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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

The Book Thief: Enhanced Movie Tie-In Edition by Markus Zusak

I noticed a long time ago that the books I absolutely love are the most difficult to review. Words fail me when I’ve just read 500 or so pages of perfection, pages that made me smile, made me fall in love with the characters, root for them, and then cry at the same time with them. What can one say about such a book? That it is amazing? That it’s worth reading and re-reading? This was exactly what happened to me in the case of “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. Before picking it up, I knew that it was going to be good, but I didn’t quite expect it to have such an impact on me.

The narrator is none other than Death. And, when Death wants to tell you a story, the most sensible thing to do is listen. But Zusak’s depiction of Death is very different from what a reader might expect. This Death sees the world and people in colors, can be witty and serious at the same time, and knows how to crack a joke, which is really something considering his story is placed in Nazi Germany during World War II. Death seems to be fascinated with a little girl, Liesel Meminger, who has the bad habit of stealing. Given the book title, it’s easy to guess what she steals: books. The only thing that is left is for her to learn how to read them.

Living with her foster parents, Rosa and Hans Hubermann, and not knowing anything about her mother is difficult enough for Liesel. The fact that they are also poor and she is almost always starving doesn’t help either, but her father has taken it upon himself to teach her how to read, and the long nights spent learning the alphabet become Liesel’s only joy. Little by little she starts loving her foster parents, and one day they entrust her with a great secret: they have to save the life of a Jewish boy, Max, and that means keeping him in their basement. Will Liesel be able to keep this secret? And what would happen if their neighbors suspected anything?

Before you come to the conclusion that “The Book Thief” is just like any other historical novel dealing with the harsh times the Jews had to endure during World War II, let me tell you that it is much more than that. It is a book about family, love, survival during a time when bombs were dropped over cities and innocent people died. People who didn’t have anything against the Jews, but had to keep their opinions to themselves. It’s the story of a girl who found solace in the written word and shared her books with her neighbors during bombing raids. It is a story about keeping your humanity in a time when most people were worse than beasts. The author’s original writing style and the narrator’s unique voice turn “The Book Thief” into a book that you must have on your bookshelf and you must share with all your loved ones.

Those who watched the movie that came out in November might want to own this beautiful enhanced movie tie-in edition. It includes the official movie trailer, video featurettes introducing the actors, clips from the film, and an interview with the author.

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“Divergent” by Veronica Roth

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Adventure, romance, danger, and secrets – “Divergent” by Veronica Roth has it all. This novel opens the eponymous series, being followed by “Insurgent” and “Allegiant.” The originality of the plot, the well-built characters, the life-changing decisions that the protagonist has to make, these are all factors which have turned Veronica Roth’s debut novel into a book read and loved by an astounding number of people around the world.

Set in a dystopian Chicago, the novel’s story revolves around Beatrice Prior – later to be named Tris –, a teenager girl whose life changes completely on the day she turns sixteen. In her world, society comprises five different factions, each of them being dedicated to the development and betterment of a certain virtue: Candor – the honest, Abnegation – the selfless, Dauntless – the brave, Amity – the peaceful, and Erudite – the intelligent. When Beatrice has to decide which of these factions to join, her choice surprises not only her family, but herself as well.

Once they have made their decision, the youths have to go through an initiation process which includes drastic physical tests of endurance and intense psychological simulations. Living in a world in which she can’t be sure who to trust and hiding a secret that could potentially put her in grave danger, Tris learns about a conflict that threatens to reduce her apparently perfect society to a distant memory. However, there is still hope – her well-kept secret may save her loved ones, if it doesn’t get her killed first.

A novel which is bound to keep you glued to the pages as you race through them at lightning bolt speed, “Divergent” tells a story of friendship, community, and the importance of one’s decisions. If you have read and liked “The Hunger Games” Series, then Veronica Roth’s book will surely become one of your favorites. Also, good news for all movie lovers out there: Summit Entertainment has purchased the media rights to the novel and is presently in the process of filming the movie.

Find “Divergent” on Amazon.

The Joan Crawford Monsters by Peter Joseph Swanson

The beginning of “The Joan Crawford Monsters” brings the reader immediately into the psyche of Joan Crawford. This is the time you should buckle your seat belts, otherwise you’ll get whiplash for attempting to figure out the hurricane that is Joan Crawford.

This film is Joan’s 80th movie, quite a record for a woman who is in her 59th year, so she says. In reality, she’s 66. The film is called “Trog” and is about a monster that comes out of a bog in Bray. Bray is the home of Bray Studios, the “Trog” production company.

