutes, and then it will guide you through a 30-day meditation plan. As you need to build up endurance, you will start with short 3-minute meditations, and then you will move up to 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, and, finally, to 20 minutes.

The author has divided the book into weeks because it is very important to advance slowly and patiently, at your own pace. Thus, in the first week you will focus on breathing and mindfulness, in the second week you will learn and practice chakra meditation, in the third week you will move on to mantra meditation, and in the fourth week you will have the chance to try various other types of meditation. As you can see, this book is, indeed, perfect for beginners, but also for very busy people. The guide is easy to read, so it won’t take you too much time to get familiar with the meditation techniques. Then, once you decide to apply them, you’ll see it’s not such a great effort to take a couple of minutes of your busy day to concentrate on your own body and mind.

Inbar Shahar guarantees that if you follow the 30-day meditation plan, you are very likely to start craving meditation. If this happens, then the book has reached its purpose, because the point is for meditation to become a daily habit.

Find “30 Days of Meditation – Fun Techniques for Beginners” on Amazon.

Defender’s Blood: Alex’s Destiny by A. K Michaels

A peaceful walk in the woods till suddenly darkness falls and Alex knows there is something big waiting for her. But she’s not alone, Zach has just come up on her and scared her witless by laying a hand on her shoulder. The trees start telling her to run and now the air is dark and swirling around both of them. He’s just in time to pick her up and “move” her. He gets her to the parking lot and his SUV. In response to the incredible sensation of the move, Alex pukes and feels nauseous for a while. Now Zach is driving unbelievably fast to town.

Zach, a vampire, is just getting his head around the fact of Thadeus, a werewolf and member of the Council, calling during his tracking Alex, just to reiterate how important Alex is and that he needs to really protect her. Apparently Alex is a Super and is essential for the fate of the world. Zach, who is very experienced in dealing with Council crises, is going to stop in town before taking her to the Council owned jet and flying them both to Council Headquarters in the US.

They go to a werewolf run nightclub that the witches have warded to ensure Alex’s safety. Here Zach makes arrangements to feed so he’s up to the tasks ahead. The witches also ward her apartment so she can pick up a few things to take with her.

Alex wants to notify her aunt who she also finds out isn’t human. Quite a lot for young woman to learn in just few hours. Shocking, scary and exciting. Alex is very protected, for now. This short reprieve will supposedly help her get her bearings and ready herself for the fight ahead.

A. K. Michaels sets the stage in this first book of Defender’s Blood Alex’s Destiny, to prepare you for the action packed ride ahead. She’s created a vibrant young woman, Alex, who only wants to have a stiff drink to cope with this madness. Zach brings out romantic feelings in her which sets the stage for a yummy love interest in the supernatural realm.

Witches, werewolves, vampires and a young woman who is going to save the world. This great adventure is available on Amazon. Find it here –

“The Pelagius Game – Book I: Valstain” by R.J. Jerome

The fantasy genre is one of the most appreciated and loved by readers all around the world, having the power to transport them in magical realms, where they may live thrilling adventures alongside memorable characters. R. J. Jerome’s novel, “Valstain,” is the first one in “The Pelagius Game” series which is going to comprise four books. The intricate, original plot, the complex characters, the gripping storyline, and the unexpected twists – these are all factors which make “Valstain” an intense literary adventure.

“Valstain” is the perfect opening to the series, promising to offer a thrilling reading experience in an original universe. In writing this novel, R. J. Jerome drew inspiration from religious teachings, especially form Catholicism. He managed to fuse biblical elements with fantasy ones, creating a mysterious, intriguing book that is bound to keep the reader glued to the pages.

The novel’s story itself relies on a theological theory called Pelagianism. According to this theory, every individual has the ability to achieve anything by using their spiritual power. Following the same reasoning, “Valstain” presents the consequences of one’s decision to use their power for the wrong purposes, and how one single person – if they are strong enough – can completely change the situation.

The story revolves around Timothy Anderson, a young man who seeks to take revenge on those who have betrayed him. In order to follow through with his plan, the protagonist has to enter Valstain, the magical realm between Heaven and Earth, but he can’t do it unless he receives the approval of Michael Olshefski, the new headmaster of The Pelagius Order. Timothy has to convince the priest that his claims are true, not only by using the power of his words, but also that of his magical blood – he shares his own memories with Michael. This way we learn that not all the members of the Pelagius Order are driven by the same good intentions, even though the Order’s mission is to prepare skilled warriors to fight the forces of evil. In this corrupted world which is on the brink of being destroyed, Timothy Anderson is the only one who can save everyone.

