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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“How to Write for Kindle: A Non-Fiction Book in 72-Hours or Less” by Nancy Hendrickson

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The Kindle platform has changed the publishing world forever. Now, if you want to publish a book, you don’t have to send dozens of query letters to agents and publishing houses, to brace yourself for the rejection letters, and to be morally prepared to wait between 6 months and 1 year for your book to hit the shelves in case you do get accepted. No, now all you have to do is sit at your desk, write your book, then format it for Kindle, create an irresistible cover, and publish it on Amazon. And the best part is that you get to keep the majority of your sales money.

So, why not publish your own book and share your knowledge with the entire world? Maybe you are intimidated by the fact that you have never written one and you don’t know how to go about it? Or maybe you don’t have enough time to write it… The truth is that the real problem is not the lack of time, but the lack of strategy. This is the conclusion Nancy Hendrickson came to after being a freelance writer for many years and after writing and publishing more than a dozen print books and Kindle books. In her guide, “How to Write for Kindle”, she lays out a 5-step write-fast strategy that can help anyone write a non-fiction book in 72 hours, or even less.

The first thought that might cross your mind will probably be that this is impossible. Or, if it’s not impossible, then the best you could come up with in 72 hours would be a bunch of non-consistent, low quality pieces of information put together in the form of an eBook. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Nancy Hendrickson’s strategy is simple and effective, but still requires a lot of work and effort, because in this short period of time you must come up with the best non-fiction book you’ve ever written. And it is perfectly possible and achievable.

“How to Write for Kindle” will teach you everything you need to know in order to write a consistent, highly informative non-fiction eBook. You will learn how to do your research quickly and effectively, and how to write up to 2000 words an hour. Also, you will learn how to pick the best niche to maximize your profit, which doesn’t mean you’re going to write in a niche you don’t know much about. It is very important to understand that you’ll never be able to write a good book in a niche you don’t know just by doing some online research. You have to choose your niche carefully, because you’ll only have great results if you can prove that you are an expert in it.

The book covers many other topics, and the information you’ll find might not be available elsewhere. You can find “How to Write for Kindle: A Non-Fiction Book in 72-Hours or Less” on Amazon.

“Writer’s Block: Vanquished! Using Images, Oracles and Brain-Hacks (Writing Skills)” by Nancy L. Hendrickson is Free on Amazon on 29/8

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Every writer in this world, either if we refer to a novelist, a poet or a journalist, has been confronted at least once in their lifetime with the dreaded writer’s block. What do you do when, day after day, you sit at your desk, your mind blank and the paper in front of you equally blank? How to push through the frustration of not managing to put together two sentences and regain your inspiration? Nancy L. Hendrickson, author of several guides for writers, offers you the solution in “Writer’s Block: Vanquished! Using Images, Oracles and Brain-Hacks (Writing Skills).”

The author points out that there are several causes which lead to experiencing writer’s block, be it a lack of inspiration, good old procrastination or the current issues in one’s personal life. However, regardless of its cause, writer’s block can be overcome if you start implementing the techniques provided by Nancy Hendrickson in her guide. She stresses the importance of using images, be it your own photos or random ones found on the Internet, and the major role they can play in rekindling your inspiration and finding new writing ideas. Among other easy-to-implement strategies and ingenious practical ideas, Hendrickson offers a number of brain-hacks that are bound to considerably improve the quality of your writing (for example, consuming foods rich in Omega-3).

In the last part of this guide you will find three interviews with the following writers: Joanna Penn, Sherrie Dolby, and Joe Bunting. Each of them shares from their own experience with writer’s block and what tricks they’ve used in order to overcome it.

Being fully aware of how difficult it can be sometimes to find inspiration and to come up with new writing ideas, Nancy Hendrickson has included in “Writer’s Block: Vanquished! Using Images, Oracles and Brain-Hacks (Writing Skills)” a link from which you can receive free of charge 31-days of writing inspiration.

Make sure to grab your free copy of Hendrickson’s guide on 29/8.

Find “Writer’s Block: Vanquished! Using Images, Oracles and Brain-Hacks (Writing Skills)” on Amazon: .

Zen and Sex (A Romantic Comedy) by Dermot Davis – FREE for a limited time!!

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Martin has it bad, he’s fallen in love with an older woman.  He didn’t know that the relationship was going to be so much different than one he would have with someone more his age.  She wants the relationship to be in a Zen manner, talking about feelings (what?) communicating, be conscious about what his thoughts are and be able to talk about those feelings?  More importantly,  she wants total honesty about everything, no matter what.

