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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

“Rona Is Moving to a New City” by Inbar Shahar

When it comes to new beginnings, it doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a child; they are always challenging, and even a bit scary. Imagine how little Rona felt like when she heard her parents say: “We’re moving out to a new house in a new city tomorrow.” Sad, confused, scared? Well, you’ll have to read this amazing book to your children and find out.

“Rona Is Moving to a New City” is the captivating story of Rona and her magical cat, Fluffy. The author got her inspiration from a real case: Rona is her niece, who had to move from Israel to Canada in 2008 and deal with the challenge of learning a new language, making new friends, and adapting to a new home and a new school. This experience can be very difficult for children, as they will miss their friends and feel insecure in a completely unknown environment. It’s a good thing little Rona has a loyal friend, Fluffy, who takes her on a magical journey to show her how something new can bring happiness, and how nothing ever happens without a clear purpose.

Fluffy says that “every ending is the beginning of something wonderful”, so you might want to keep this in mind if you’ve recently moved to a new city and your children are having a hard time adjusting. Reading them this bedtime story might help, because Rona’s adventures will show them how they can cope with the changes, and think positively of what is to come.

The illustrations are brightly colored, and absolutely amazing. Seeing Rona and Fluffy together, learning how to stay calm when facing such a great change, will give children a feeling of peace and safety. Fluffy is not only a magical cat that is able to talk, but it’s also a very wise one. During their journey, Fluffy teaches Rona a meditation technique to relax and relieve her anxiety. The girl learns how to concentrate on positive thoughts, expect only the best from her future experiences in the new city and, eventually, how to turn sadness into a feeling of joy and excitement. The illustration with Rona and Fluffy meditating in the Lotus position is beautiful and uplifting. This is a great way of teaching your children some things about relaxation and positive thinking.

Children who have to move to a different city with their parents face for the first time the fact that life is all about change and adaptation. This thrilling and inspiring bedtime story will help you prepare them for this long, difficult journey, and explain them how, at the end of it, they will always find happiness, new friends, and great adventures.

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The Chosen of Gaia by Mariz

The Chosen of Gaia

This story is about fifteen-year-old Albert who has just received an invitation that could transform his sad little life completely. It would give him a chance to belong to an advanced and clandestine society that reveals itself to only a select few.

Engrossed in a new world comprising of advanced, mind-boggling technology and intriguing peers, Albert will overcome his fears, but at the cost of ignoring a few suspicious details. Not too later, he finds his family dragged into the heart of a scandal that threatens to tear them apart and erase their very identities.

A conflicted and heartbroken Albert must now find the strength to challenge the authority by relying on his new-found allies and his gift for Revelation.

If you would like to enjoy a  fast-paced tale of a so called ‘normal’ family striving for their place in a ‘perfect’ world and are up to a fun-filled, adventurous and inspirational fantasy ride, this story is definitely for you.

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“Say What?!, ‘What’ You Say Is Your Future!” by Linda C. Newberry

Have you ever wanted to change the direction of your life? Even though you have everything you need, maybe there are times when you realize that today is just like yesterday, and tomorrow will be no different. And then you ask yourself if this is all to life, if this is how it is supposed to be and you should be satisfied with what you have. Deep down, though, you know this is not right, and you know you could make a change if you really knew how. This book is going to show you how to make that change through successful daily affirmations, because “what you say” influences your life.

“Say What?!, ‘What’ You Say Is Your Future” is an inspirational book that will open your eyes to all the possibilities your life holds, and to a simple truth: you decide who you are, how you are, and how you live your life. As the author says, “hopelessness seems to be promoted in our society”. We tend to listen to what others have to say about us and, without realizing, we adopt their views, and then ask ourselves why we feel so empty and useless. Through her book, Linda C. Newberry tells us it is high time we talked about ourselves and our experiences in our own words. We should never let someone else define us, or judge us. We must face who we are, accept our past, and understand we are perfectly capable of shaping our own future.

“You have the ability and right to have what you have dreamed about. However, a successful life takes work and diligent attention… success is never just handed to you on a silver platter.”

Just by reading the first couple of pages of this book, you feel motivated to take action. But how does “Say What?!” work? The author turns to the “Bible” for the answers to your question. She has taken the words of Isaiah 60 and explained them one by one, trying to find as many meanings as possible, and adapting them to modern life. You will be surprised to see how these timeless affirmations can be seen in the light of your own problems and dilemmas to empower you and help you find out the reason you are here. No matter how small you think you are, you must never forget that you are here because you need to make a difference in a certain way. You feel lost now because you were taught to believe that you shouldn’t want more than you already have. But this book is going to help you change this negative attitude towards yourself and your life.