You may learn more about “The Pelagius Game – Book I: Valstain” on Goodreads, and you can purchase it on the eTreasures Publishing site or on Smashwords.

“Miyu’s Wish” by Casey Bryce

Have you ever had such a bad day that you wished you had a completely different life or you were someone else? Or, maybe, it would have been better if you didn’t exist at all. To Keil it happens every day. Rejected by his family and continuously bullied at school, he is so sick of his life that one night he makes a wish and then suddenly disappears. This is how Casey Bryce’s novel, “Miyu’s Wish”, begins. But, if you want to know how it was possible for Keil to disappear and what happened to him, you’ll have to be patient, because this novel is full of mystery, suspense, and unexpected twists.

After Keil’s disappearance we meet Miyu, a cute and cheerful teenager who is just starting the eighth grade. Even though she is loved by everyone and it is easy for her to make friends, Miyu still finds it difficult to adapt to this new environment. And the dreams that keep tormenting her every night won’t help at all. There is this mysterious boy who haunts her and tells her he wants his life back. But why would Miyu have anything to do with his stolen life? She is popular, she loves every minute of her life, and she is sure everything she is experiencing belongs to her. Or does it?

“Miyu’s Wish” is not only a Fantasy novel that combines myth, drama, mystery and romance in such a compelling way that readers will find it impossible to put it down. It is a novel about the struggles many teenagers have to go through every day. It is a story about self-doubt, fear of not being enough, the despair of not being accepted for who you are. It is the tale of a boy who wanted to be someone else and was ready to give up what he thought was a horrible life without thinking about the consequences. Casey Bryce has written a book many teenagers with relate to.

“Miyu’s Wish” will take you by surprise from the very first pages. The characters are well-developed and believable, and the dialogue is truly genuine, managing to emphasize the communication barrier between teenagers and adults. Even though it is a novel aimed at young adults, it will be greatly enjoyed by readers of all ages.

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“Tyler Nitbone” by Imran Siddiq

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If you are a fan of science-fiction and dystopian novels and like to be taken by surprise by unique concepts and original twists, then Imran Siddiq’s fourth novel, “Tyler Nitbone”, might just be the perfect choice for you. With a unique premise and an intricate plot, this novel will pull you in from the very first pages, and you’ll soon find you’re unable to set the book down. “Tyler Nitbone” is a Young Adult Science Fiction novel like no other, and you’ll understand why the moment you open the book.

Even though Tyler looks like any other ordinary teen, he is, in fact, very special. He has the ability to Cross into parallel realities, and he uses his gift in the job he does for the Alternate Worlds Organization. As an Alternate Worlds Viewer, Tyler travels to parallel universes and collects data about the differences between them. It’s easy to guess that his job implies very strict rules: do not interact with the environment, do not interfere with events, and do not reveal the ability to Cross. As it is even easier to guess, at one point something goes wrong and Tyler ends up being accused of breaking the Organization’s rules. The problem is that he cannot remember if he ever broke any of the rules, and he’s not even sure he’s the one they should have arrested. His only choice is to Cross into the other realities and try to find the one who is truly responsible of breaking the rules.

Tyler is a very likeable character. He is not a typical hero who knows exactly how to act in difficult situations. He is just a boy with a special ability that gets him into trouble. He has flaws and he evolves greatly by the end of the novel. He also has a talking tablet, which is something new even if you might have read so many other science-fiction novels before this one. What can be funnier than a boy arguing with his talking tablet? Actually, they always make a great team.

The fact that those who can Cross into parallel realities are not allowed to interfere with the events sends a very powerful message. Even the simplest actions and interferences can cause remarkable effects, and sometimes these effects are hard to control. Among all the lessons Tyler learns during his dangerous journey is that he should always act as a responsible person and be aware of how his actions might impact other people’s lives.

So, if you’re a fan of the Science Fiction genre, then “Tyler Nitbone” is a must-read for you. It’s perfect for both young readers and adults.