Standing in the doorway of her trailer, squinting to see out into the thick fog, Joan looks at the spray painted word “monster” on the side of her trailer and yells “You got the wrong trailer”. Now this would have been more believable if Bray Studios had brought in more trailers, but Bray Studios couldn’t pay for any more trailers. The movie is so low budget that Joan has agreed to wear her own clothes.

Her director, Frankie, came by carrying a sleazy monkey mask. He told Joan that it was a stand by mask in case something happened to damage the really nice one they were using. The real “Trog” mask was an excellent piece of work, the monkey, not so much and that’s what you get with little to no budget.

The author, Peter Joseph Swanson, portrays Joan as a whiner who is constantly complaining about her cold and wallpaper that seems to be in every room in England. We also see her as a bright optimist. She glosses over the fact that “Trog” is a horror movie, she exclaims “I only do movies that are drama with bits of suspense”.

She told Frankie that at 59 she’s at the beginning of a new career for herself,, she also tells him that there is an air of success around this movie and that it will launch her into even more success.

Now that we’ve gotten to know Joan better, let’s get on with the action. We know that there is the monster Trog in the fog on a bog. Joan has figured out that a suicide in the village may be a murder. Also we see that the past of Bray Studios and Hammer Studios that made many of the masters of horror films, is bringing back all the monsters and the horror in its past. The best part of the book (I think) is when she save the Queen from being murdered.

By now you should be intrigued and curious. Peter Joseph Swanson is superb at finding the odd and frightening events in humans and the world around us. His story reminds me of Lou Reed asking all of us “Hey Babe, take a walk on the wild side”. If you haven’t peeked into Peter’s wonderful mind by reading his books, do yourself a favor and start to experience him in this one.

Do yourself a favor and go to Amazon and buy this book. Find it on Amazon.

“Defeat the Drama!” by Kirsten E. Ross

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It is of paramount importance for any business to have people who are involved 100%. Any entrepreneur wants to have their business run smoothly and efficiently, and this requires hard-working active employees. This is why when an employee stops focusing on their task, things get a bit out of control: sales and transactions slow down, cash flow keeps fluctuating, and customers are not satisfied. To use an analogy, think of a beehive: as long as each and every bee keeps working along the others, the hive prospers. It is the same for any business out there.

Kirsten Ross, expert in coaching and author, has noticed the impact drama has on employee’s performance and, therefore, on the business. Drama can take a variety of forms: a colleague bringing their personal life to the workplace, poor communication in-between departments because of personal vendettas or inefficiency, stressed bosses, and so on. For Kirsten Ross, drama is everything and anything that leads to a worker’s loss of attention, efficiency, and productivity.

In her guide, “Defeat the Drama!: Strategies to Get Your Team Fueled, Focused and Fired Up for Great Service,” Kirsten Ross offers various techniques and strategies which are bound to inspire entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level, building a team of focused productive workers. The information is provided in an inspirational accessible manner in four sections, each divided in its turn into several other chapters. The author doesn’t leave anything out, treating the subject from all possible angles: communication among one’s employees, celebrations at the workplace, leadership power, etc.

By purchasing your copy of “Defeat the Drama!” not only will you help your business, but you will also help others, because proceeds during virtual and physical book launch go to Turning Point, a non-profit organization – the author’s way of giving something back to the community. You may visit Kirsten Ross’ site, her Facebook page, the book launch Facebook event page, or the Eventbrite page.

Find “Defeat the Drama!” on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format.


“Ramcen’s Assignment (Emotions Trilogy)” by Simone Gillespie

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Have you ever wondered how it would be if your strongest emotions were to become living creatures and you could meet them in the flesh? It would depend on the emotions, of course. You would probably like to meet the creature born from your love, compassion, or joy. But how about anger, envy, or hatred? Negative feelings tend to be more powerful than positive feelings. They tend to haunt us longer, and sometimes they might even become obsessions, or the sole purpose of our existence. This is what happens to Carmen in Simone Gillespie’s first book in the “Emotions Trilogy”: she lets herself consumed by rage and her hatred for Jenny, and her anger gives birth to Ramcen, a frightening creature that Carmen eventually befriends.

“Ramcen’s Assignment” is not only based on a unique, creative premise, but it is also a fast-paced novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a story about revenge, about what it means to let yourself consumed by negative feelings, and about the power to fight against them and become a different person.

Carmen and Jenny have always been rivals, so when Carmen is given the opportunity to defeat Jenny with Ramcen’s help, she gladly takes it. However, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. At first, she is terrified by Ramcen. But his promise that he would help her take revenge on Jenny convinces her to work with him. Carmen realizes she had made a mistake when someone’s life is in danger, and the worst part is that she can’t get rid of Ramcen anymore. The explanation is simple: he was born from her anger and he is part of her. To defeat him, Carmen has to rediscover herself, to overcome her fears, and work on her own shortcomings.