Linda C. Newberry has a unique way of explaining the message from the scripture. She uses the Hebrew definitions and translates every idea into a modern day working affirmation. “Say What?!, ‘What’ You Say Is Your Future!” is a great book for those who enjoy “Bible” study, or for strong believers, but it is also an enlightening read for non-believers, because its positive and empowering message is the same for everyone.

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American Rest Stop by Unknown Scriptwriter

Do you want to lose some sleep?  How about feeling chilled in your warm room?  What are all those noises you keep hearing?  You must be reading American Rest Stop and you’re scared crazy.  Seriously crazy.

Here’s a bit of the storyline to entice you to know more.

There’s a very good reason that of the 17,000 murders at American rest stops, only 3% percent have been solved.    Try to find witnesses, or view very contaminated crime scenes and generally there are very few clues to work from.  How do you find the criminal under these circumstances.

Kris Redfield, who is the very picture of the perfect soccer mom, pulled off the highway to use the restroom.  She was driving her three kids to vacation with the grandparents.  This was the annual family vacation and of course hubby was back home “working” as he always was.   He’s always just too busy to spend time with his family.

Because hubby was home “working”  Kris was the only licensed driver in the car. Her 16 year old generously offered to drive because she was so tired.   Not gonna happen, not with the other two kids in the car and not on a highway. The three of them had finally fallen asleep.  Thank God, after all how many times can you listen to “Row, row, row your boat”.  After making sure the kids were covered up, she flipped on the auto lock and proceeded to use the restroom.  On her way back from the restroom, Kris noticed that one door was open.  She ran down to her van and found the kids gone!   We know, because we read the book,  that the man with the gloves on had something to do with it but not Kris, she’s not reading the book, she’s living it.

This is the first in many scenario introductions that set the tone for the story.  Even though the other characters intertwine, the story revolves around Kris and her children’s abduction.

The author, Unknown Screenwriter, is a script writer,  script doctor and producer.   This is the last spec he had hanging around and knew the story was too good to waste.  Since everyone who ever read it said it scared the hell out of them, he put it into book format.  This fast paced thriller/horror novel is the result.  American Rest Stop  is available on Amazon.  You can find it here -

The Testimony of Satan by Jeremy Brown

The Testimony of Satan

Satan’s role on Earth is to provide us with first-hand knowledge of how much authority can be granted to an angel in Heaven. God uses him to correct the folly of humankind, specifically when we are off track, pushing us beyond the comfort zone and helping in understanding God. Sin is the result of crimes against God, others, and ourselves too.

The Testimony of Satan will give you a clear look into what your ‘enemy’ has and has not been doing throughout history. The author does this through a real life experience that takes the reader into the darkest depths and have an encounter with the greatest manipulator. This helps one to develop a super natural understanding of how, in spite of ourselves, we continue to assist our worst enemy.

This book is more for those who can face the bitter and harsh realities of life and welcome the opportunity to grow. It is not for the weak-minded and those who find it difficult to take criticism. The Testimony of Satan will open your eyes to your faults and show you how the ‘enemy’ has been blocking you from being who you were created to be.

Through Satan, the author makes us realize the true meaning of our existence and how we, with our foolish, self-depreciating values, extreme pride and narcissism, have been ignoring God’s messages. He points out that we are more like him (the Satan), reveling in our own sins and undermining life’s purpose by straying way from the goal: that of attaining salvation.

We look upon rebelliousness as revolution as one and the same, though in actuality they are very different from each other. While the former is going against authority just to assert one’s independence, the latter is about bringing change and evolving. According to Satan, we humans are very fortunate to be given more than one chance. Only if we knew how much dominion and authority we have been granted as the children of God, we would use it for the betterment and growth of the human race, not for its destruction. He goes on to say that the folly of humankind is embedded in our very creation and we are drawn towards his entrapment of ‘freedom’ whereas the Creator demands servitude in order to set us free.

This book will make you feel humbled and may also take you on the path of spiritual awakening. It will make you think of the reason for our existence and how we humans have been preparing for our own downfall by inadvertently following Satan’s footsteps depicted by our greed for power, violence and attraction for bloodshed. It is time to grow and change for the better, before it is too late.

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Escape from Coolville by Sherman Sutherland

Escape from Coolville

For L.J. Davenport, call-center executive of Sutherland’s amusing coming-of-age novel, slacking is part of the job. But he is also the best telephone psychic at the Appalachian Tele-Services call centre who seems to have fate working against him.

