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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing: 2013 Edition” by Jason Kelly

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Do you want to learn how to invest in the stock market and, more importantly, are you ready to work hard? Maybe you’re new to this, but want to try it in hopes that it will bring you more income, or maybe you’re already investing in the stock market and you need some new, efficient strategies. Jason Kelly’s 2013 guide is perfect for both beginners and for advanced investors, as it describes the strategies used by the greatest investors so you could adopt your own style.

Jason Kelly starts his guide with the most basic things. He first explains what the stock market is, how it functions, and how you should go about analyzing and evaluating stocks before you decide which ones to buy. You’ll get familiar with notions such as the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. You will learn how to analyze stocks by taking into consideration the Price to Earnings ratio, Price to Book ratio, Dividends, and many other elements. What is certain is that after you finish reading this book you will be able to make your own research, gather your own data, and decide on your own what stock to buy, without needing another person’s advice.

Another reason for which every investor should have this book is that Jason Kelly helps the readers learn from the best investors. He explains the philosophy and strategies of investors such as Ben Graham, Phil Fisher, Peter Lynch, and Bill Miller. As a bonus, the guide features an exclusive conversation with Bill Miller, which gives the readers better insight into his success story. Thus, the author shows that there are different ways one can invest in the stock market, and each investor has his own style. By reading all these success stories and the strategies behind them, you will be able to form your own way of evaluating stocks and deciding what steps to take.

Jason Kelly manages to present theories and concepts in simple words, which means that anyone can read this book and understand the basics of stock market investing. If you’re at the beginning, you may need to read more than just one book to become ready to invest, but you can be sure that this guide is exactly what you need to get started on this path.

Find “The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing: 2013 Edition” on Amazon.

“Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (& Other Social Networks)” by Dave Kerpen

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In nowadays society, online media plays a huge role. A large amount of information is shared by means of social networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, millions of users hitting “Like”-buttons and spreading the word about companies, movies, singers, books, food, and so on. Having noticed this aspect of the modern world, Dave Kerpen decided to put it to good use: making one’s business grow and thrive.

In his book, “Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (& Other Social Networks)”, Dave offers in a fresh and positive tone many marketing strategies, presenting them in an easy-to-understand way, so that any person – from the newcomers in the business field to the experienced ones – may build brand popularity and successfully connect with their customers via social networking sites.

In order to express a certain idea, Kerpen shares real-life experiences, describing situations with which he has been confronted in the past and from which the readers of his book can draw valuable knowledge. For example, in the “Introduction” part of “Likeable Social Media”, Dave talks about one of his visits to Las Vegas, when he waited in line for an hour to check in at the Aria Hotel. He tweeted about it and, a few minutes later, Rio Las Vegas Hotel tweeted to him, “Sorry about the bad experience, Dave. Hope the rest of your stay in Vegas goes well.” This determined him to check in at Rio next time he went to Vegas. Why? The key-factors are underlined by Dave himself: “The hotel used social media to listen and to be responsive, showing a little empathy to the right person at the right time.”

This is exactly what Dave intends to do in his book: help people improve their listening skills and their power to empathize, together with teaching them the appropriate marketing strategies for online use. If you want to take your business to a whole new level, then “Likeable Social Media” is the book that you should be reading next.

Find “Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (& Other Social Networks)” on Amazon:

“Creatures of Appetite” by Todd Travis

How long has it been since you last read a book that kept you up all night because it was simply impossible to put down? If you’re a fan of Dean Koontz, Thomas Harris or James Patterson, then you know what I’m talking about. That kind of book that makes working, eating or sleeping seem overrated. Well, if you feel like experiencing the thrill of a dark, intense psychological thriller with a twisted ending that will take you by surprise, then make sure you grab Todd Travis’ first novel – “Creatures of Appetite”.

Special agent Emma Kane and profiler Jacob Throne have to work together to solve a bloody murder case in wintry Nebraska. Even though they’re not exactly the best partners at first and they have their own demons to fight, they need to pull themselves together to find a real demon – a serial killer who only takes little girls. He is known as the Iceman, and no locked door will keep him away from his prey. No one knows what he’s really up to, or why he does what he does. As a profiler, Thorne must try to think like the killer in order to stop him. But will he and Kane be fast enough when time is running out and a little girl’s life is at stake?

