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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

A heart-pounding thriller: DEATHLOOP by G. Brailey

Zack Fortune is a successful lawyer and a down-to-earth man who knows what he wants. He’s cold, rational, and he certainly doesn’t believe in the supernatural. His life revolves around his career, his best friend, Sam, and the women who he dates for short periods of time and then dumps when he loses his interest. Zack lives in the real world, has everything under control and he likes it this way. So, when Clarissa, Sam’s wife, asks him to be her subject for a past life regression session, he decides to do it only to humor her. Hypnosis never harmed anyone.

Against all odds, the unexpected happens, and Zack goes into a deep trance. But what he sees doesn’t seem to have anything to do with a possible past life: a terrifying demon claws its way up his lying body to clutch at his throat, telling him that he has finally come. Scared out of his mind and completely disoriented, Zack jumps up and runs out the door. He doesn’t understand his vision and he’s not even sure if it was real. The only thing he can do is go on with his life and forget what happened. Unfortunately, he will soon realize that getting out of the trance so suddenly caused unbelievable and horrible consequences.

It doesn’t take long until Zack witnesses the first of many terrible deaths he will have to witness without having the slightest power to act and save the victims: a girl jumps off a roof right after she calls his name. When her feet leave the edge of the roof, Zack feels how his body becomes paralyzed, making it impossible for him to scream or even breathe. He can’t control his reactions and he cannot save the girl. Soon he will understand that he is doomed to go through this over and over again, even when he might have a chance to help the dying ones. He feels lost, helpless, and ready to break down.

DEATHLOOP is so brilliantly written that the reader will experience each and every emotion at the same time with Zack. While he is going insane with trying to find an explanation and stop these bloody deaths, the readers will go insane with putting the pieces together and solving the mystery. Why did Zack have that vision? Why do these people call out for his help before they die? What are the connections between the characters? DEATHLOOP will keep you turning the pages, desperate to find out the meaning of what’s happening to Zack.

G. Brailey created a dark, intriguing novel with a very original storyline, and complex characters. The story jumps from one character to another, but in the end you will see how everything comes together and makes perfect sense. I’m not going to spoil it for you, but I will say the ending is completely unexpected and it will leave you drained. You might even start questioning your own beliefs regarding life, death, reincarnation, and everyone’s role in this world.

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The Monsterjunkies, An American Family Odyssey by Erik Daniel Sheen/L.M. Reker

The Monsterjunkies, An American Family Odyssey.

“They’re creepy and they’re spooky. . .” This little tune crosses the minds of those who pass this house on cul-de-sac on the shore in Maine.  Crow, 12 years old and 14 year old Indigo are targeted immediately because of their strange house.  Strange house, strange kids is what the classmates at their school say.

Crow and Indigo, along with their friends and family, constantly have to battle aggression and hate from their classmates.   The teens often go along with the pack emulating people they admire.  They put on masks trying to be like the popular quarterback, head cheerleader, who also wear masks.   Ultimately when people remove their masks they’re left with their real self.

Erik Daniel Sheen and L. M. Reker give you a cast of quirky characters, Monsterjunkies, who represent all of us and show how they overcome bullying and build their lives all  while on  a  journey to their own truth.    When you read it maybe you’ll find out that you’re a Monsterjunkie too!

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Odyssey of the Outcast by Shaun J. Fisher

Odyssey of the Outcast

Remember that kid from when you were young who always was the target for cruelty, justified many thought, by his difference from the rest of you?  Okay, now imagine him having  the most visible disability anyone can imagine, hair all over his body, the whole thing.

Meet Leo, scorned by his parents for not being the perfect little baby they had expected and everyone was disappointed by.  Hated by the bullies in  his school for being different, an easy target, perceived as weaker, therefore the  constant recipient of verbal cruelty and now  physical violence.   Then James, one of the boys in his Phys. Ed classes goes lethal after being beat by Leo at Dodgeball, beats Leo into a bloody mess.  Observed but not acted on by the Phys. Ed teacher, watched by the other students and not even noticed when he came home from school by his drunken mother, he can’t believe that his life is nothing but pain and no hope for the future if things keep going this way.

Unable to deal with the hate anymore, Leo runs away and finds the world will challenge and change him.  Maybe things don’t have to always be the same.  Follow Leo on his journey.

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I Want To Be Popular by Roberta Kagan

I Want To Be Popular

How many of us have wanted to ‘belong’ to a group in our school and college days? I guess most of us. This is a story of one such girl who desperately wanted to belong to the ‘coveted’ group in her school and in the process discovers herself.

All her life Brittney Ellis has been the overweight, unpopular girl at school, longing to be a part of the more popular and fashionable crowd. So she decides to reinvent herself. And in this process, Brittney faces certain stark realities about people and friendships and discovers that being a part of the “cool kids” might not be as remarkable and exciting as she thought it would be. She realizes the hard way that ‘all that glitters is not gold.’

This story is not about Brittney alone but also of her friends and classmates Mark, Alicia, Chole, Phoebe and Chase: some of them sweet, caring and faithful and the others conceited and vain. This story of young love, friendship and triumph over difficult odds is also a small lesson in life: you reap what you sow.