The character development is one of the strengths of the novel. It is great to see how Carmen grows as a person and understands so much about herself and her own feelings. She learns about what is truly important in this world, and anger is not on that list. She learns that love and friendship can heal anything, and they are the only feelings worth fighting for. “Ramcen’s Assignment” has a very powerful message, and it is a book that will be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age.

Find “Ramcen’s Assignment” on Amazon.

“I Need to Stop Drinking!” by Liz Hemingway

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People develop all kinds of addictions, be it drugs, smoking or – an addiction which is being further researched by specialists – sugar. Alcoholism is among the worst of them, damaging you both physically and mentally. What begins as an innocent drink with your friends when you are spending the night out could potentially turn into a dangerous automatism, when you reach such a state that you can’t go an hour without a bottle of wine in your hand.

If you are tired of continuously hurting yourself and your dear ones, if you feel that you just can’t go any further with the burden of alcoholism on your shoulders, if you want to regain control of your life and to become healthier and happier, then Liz Hemingway’s guide – “I Need to Stop Drinking!” – is exactly what you need. The author provides to the readers efficient strategies and techniques which are bound to help them in their fight against alcoholism.

Having suffered the pain of being addicted to alcohol, Liz Hemingway shares from her own experience, beginning with an account of her father’s issues with alcohol, and then talking about her own struggle, depicting with complete honesty how she had lost her freedom and happiness as she sank deeper into her addiction. The serious tone of the guide’s autobiographical part is balanced by an upbeat tone – cheerful even – which is bound to inspire and to encourage people to take the bull by the horns, thus putting an end to their suffering.

If you have had a drinking problem for years and yet you’ve never found the power to walk away from alcohol, do not lose hope. “I Need to Stop Drinking!” will motivate you and it will remind you why your life would be so much better without alcoholism: being slimmer, enjoying your loved ones’ company, regaining your self-esteem, and saving a considerable amount of money are just a few of the benefits that you will experience after you quit. Read “I Need to Stop Drinking!”, apply the tips and strategies offered by Liz Hemingway, and see your life changing for the better.

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Dragon Over Washington (The Third War Of The Bir Nibaru Gods) by Bruno Flexer

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There are explosions happening in London.  The city is being evacuated and no communication is possible within the city.  From far away people are seeing sailing ships emerge from the clouds blanketing London.  Sailing ships over London, how in the world, no, out of this world is the only way this can be happening.

And so begins “The Third War of the Bir  Nibaru Gods” and we don’t even know who or what they are.

From the author , Bruno Flexer, of “Automatic Rebellion” and “Fire at the Gates” this action packed, hi-tech adventure blasts you into the middle of this war.  Honestly I was sitting on the edge of my seat, my body leaned forward during some of the story.

The main character, Thorpe works for the NSA and has dug up activities that he has no explanation for, such as breakdown of communications for a half an hour at a time at specific points world wide.  From the satellite down to the cell phone, all communications get shut off.  Hard to coordinate any defense when you can’t talk to each other.  Also, when you  finally completely knock the enemy out of the sky, they keep coming at you no matter what you’ve hit them with.

In Africa people disappear.  All over the world reports come in of people acting like beasts and battles against unseen foes are being fought all over the world.

Thorpe tries to figure out what to do using all the assets the NSA has.  This is just the beginning, all out war is going to break out in seven weeks and Thorpe must survive to send out the alarm.

This book is part of a series that carries on a war that began over five thousand years ago, destroying the entire earth.  This time the war will destroy every thing and every one.

The author Bruno Flexer is a retired Air Force Captain with a degree in Computer Science.  He has been published in many magazines over the last 10 years.  He’s completed the next book,  “The Fire At The Gates” which is also available on Amazon.

Get started on this new adventure on Amazon.  Find it here:

“Six Steps to Unleashing Your Intuition” by Joanna Ammons

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Born into a world which has a lot to reveal to us, into a Universe that is infinite, we – as human-beings – constantly seek a meaning for our lives. We look for a reason as to why we are alive, and once we discover it, we further probe into our minds and souls trying to build a life that is congruent with the respective reason. Unveiling our life’s purpose and meaning is a long, complex process, but one means of easing your quest for purpose is to learn how to use your intuition.