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Sycamore Row by John Grisham

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“A Time To Kill” is one of the few legal novels whose title can appear in the same sentence as “To Kill A Mockingbird”. Not only did “A Time To Kill” provide us with another forum to discuss racism and the legal system, but it also showed that nothing had changed since the time “To Kill A Mockingbird” was written.

In “Sycamore Row” John Grisham takes us back to Ford County where the racial tensions from before, forces Ford County to confront its tortured history.

Seth Hubbard was seen at church that Sunday morning dressed sharp and in a great mood in spite of his lung cancer. There was nothing to indicate that later that afternoon he would be found hanging from the estate’s sycamore tree. Earlier that morning he had called and told his employee, Calvin Boggs, to meet him at the sycamore tree that afternoon. When Boggs pulled up he noted Mr. Hubbard’s Cadillac was there and the drivers door and the Caddies trunk was open. Hubbard wasn’t there. He was up the road, hanging from the sycamore tree, still dressed in his good suit.

It was puzzling that there was a six foot ladder laying as if it had been kicked away from him making it look like he had hung himself, yet there was no mud, from the recent rain, anywhere on his clothes or shoes.

Jake Brigance, who is white, became infamous when he defended Carl Lee Hailey. Hailey is black and was being tried for killing the two white men who raped and brutalized his 10 year old daughter. Brigance was successful at the trial and because of his win he was under siege from the local Klan and their allies for over three years.

Just as things were slowing down he receives a letter and the revised will of Seth Hubbard. Hubbard is a very wealthy but was sick man dying from lung cancer. He writes that he killed himself because he was in too much pain and only had a few more weeks to live, so he decided to kill himself in order not to suffer any more.

The will, all done according to state regulations, cuts out his adult children and their kids and bequeths 90% of his very substantial fortune to his black maid He writes Jake that he chose him for his sterling character and representation of Carl Hailey. Needless to say that after the terms of the will are made known, all hell breaks loose and Jakes family, the black maid and his friends are once again in danger.

Racism is still alive and ugly in Mississippi, just as it is in the rest of our country, in all segments of our society. In this legal thriller, John Grisham brings this hate and ugliness to the forefront.

Grisham is one of the best legal thriller authors alive today. He has written bestsellers, one a year for over each one better than the other, for the last 25 years. He is a master storyteller who is expert at characterizations of all the players.
Do yourself a favor, go buy your copy at Amazon. Find Sycamore Row on Amazon

“An Involuntary Spy: A GMO Thriller” by Kenneth Eade

There’s nothing better than spending a lazy afternoon with a cup of hot chocolate and an action-packed thriller that can help you forget about your surroundings and take you to a world of spies, agents, and unlikely heroes. If you plan on spending such an afternoon, then “An Involuntary Spy: A GMO Thriller” by Kenneth Eade is one of the best choices you can make. Adventure, corruption, passion, excitement, and an average guy who never thought his perfectly normal job would get him into so much trouble. What more could you ask for?

Seth Rogan works as a biologist for the largest biotech company in the world. He loves his job and his simple life, but things are turned upside down when he is asked to do some tests on the company’s genetically engineered food. He has always tried to do the right thing, so what he discovers determines him to reveal the corruption of the government. All of a sudden, he finds himself running from people who want him dead. He even becomes an involuntary spy, even though the only things he knows about spies are from movies. And he was never quite convinced about how realistic they were.

Seth Rogan is that kind of hero all readers fall in love with the second they meet him on the first page. He is a normal guy living a normal life, but when he is put in a difficult situation, he is intelligent enough to outsmart his opponents. It’s him against the US government, and even though this thought frightens him, he’s not about to give up that easily. After all, he doesn’t regret that he told the entire world the truth about genetically engineered foods.

One of the greatest, yet scariest aspects of this novel is that the plot is very realistic. Given the fact that we never know for sure what our food contains and where it comes from, it’s easy to imagine the action in “An Involuntary Spy” playing out in real life. Kenneth Eade wanted to draw people’s attention to this issue and determine us to ask ourselves some important questions. I must say that he did a great job because, as you read the book, you can’t help but wonder if some of the things presented aren’t actually happening right now.

“An Involuntary Spy: A GMO Thriller” pulls you in from the very first chapter. No doubt, it is a book that you won’t easily forget.

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