Young, suspended from college, working as a phone psychic and almost hitting the bottom, L.J. more or less drifts through his days, hoping to get back into school, find a higher paying job that isn’t quite as depressing and hoping against odds to find a way into the heart of his attractive and sensual new co-worker, Tanha. But fate had other plans for our hero. He is bombarded by various unseen forces that are bent on destroying him. On one hand is the mysterious campaign that management has taken against him and an angry lesbian called Chewbacca, who seems to have set her goal  to destroy him and on the other is the holy grail of weed bags he just can’t find and the arrival of Marpa, the karmic policeman.  Amidst all this, L.J. will be lucky to keep his job, his sanity and maybe even his life.

Sutherland writing is both entertaining and invigorating.  He manages to keep a firm grasp on absurdity, capturing the peculiar rhythms of corporate America with panache. L.J. is both pathetic and endearing, and despite the craziness creeping up to near-ridiculous heights toward the end, the voices of L.J. and his fellow travelers stay constant and believable throughout. Anyone who’s worked in a call center or “cube farm” environment will both chuckle and shudder at how well the author nails the details, including the often inane morale-boosting events and the dry humor many workers adopt to get through the day.

Strong characterizations and a fine sense of absurdity make for an enjoyable tour of corporate hell.

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“The Four Essential Questions: Choosing Spiritually Healthy Habits” (The Shift Series) by Beca Lewis

We often feel overwhelmed by the chaos of daily life, even when we stop for a moment and realize that we have a great job, an amazing family, and a good financial status. Then, where does that feeling of emptiness come from? And, more importantly, how can we fix it so we could finally be happy and satisfied with our achievements? Beca Lewis’ book, “The Four Essential Questions: Choosing Spiritually Healthy Habits”, has the answers you were looking for.

Our thoughts and beliefs are the key factors that influence our lives and, believe it or not, we all have destructive perceptions and habits that prevent us from reaching our highest goals. We might have good, satisfactory lives, but we are often aware there is room for improvement, and everything can be so much better. Beca Lewis is a consultant and speaker who is dedicated to bringing Universal Spiritual Principles and Laws into people’s attention, and help them replace their useless material habits with spiritually healthy habits that will help them achieve love and inner peace. This book has the answers to your questions, though you might not find here the questions you ask yourself every day. Forget about “Why is this happening to me?”, “Why is life so hard?”, or “Why do I have to live up to everyone’s expectations?” The real questions you need to ask yourself and search the answers to are:

1. Am I waiting?

2. Am I running?

3. Am I hiding?

4. Am I lying?

And this is how the journey to discovering your true spiritual nature begins. We are free only when we rid ourselves of our material habits, and focus on our soul, mind, spirit, love and life. As the author says, “What we perceive to be reality magnifies”. What this book will do is help you perceive reality from a spiritual angle and treasure what it really has to offer, turning it into what you’ve always dreamed it could be: a heaven of joy, peace, love and wealth.

“The Four Essential Questions: Choosing Spiritually Healthy Habits” is an engaging and inspirational read that will set you on the right track. It describes a practical and provable way of making this great change step by step. You will read about the author’s personal experience, and her story will motivate you to search within yourself and become aware of the unhealthy material habits that have dominated you, so you could easily eliminate them. It is an enlightening book that you’ll want to come back to whenever you feel you’ve lost your way.

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“Killer Work from Home Jobs: SBI! Site Build It! Website and Business Builder – Make Money Online” (Job Search Series) by Lee Evans

Are you tired of spending 8 hours a day working for someone else’s business? Because the author of this book, Lee Evans, had a wonderful job as a manager, and a very good income, but still, at some point, she decided she wanted an entirely different life that involved spending more time with her family and turning her passion into a successful, sustainable business. In “Killer Work from Home Jobs: SBI! Site Build It! Website and Business Builder” she details her research on the well-known online software product SBI!, and talks about her own experience.

If you haven’t heard yet about SBI!, then I will let the author explain what it is, as I think she gives the best definition I’ve read on the Internet so far: “SBI! is an online software system that helps you build a powerful website and blog; one that people love to visit, and search engines love to offer in response to visitors’ queries. Once built, using a great site concept, search engine friendly keywords, information that you are passionate about, and content that visitors are hungry for, you can monetize your site, so that it will provide you with an income for the rest of your life.”