He’s a typical 24 year old, he’s always thinking about sex, just like most 24 year old guys.   He’s in a conundrum, he’s in love with her, the Zen – not so much.

Martin has a bad track record with long-term relationships.  After dating a number of women Martin  finally finds someone to love and she’s an older woman who wants a Zen relationship.  Even with the stipulation of the relationship that Zen in essential part of it, he really wants this relationship so he dives in head first.

Martin is written in the first person which gives the author, Dermot Davis,  the opportunity to show what “real” people  go through when building a relationship.  It is very apparent hat Davis is very fond of the characters in this short book.   Martin goes through a number of psychological gymnastics while attempting to hold on to a piece of himself while trying to work within the given parameters.  Just thinking of the premise is funny.  Martin, like most people has not taken a lot of time to look at himself and most other people haven’t.  Actually it might be funny watching him trying to stay out of his own way while delving into those murky waters

I’m sure, that for someone totally untrained in analytical skills the conclusions he comes to are a riot. Which would be a good premise for a sequel to this charmer.    I know I’d be interested in it, wouldn’t you.

Now, do you remember that at the beginning I told that his book is free for a limited time.  Hurry on over and get your FREE  copy on Amazon.  Find it here -


“Brain Controlled Weight Loss” by Rich Bryda and Jennifer Jolan

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I often hear about people who complain they cannot lose weight no matter how hard they try. They are constantly on a diet, they exercise every day, they make sure they only eat healthy foods, but, still, they do not see any changes in their weight. I’ve never understood how this could be possible, and I’m sure they never understood either. “Brain Controlled Weight Loss – The Solution to Failed Diets & Exercise Programs” might just have the answers we have always been looking for. So, if you want to know the real reasons behind your weight loss problems, this book is the right place to start.

“Brain Controlled Weight Loss” comes with a completely new approach, being based on new research that has discovered that what really causes the weight problems so many people suffer of nowadays is an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Using easy to understand language, the authors first explain in great detail why the brain is so important. You will understand why some people crave sugar and caffeine, while others crave greasy high fat foods. Moreover, you’ll find out that because of certain brain imbalances some people actually need to eat more calories in order to lose weight. By reading this book, you might find out that you’ve tried to lose weight the wrong way all along. But the good thing is that you can finally learn how to do it right, because this weight loss guide doesn’t only give you a lot of insightful information, but also offers you solutions to your problem.

The 4 chemicals that cause the imbalance in the brain are discussed in detail in separate chapters. Thus, you will learn everything you need to know about dopamine – the reward chemical, serotonin – the happy chemical, GABA – the excitement chemical, and acetylcholine – the nervy chemical. By having this information, you will be able to understand better how your brain works and how you can control it to send the right messages to your body.

“Brain Controlled Weight Loss” comes with 11 additional free bonus reports that you will find very useful. For example, you will have access to a free bonus book that contains a list of 15 healthy snacks. A truly healthy diet should not make you feel hungry all the time and should not stop you from having snacks between meals. If you use this book to fix the imbalances in your brain, then you will be able to eat anything you want without gaining back weight.

Find “Brain Controlled Weight Loss” on Amazon.

“The Baby Boomers Beauty Bible (Cosmetic Making)” by Jan Benham

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Nowadays persons of all ages and from all fields of activity pay more attention to the provenance of the food they consume, of the products they clean their houses with, and of the beauty products that they use to care for their bodies. In the case of all aforementioned products, the key elements are natural, chemical-free, organic ingredients. The mindfulness regarding the nature of the products purchased by consumers has extended to cosmetics and other hygiene products as well, where non-toxic formulas are preferred.

Jan Benham’s complete guide to making your own beauty products, “The Baby Boomers Beauty Bible (Cosmetic Making)”, is the perfect read for all those who want to change their lifestyle for the better, to improve their body’s appearance in a natural way, and to save some money while they’re at it.

The book is well-structured, comprising nine parts each further divided into several chapters. Part one presents the basics of cosmetic-making; part two teaches you everything you need to know about choosing the right ingredients; part three is an essential guide to making basic creams and lotions; part four targets inner care (detoxifying your organism, breathing properly, getting your beauty sleep, and so on) – because pampering your outside isn’t enough if you want to achieve overall wellbeing ; parts five, six, and seven deal with facial care, body care, and hair care, respectively; part eight offers several recipes for holiday care (insect-repellants and sun screens); part nine, entitled “Es-sensual Sexuality”, focuses on the use of essential oils as a means of increasing one’s libido.