“Creatures of Appetite” is so cleverly plotted and brilliantly written that no one could guess it is the author’s first novel. Actually, this might be the only thing readers could complain about: that there are no other books written by Todd Travis they could grab after finishing this one. Let’s just hope that the author writes his second novel fast enough.

If you start reading this book thinking that you’ll be able to put it down before bedtime, you’re wrong. You’ll only be able to fall asleep after you turn the last page. Usually, readers who read a lot of crime novels gain the ability to guess how everything is going to end, or at least suspect. It’s not going to happen with “Creatures of Appetite”, because the ending will come as a shock.

My advice is to download your free copy from Amazon while you have the chance.

Find “Creatures of Appetite” on Amazon.

How Can I Get A Life? Couchsurfing, Enjoy The Ride by Bill Sadler – Free July 6th through the 8th

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If I remember correctly, most of us in the 70′s were trying to figure out “How To Get  A Life”.  Obviously most of us did, but we  experienced the world through the eyes of others  because of our journeys.  Personally, I wound up having many diverse living situations.  At that time I was fresh out of Catholic girl’s school.  My first Couchsurf experience was living with born again Baptists in the hood in Detroit, Mi.  Met some of the Motown greats when I went with a recorder promoter.  Then I lived on a farm ,  picked cherries in Michigan also lived in the most disorganized commune ever.

All of my experiences pale against the experiences being had by the people referenced in this book.  The website where Hosts and potential  Couchsurfers match up people for traveling opportunities and cultural exchange with people from all over the globe is explained in this book.

The concept is logical, economical and this generation’s version of journeying.  In addition to your chance to experience life in another country while in the home of a local,  you save the money you would have spent on a hotel.  In addition you  will be able to Host other Couchsurfers in your house and have another opportunity to experience other cultures.

This book will show you all the details of Couchsurfing so that you can make the most out of your experience.

Bill Sadler, the author, wrote this book to teach fellow travelers in the art of Couchsurfing and economical travel.   He has a personal mission to teach others how to make money in ways that very few have thought of.  You don’t have to have the “big” idea to increase your income, you just have to be open to suggestion, be observant, be willing to work hard and seize opportunities when they come your way.  Bill Sadler has done it,  more  than once he came out of poverty by being fearless and wants to teach others to do the same.

To learn more about Bill Sadler and his ideas for future teachings, go to his website here -

Get your own copy!  How Can I Get A Life? Couchsurfing, Enjoy The Ride.  Find it here –

“A View of Ourselves” by David Ben Foster

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Perhaps my favorite quote about poetry is that of the Romantic German poet Novalis, who said that “poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.” The universality of this statement is undeniable, however I can’t help but think that it rings so true for our times, when people seem to be more trapped than ever in the shallowness of rational thought and materialism. We don’t have time to look within ourselves, to wonder about the true purpose of our journey on this Earth, and then we ask ourselves why we feel so lost and broken. Believe it or not, poetry helps; good poetry that touches the heart and urges us to ponder upon questions to which we must find our own answers.

“A View of Ourselves” is the proof that true, meaningful poetry is still being written. David Ben Foster’s poems are deep, beautiful, thought-provoking, and their fixed form stands against the poetry of chaos and confusion that is so popular nowadays. Foster uses the sonnet form despite it being considered old-fashioned, and he does it in a fresh and original way. Universal themes such as life, death, impermanence, and the human condition meet the more common theme of the post-modern man who is stuck in a universe created by others:

We all live in our
Own back yard.
Staring at fences
Someone else built;

Through his poems, Foster shares his own experiences in such a way that the readers might discover their own fears and insecurities. We learn who we truly are through trial and error, and it takes time to accept that we are too dependent on others. For those who read them with an open mind, these poems open a door that may lead to the understanding of our journey here, and of the fact that we can be who we wish to be once we refuse to be limited by those around us.

Here is one of my favorite poems:

An Interlude

Forget me not when I have passed away,
nor let my shadow fade from memory.
When blossoms paint the meadows bright in May,
please sing within your heart our melody;
for time cannot annul the joy we had,
nor steal as death appears has taken too.
And yes, there will be moments when you’re glad—
before the lie that I’ve forsaken you,
with suddenness and frightfulness intrudes—
because I loved you more than life itself.
Deny the falsity which spawns these moods
remembering the things you’ve said yourself,
that life embraces both the flawed and whole,
and on each man and beast, exacts a toll.