“Six Steps to Unleashing Your Intuition: Learn Simple Techniques Psychics Use to Read Your Love Life, Relationships, and Future,” by Joanna Ammons, is the perfect guide for any person who wants to learn more about using their intuitive power and psychic energy. After going through all seven chapters of this guide, you will know several simple techniques which are used by psychics in order to read one’s future, love life, and relationships.

The language in which the techniques and exercises are explained is accessible, making the information comprised in this concise guide easy-to-follow and to apply. Joanna Ammons focuses greatly on building the confidence of her readers. Throughout the entire book she has inserted friendly reminders that any individual can become a psychic provided that they invest time, compassion, and empathy into their practice.

At the very beginning of this guide, the author defines psychic energy, a key concept in the process of unleashing your intuition. Every single person on this planet – at any time in the past, present or future – generates this type of energy. It can be used in conducting psychic readings and, also, in order to help those who are in need of guidance.

Along with “Six Steps to Unleashing Your Intuition” you will also receive a bonus book – “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Past Lives”. This book comprises information regarding spirits and souls, reincarnation, the impact our past lives have on our present one, how one can visualize their past life through certain exercises, and much more.

Grab your copy of “Six Steps to Unleashing Your Intuition” free on 11/13 and 11/14 and learn more about your hidden powers.

Find it on Amazon.

“The Pelagius Game. Book One: Valstain” by R.J. Jerome

Fantasy has always been one of my favorite genres, and I’d never pass on a book that promises plenty of sword fights, secret orders, magic, and an intricate plot that would keep me guessing. The first book in “The Pelagius Game” series, “Valstain”, has all of the above and then some. So, if you’re a fan of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, then this is the book for you. Believe me when I tell you that you won’t be able to put it down.

Combining biblical mystery with fantasy, “Valstain” is the perfect introduction to a series that will span over four books. Valstain is the magical realm between Heaven and Earth, and it is said that those who entered it experienced great horrors and came back completely changed. Timothy Anderson wants to enter Valstain, but for this he needs the approval of the new headmaster of The Pelagius Order. However, it won’t be easy to convince the priest to be on his side, so he’ll need more than just words; he’ll need to show the priest his own memories. What Tim wants to do is to expose the true intentions of the Order’s leaders and claim revenge on those who betrayed him.

The world R.J. Jerome has managed to create is truly fascinating. The best part is that he did a lot of research on religion, especially Catholicism, and this is how he came up with the idea of The Pelagius Order. In “The Pelagius Game”, the Order is a secret religious society that finds and prepares gifted warriors to fight evil. Jerome took his inspiration from Pelagianism, a theological theory that wanted to demonstrate the power of human nature and to show that humans are capable of achieving anything. The fact that many things in the book are based on religion and the Bible is just one of the aspects that make “Valstain” an entertaining and intriguing read.

The characters are very well written, and the readers will like Tim from the first pages. The first book is mainly dedicated to his back story, which means that the readers will come to know him well, relate to him, and understand what drives him to embark on this dangerous journey. The plot twists will keep you on the edge of your seat, and when you’ll turn the last page, you’ll only hope that the author publishes the second book soon enough.

Find it on Amazon.

“Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help The Blind In This Coloring Book” by Daniel Saynuk

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Paperback book:

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Every morning you wake up, brew some tea or make a coffee, take a shower, prepare breakfast, get dressed, and then you leave for work. Although these things may seem simple to do, being part of millions of persons’ daily routine, blind people have to put in considerably more effort in order to do them. That’s why guide dogs are extremely important, assisting blind people in their day-to-day lives and, therefore, making things easier for them. In “Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help the Blind in This Coloring Book,” Daniel Saynuk draws the reader’s attention to the importance of guide dogs.

Given that he himself is visually impaired, the author is quite fond of guide dogs and he constantly tries to make others understand just how helpful these animals are and how valuable their services. Even the training of guide dogs is a complex process which takes time and patience. Through various signs, commands, and rewards, puppies are taught to understand their owner’s needs, to remain focused at all times, and to be protective. As complex as it is, the training is equally rewarding.

“Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help the Blind in This Coloring Book” is both fun and educational. While drawing, children will learn more about guide dogs, their role in society, and how they make a positive change in the lives of those who are blind. The narration in the book is done by Guide Doggie. He takes the reader through the entire training process of guide dogs, explaining everything in an accessible manner.

The book also comprises a few blank pages which your child can fill in, thus contributing to the story’s development. Furthermore, children are bound to have lots fun with the bonus games at the end (crossword puzzle, word search, and word jumbles), games which will help them better remember the things they’ve learned.

Find “Guide Doggie: Learn How Guide Dogs Help the Blind in This Coloring Book” on Amazon either as coloring book or as paperback book.