In “The Baby Boomers Beauty Bible (Cosmetic Making)” you will find a wealth of information and easy-to-follow, well-written recipes which will help you make your own moisturizers, shampoos, body lotions, deodorants, lip balms, cleansers, sun screens, and so much more. All these beauty and hygiene products are based on natural ingredients, such as coconut oil, lemongrass, cider vinegar, lavender, citrus fruits, peppermint.

Grab a copy of Jan Benham’s guide and witness an improvement in your appearance and your wellbeing as you replace many of the chemical-filled products available in stores with your own natural ones.

Find “The Baby Boomers Beauty Bible (Cosmetic Making)” on Amazon: .

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

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Among my many pet peeves is the name “chick lit”.    It’s a  classification that  is used to categorize little gems created by some of the funniest, most insightful writers today.   The “chick lit” reference misleads most readers into thinking that all the books in this genre are funny pieces of fluff.

There is much more to the “Husband’s Secret” than fluff.  Liane Moriarty creates very believable characters wrestling with real emotional issues that arise from the contents of a letter.

Cecelia had everything in order.  Her life was perfect, her daughters were perfect, her marriage and job were perfect. She was also perfectly neurotic.  While looking for a souvenir piece of the Berlin Wall  she had from a trip when she was in college, a letter literally fell into her hands.  She hadn’t been going through John-Pauls things, the letter fell out of a box that  landed on her head when she stumbled into his stack of shoe box files and the messy stack collapsed all over the attic floor. It was only supposed to  be opened by Cecelia who is married to John-Paul, in the event of his death.

Here is the first moral dilemma and the point of this novel; should she open the letter, can she keep herself from opening it?  What would you do?

Don’t get me wrong, there are some real comedy gems in here and sense that not everyone takes themselves too seriously.  Or they take themselves too seriously, which in itself, is pretty funny.

Liane Moriarity is a talented wordsmith with a wicked sense of humor.  Her plotting and the pace that is set from page one will keep you turning the pages until you get friction burns on your finger tips.

To find out what transpired when this Pandora’s box revealed it’s contents, you need to buy “The Husband’s Secret”. Get your copy of  “The Husband’s Secret” from Amazon.  Find it here –

“The Ultimate Guide to Coconut Oil” by Brian Night is Free on Amazon on August 28th

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Many people buy and use coconut oil, especially in the kitchen, and most of them know that it is very healthy, but do they really know exactly why? Do they know how it helps the body and how to use it in order to take full advantage of its properties? For instance, did you know that coconut oil can also be used to cure acne and to prevent hair loss? Or, did you know that researches have found that it can even help prevent Alzhiemers? Brian Night’s book – “The Ultimate Guide to Coconut Oil: How to Use Coconut Oil to Lose Weight, Prevent Allergies, and Boost Your Immune System” – will tell you everything you need to know about coconut oil.

Brian Night’s guide is entirely based on studies and researches that have proven that coconut oil can be used in many ways to increase both internal and external health. It’s no wonder it has become so popular in the recent years, since it has been labeled as a super food. Coconut oil is easy to digest, it can be used in many delicious recipes, and it is well-known that it can play an important role in weight loss. But that’s not all. Studies have shown that coconut oil can kill bacteria, lower cholesterol, fight off viruses and infections, and boost the immune system. Introducing it in your diet can be the best way to prevent serious diseases, and we all know it is easier to prevent than cure. So, if you want to have a healthy lifestyle, you might consider introducing some recipes that use coconut oil in your family’s regular diet.

The best thing about this guide is that it is full of information and recipes that anyone can prepare with minimum effort. And when I say recipes, I don’t only refer to delicious meals, but also to skin moisturizing recipes and recipes that will cure and prevent hair loss. Coconut oil contains a large amount of moisture, which means that it can easily cure dry skin and a dry scalp, which is the main cause of dandruff. Those who suffer of acne will find this book very useful, as it explains the causes of acne and how coconut oil can help cure it.

What’s more, “The Ultimate Guide to Coconut Oil” will also teach you how to choose the best type of coconut oil. If you decide to use it, then it is best to be informed and to know exactly what type to buy and what recipes to prepare according to your needs. The book is free on Amazon on August 28th, so this is your chance to download it and find out everything you ever wanted to know about coconut oil.

Find “The Ultimate Guide to Coconut Oil” on Amazon.