Find “A View of Ourselves” here:

“The Girl With Nine Lives” (The Adventures of Benedict and Blackwell) by E. Earle

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Ellena Blackwell is a 24-year-old Teaching Assistant who is stuck in her own life, failing miserably at making the best of her Degree, and being a huge disappointment to herself and her happy family. After all, what can be worse than having few friends, a crappy job, and no love life when your sister is expecting a baby and your parents enjoy a peaceful life in Australia? But Ellie’s life changes when she finds the most unexpected guest waiting her for right on her doorstep – a dirty, smelly ginger cat.

But Benedict is not just any kind of cat. There’s no doubt he has nine lives, because he had disappeared thirteen years prior, and Ellie was quite sure he died, given the fact that he was very old and sick when she was only a child. Not only did he turn up when she was in great need of a loyal friend, but he also talks. He is determined to keep Ellie safe, to guide her and help her pull herself together and change her perspective on life. Ellie is his beloved human, and Benedict will keep her from harm’s way no matter what it takes. Except… his task gets a bit complicated when Ellie discovers that the college principal is a crime boss, which puts her and her best friend, Emily, in great danger.

Ben and Ellie are on their own, because the police cannot be trusted. Detective Calloway is the only one who has not been corrupted. He joins the duo, and soon the relationship between him and Ellie blossoms into a sweet romance story. But will they make it out alive?

If you’re a cat-lover, then this book is a must-read for you. “The Girl With Nine Lives” is full of suspense, hilarious situations, and life-changing lessons from Benedict, the wise ginger cat. It is a beautifully written story that will light up your mood, hook you from the first page, and take you on a fascinating adventure. Crime, mystery, humor, romance… this book has everything it needs to keep you glued to the pages until the very end.

Find “The Girl With Nine Lives” on Amazon.

“Glaucus” by James Olivieri

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Over the years, artists have returned to the myths and legends of ancient times, especially to those of Ancient Greece, reinventing and integrating them into their works. Writers have used this source, too, making gods and goddesses the protagonists of their books, taking ancient symbols and building a whole new story around them.

In the same manner, James Olivieri has infused new life into the figure of Glaucus, the companion of the goddess Athena. “Glaucus” follows the story of Gerald, a thirty-five-year-old man, told from the first-person point of view. An executive who seemed to have it all – a wife, an apartment in the Upper West Side of New York, a successful career-, Gerald lost everything after committing – what he calls- an “error in judgment”, which eventually led to his imprisonment.

Having spent two years shut off from the world and disposing of limited resources upon being released, Gerald finds himself free, yet disappointed, a shadow of his former self. The only place where he affords to live is in one of the last boarding homes on the Bowery, but an apparently insignificant event changes Gerald’s life: a white owl lands on his window sill. From this point on, wherever the man goes, the owl is there, too. This determines Gerald to associate the mysterious bird with Glaucus, believing that he is guided by it and that he may achieve redemption through worshiping the Greek goddess Athena. However, he soon realizes that redemption could potentially destroy him.

A dark short story with a touch of occult, Olivieri’s “Glaucus” is a well-written piece of fiction which is bound to take your breath away. The imagery is dark and intense, contributing to the suspense build-up and to the atmosphere of melancholy. You can keep up with the author’s latest work on his site .

Find “Glaucus” on Amazon:

“Vampiris Sancti: The Demon Prince” by Katri Cardew

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If you’ve read the first two books in Katri Cardew’s “Vampiris Sancti” trilogy, “The Elf” and “The Vampire”, then you’re going to love the last one – “The Demon Prince”. And if you haven’t read them, then what are you waiting for? This trilogy has everything a fantasy fan could hope for: incredible world building, a large array of fantasy creatures, a complex and intriguing plot, and a sweet romance story. Vampires, demons, elves, pixies… this trilogy has them all, and the author provides fascinating descriptions of her worlds and characters at the beginning of each chapter.

Vryn Dhaigre has always had an obsession for Zyre, a mischievous elf that has an incredible talent at defying all rules and causing havoc everywhere she goes. He managed to set up an arranged marriage, but he’s got a hard time keeping Zyre in one place. The fact that Taryst, who was once betrothed to Vryn, is jealous and determined to make him pay doesn’t help either. The good part, though, is that Vryn manages to grow on Zyre, and they end up making a great couple. Zyre is playful and whimsical, while Vryn is brooding and charming. Readers will turn the pages as fast as possible to see these two together.