What is great about this book is that it explains in simple terms everything someone needs to know about Site Build It! If you have a passion and your goal is to turn it into an online business, then this is the right book for you. You will read many success stories of average people – moms, students, retirees – that will convince you that working from home is possible, and motivate you to finally make the change you’ve always wanted. You can become your own boss, work on your own schedule, and spend more time with friends and family. Children won’t miss you anymore because you’re too focused on your career, on achieving someone else’s goals and dreams.

Lee Evans makes it clear from the very beginning that this is not a scheme to get rich soon. Actually, you might not get rich at all, but you may earn more money than you used to, and let’s not forget that you’ll be doing something that you actually like. All you have to do is join the SBI! community, figure out how you can turn your passion into something people want to read about or buy, make a plan, and then use the SBI! tools to build a professional website. No, you don’t need any online computer skills, because this incredible software provides everything you need. You don’t need to know about html or keywords and SEO. SBI! will make sure your articles are SEO-friendly and will drive as much traffic as possible.

“Killer Work from Home Jobs: SBI! Site Build It! Website and Business Builder” is a well documented book that will guide you on the path to success. It answers any question you might have about SBI! and gets you ready to use it.

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Lilith Rising 1969 by Roberta Kagan

Lilith Rising 1969

Adventure, change, adrenaline rushing scenarios with ample splatter of  steamy, sensual experiences is what this book offers the readers. So are you up to it?

With this book, you will travel back in time to 1969, when the world was in a state of transformation. War raged in South East Asia, while students were protesting the draft in the United States. The Civil Rights Movement too had begun to take hold. The virtuousness and innocence of the America of the 1950’s was shattered as it witnessed the assassination of many a great political and Civil Rights leaders.

Motorcycle gangs terrorized the streets as they combed the countryside. Young people from all over the world hitchhiked along the legendary route 66 on their way to San Francisco and the district known as “The Haight.” It was a time of learning and revolution. No one who lived through these tumultuous times would ever forget them.

This story is about Lily, a naïve fifteen year old who ran away from home in search of adventure and excitement. Little is she aware of the harsh realities that await her outside.

When Lily catches the eye of leader of the toughest motorcycle gang in Chicago, she is flattered. But what she doesn’t realize is that this gang leader is not only twice her age but also a ruffian who has recently finished serving time in prison. Danger surrounds her at every turn and young Lilly might very well come to the conclusion that the journey she has embarked upon, that which she thought would be a wonderful adventure could actually cost her dearly, perhaps even her life.

Also, please be forewarned that this book contains explicit sexual scenes and harsh language, which were necessary for the authenticity of the story.

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Life’s Apprentice by Dan Fallon

Dan Fallon is a modern day troubadour.  As a musician and writer he has honed his craft to a crystal clarity that has a very tactile feeling .  The first chapter “Fire” begins with those experiences of the body which are very elemental.  Sweat and oil  become expressions of love and his lover is more beautiful because of the heat created with  him.   No words exchanged between them,  just the body speaking in it’s elemental ways.  Fire is also a good analogy of the lust at the beginnings of a relationship.

Dan’s poetry conveys images of his life as does most poetry.  Much of it is in his relationship with his partner and querying himself through his responses towards her be they good or bad.   He asks her how she takes care of him “his life and lessons learned.  an attendant of needs, what replenishes your energy?”   Wrestling with his demons after the first blush of love has settled “Poison me rattlesnake Bite me and sink in Venom slowing me down full-blooded red charisma in her smile”.   I think that phrase “full-blooded red charisma of her smile” is one of my new favorite descriptors.  We see him start to slide “I get by with some help with my friends they call me up in the night to drink again”.

Dan wrestles in brutal honesty.  Anyone who writes like this man and then puts it out for the world to see is brave.  These poems are a sincere attempt to convey to us how he feels about his life and his exploration of his soul.  You should  read these poems out loud to see how beautifully each word is placed and how sinuously these words convey movement of his thoughts.

This collection,  in chapters that are gathered in reference to the elements, such as “Water” or “Fire” is well thought out and easily related to all of and our experiences.  I know I wish I had been loved by someone the way that Dan Fallon loves.  He’s like all of us, he has his weaknesses, his strengths and his consequences due to bad decisions made.  But through it all he gives us his experiences in beautiful words and thoughts.

Generally the only way you master a job in the trades is to go through a well mapped out system of training and learning on the job.  So it is with ourselves and our lives.  This  collection “Life’s Apprentice” is Dan’s  way of telling us what he’s learned so far.

Dan is the 9th of 11 children and is a musician and writer.  You can hear some of his music on MySpace at  He currently lives in the Valley of the Merrimack, Ma.

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