“7:10″ by Dominique Wilkins

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One of the most important things in one’s life is undoubtedly their family. It is within this protective circle represented by parents, grandparents, aunts, siblings, and so on that we learn the first things about life, we discover ourselves, we grow, and we learn what love and appreciation are. However, many families are marked by pain and suffering because of domestic violence, an issue which affects a considerable number of people who are currently in a relationship.

In “7:10”, Dominique Wilkins approaches the matter of domestic violence, skillfully writing about the struggles of a disunited family. In this short story, the author managed to interweave lessons from the Scriptures with real-life elements and issues, such as sexual relationships. Although “7:10” comprises a few passages of what can be classified as adult content, these parts have been narrated tastefully and they haven’t been overdone.

“7:10” revolves around Adele and her family – her parents Charlotte and Greg, and her sister Estelle. Thinking about the biblical teachings on cherishing and respecting your life partner, Charlotte decides to give Greg and their marriage another chance, hoping that things would get better, but his husband’s violent character leads to the death of almost the entire family. Despite the fact that Greg is responsible for this tragic event, the police does not charge him for the crimes, and, moreover, the children’s grandmother takes all the blame for the murders.

The biblical teachings incorporated into the story are meant to inspire the readers and to remind them what a family should be – a nucleus of peace and love around which its members are united, deeply caring for one another.

Dominique Wilkins wrote yet again a thought-provoking, heart-touching short story. The action is fast-paced, the descriptions are concise and pleasant, contributing to a better understanding of the book’s universe and of the family’s tragic story.

Find “7:10” on Amazon: .

The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm

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With the onset of the 20th Century, the premise of love became that the only love that was valid was romantic love. It also became about being loved as opposed to loving.  It used to be that the love between two people was something that grew over time because most marriages were arranged or happened for reasons of business or political connections.

Our airwaves and literature are filled with messages mostly about “romantic love” and how we can become loved, not talking about how we can love.  There is a misconception that love is only valid when you “fall” in love.

We think that in order for someone to fall in love with us we must be the best “package” because we are objects of affection.  We must be the best weight we can be, the best visual presentation is part of being desirable.  We want to be loved not just for that  but for our hidden talents and possibilities.

We seek mates  based on what we have to offer and what possibilities we see in the others.    We go for the best object available on the market .  In other words, human love follows the same patterns of exchange as the commodities and labor markets

He talks about instant infatuation that is often misunderstood to be the real thing and then because after the initial excitement, boredom ensues.  Then it falls apart and it pretty much ends.   I have always called this love “falling in lust” which is a recipe for disaster after all the allure is pursued and then gone.

This is how Eric Fromm begins his book.  It’s laying the foundation for talking about giving love and growing love and how you develop the skills to  it all.  Erick Fromm was one of the foremost philosophers of the 20th Century.

Want to have a deeper understanding of love and how to give and receive it?  This is the book you’ve been looking for.  You can buy it on Amazon.  Find it here –




“Hallelujah Diet” by George Malkmus, Peter Shockey, and Stowe Shockey

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Nowadays being thin has become more important than being healthy. Drastic diets are promoted and encouraged, people being oblivious to the risks they imply. In a society like ours, continuously preoccupied with weight loss and being as skinny as possible, a new approach to dropping the pounds has been created.

Based on Biblical teachings and backed-up by scientific research, “Hallelujah Diet” is the result of authors George Malkmus’s, Peter Shockey’s, and Stowe Shockey’s combined efforts and knowledge. The beneficial effects of this diet on both body and mind are attested in the book by doctors’ comments and by the testimonials of those who have followed the “Hallelujah Diet”, successfully overcoming cancer, diabetes, depression, and many other health issues.

One of the many positive aspects of this diet is that its main focus is on health and not on quick weight loss. Returning to eating organic whole foods, while avoiding highly processed products which are packed with salt, hidden sugars, and other preservatives – this is one of the key elements to creating a healthier lifestyle. The authors strongly believe in the healing power of eating right, and they also encourage exercising regularly, spending time in nature, and also allowing our bodies time to rest and recover.

“Hallelujah Diet” is like a pack of goodies – it comes with eating plans, it offers great recipes, journals, worksheets, and it even includes a list of recommended books. Although implementing all these changes into your lifestyle may seem a real challenge, this book will make every aspect related to the betterment of your lifestyle a whole lot easier to understand and to apply.

Grab your copy of “Hallelujah Diet” and see your life improving as you feel happier, healthier, and more energetic. This may be the new beginning you’ve been waiting for – the beginning of a better you.

Find “Hallelujah Diet” on Amazon: .