Katri Cardew is a brilliant storyteller, and she is very creative and imaginative when it comes to world building. The extensive glossary at the end of the book will be a delight to all fans of the fantasy genre. The worlds developed in this trilogy are complex, full of mystery, and the author reveals them little by little with each book. So, if you feel like reading a good fantasy story, then don’t hesitate to grab your copy of “Vampiris Sancti: The Demon Prince”.

Find “Vampiris Sancti: The Demon Prince” on Amazon.

“How to Write a Novel in 90 Days” by Conrad Jones is free on Kindle Select on 25th-27th June

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I’m sure you’ve heard at least once that, apparently, there is a book inside all of us. If we are to believe this saying, then it means any of us is able to write a book. Now, some people might argue that it is not that easy, that it takes much more than the simple desire to write; it takes talent, knowledge, skill. Well, guess what? You couldn’t be more wrong. Conrad Jones, author of 12 novels and a series of book marketing guides, shares his experience as a writer in his concise and easy-to-understand guide – “How to Write a Novel in 90 Days”.

According to the author, writing a novel is just like any other task: it can be learned. And it can be learned even better if you take the advice of a prolific writer who has been there many times, has made mistakes, wasted time, and eventually come up with a tried and tested system that can help anyone, but absolutely anyone, write a full-length novel in only 90 days.

If you are an aspiring writer who is not sure where to start, then maybe you’ve already read other guides that promised to show you exactly how to plot, build characters, keep to a schedule and avoid an author’s common pitfalls. But most of them have proven to be only theory that cannot really be put into practice. Right from the introduction, Conrad Jones assures his readers that what they’re going to read will be very straightforward, something that they can start using right after they finish the book:

“There is no filling or flannel in this guide, just an exact template to follow which will enable you to create a novel in 90 days or less, depending on how the book flows for you.”

So, if you have an idea that you know you can turn into the next best-selling novel, then do yourself a favor and read this guide before you start putting anything on paper. Make sure you know how to organize yourself in order to avoid writer’s block, and make sure you start marketing your book even before you finish it. You’re going to learn how to build an online community, how to set milestones, and establish daily goals and actually reach them. The author also offers punctuation and grammar tips, and teaches you how to proofread your own novel so as to end up with a clean, professional first draft that will be easier to edit.

“How to Write a Novel in 90 Days” is a guide that needs to be read at least once by any aspiring author, especially if he/she intends to self-publish. Don’t lose the opportunity to download it for free on Kindle Select from the 25th to the 27th June.

Find “How to Write a Novel in 90 Days” on Amazon.

“January Jackson and Friends: The Premiere” by Zonie Felder

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A well-written, sexy and steamy debut novel, which talks about friendship and betrayal as experienced by five different characters: Charlene Jones, Terry Tucker, Jasmine Wright, Monica Freeman, and January Jackson. All five women are in their mid-thirties, having graduated from the Catholic High School in 1992. The action of Zonie Felder’s first book is set 17 years later, in Jersey City, New Jersey, when these five women are still respecting their vow to be friends for life. However, throughout the novel, lust and wrong choices will put their vow to test, as well as their friendship.

Although the novel is named “January Jackson and Friends”, the events are not presented only through January’s eyes, but from the point of view of each woman – the author changes the narrator’s perspective in every chapter. This contributes to the overall fresh tone, and keeps boredom and monotony away. At the beginning, January introduces the reader in the book’s universe by speaking about her life, the city she and her friends live in, and the promise they made to stick together forever.

Something that I really liked about Felder’s novel is the fact that she created a character like January Jackson: an overweight woman, but who has majored in both Business and Culinary Arts, and who is confident and at ease in her own skin. This goes against the mainstream portrayal of a successful woman, usually presented as slim and foxy. Also, the author brought together five different persons, each with their own perceptions, feelings, and thoughts, thus offering a realistic image of the world we live in.

The book contains a good amount of erotica scenes which are bound to satisfy any fan of the genre. Felder also created humor through many of the narrated situations, and her characters are real people dealing with real-life issues, aspect which makes them highly relatable, ensuring the establishment of a connection between the readers and the characters.

If you wonder whether friendship is stronger than lust or not, if you want to know what will eventually happen with the five women, get a good laugh while you’re at it and sweat throughout some steamy, passionate love scenes, then don’t hesitate to grab your copy of Felder’s novel.

Find “January Jackson and Friends: The Premiere” on Amazon.