If you enjoy books about women conquering their limitations and overcoming challenges to find their true selves, you will definitely want to read this book.

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Publishing in Austrailia by Terence Tam

Publishing in Australia

If you are living in Australia and want to publish a book but are feeling daunted   by the rules and regulations of the publishing sector, this book is for you.

‘Publishing in Australia’ is a book actually written for the Australian writer who wants to write and publish a book but has no idea what is the best way to go about it. The main reason being the innumerable number of changes taking place in the industry which has undergone dramatic changes in the past few years. The well-known book chains like Borders, Angus and Robertson have closed down. The situation looks bleak for the other book stores also, especially those who are not evolving with the changing scenario.

Secondly, the internet book stores selling their books at a much lower price than their Australian counterparts doesn’t help the situation either. Going by what Amazon is saying, electronic books (eBooks) are now outselling their traditional counterparts. The situation is rather confusing and not to mention time-consuming, for an Australian who wants to write and publish a book.

The very purpose of this book is to guide and support you, the Australian author in your journey of writing and publishing a book. It offers simple, step by step guidance to help you achieve your goal of successfully publishing your book. And there is a strong focus on how to self publish, because we believe that’s the best way for anybody to get into this publishing revolution that’s hitting the Australian shores!

So get your copy of “Publishing inAustralia” today and cement your career as an author!

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Glitterati by Georgina Heffernan


Take entertainment, fashion and the competition for a hot job,  combine them and  you have the perfect vehicle for creating characters as diverse as the faces they wear.

There is a fabulous hosting job opening for a new show “Fashion Victim”.   Georgina Heffernon tells the story of three of the women who try out for the job, tells their stories and let’s us see into the world of fashion and fame.  Will they survive the betrayal,  jealousy and back biting  that are all part of the tabloid world of the Glitterati?

The first of our three women is Amber Barrett who could be the poster child for “Be careful what you wish for”.  Sure Amber,  who had been totally broke, had made it.  Along with the parties, jewelry and fabulous clothes, she wound up with a scumbag boyfriend who leaked nude pictures to the press, now she has to scramble to clean up her image.

Next we meet Emily.  Emily is 29 and still living in council housing with her dad.  She learned to love fashion at her mothers knee.  Her mom was always impeccably turned out and started training Emily early in such things as always wearing makeup when you were going to leave the house.  They would pore over the fashion magazines together and then her mother died.   Emily knows that she’s bound for fame, fashion, jewelry and marvelous parties and events.  But, she’s still not sure how it will happen since she’s only a sales assistant at a makeup counter in a department store.

Now let me introduce you to Saffron. A photographer that worked with Saffron said to her one time “You shouldn’t drink on an empty head”.  This little remark was being made while she was knocking back some champagne and a couple of smokes before she would start work on the session  she was already late for.  She has it all, including a reputation for drinking too much.  How long can she hang on and even greater, can she turn things around with her drinking?

Three women, one spot on a new TV show.  Who will get it, who will be able to stay as part of the glamorous “Glitterati”?

The authentic voice of this book wouldn’t  have been so good coming from anyone but Georgina Heffernen else. Her unique experience allows this experienced writer be able to construct believable characters, ones you will identify with and will see this industry through their eyes.

Georgina Heffernan is one of the most highly regarded fashion experts on the circuit today working with TV shows,  celebrities and magazine editors alike.  She’s  graced the pages of virtually every fashion magazine and newspaper including: ITatler, Social and Personal, U magazine, Prudence, The Independent. She was also the Fashion Editor at The Irish Daily Mail.

She’s also collaborated with many top fashion and beauty houses on their advertising campaigns and fashion shows including: Lee Jeans, Nike, Dylon ,Collins Barrack museum , Irish Tatler Fashion Showcase and NBC’s Today Show. She styled many of Ireland’s  most glamorous women including Kiera Gormley ( Vogue cover girl) and pop star Macy Grey – as well as working on shoots top fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and Isabella Blow. During the course of her career as a fashion writer she has met with and interviewed some of the most influential names on the fashion scene today.  She’s a voice of the industry and one of the best qualified to write a novel involving fashion and celebrity.

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Download “And God Laughed” Free on Amazon Jan 30 – 31

And God Laughed

Imagine that you had the opportunity to speak to God and ask Him any questions that you want. What would you ask? Dr. Roy A. Teel Jr. does this for us in his book ‘And God Laughed’ that centers on one man’s on-going conversations with God. And take my word, this conversation and the resulting revelations are nothing short of phenomenal.

The seed for this soul searching journey is sowed when Justin, a computer network engineer discovers a book titled ‘Does God Exist?’ at a library book sale in his small mountain town. Being raised as a Christian, Justin initially refrains from purchasing the book, but the question refuses to leave his mind. Contributing to his need to look for answers is a catastrophic incident that nearly left him and his fiancé Alex shattered. He thus embarks on a journey to prove the existence of God for himself. While Alex, a child psychiatrist and atheist thinks that the conversations Justin is having with “God,” are internally manifested as a result of the trauma, for Justine it is a rebirth of sorts.

The technique that Justin follows is simple: He finds a quiet place to pray then calls on God and lo behold! He answers. From the beginning of their conversations, God’s personality is bold and authentic: He is opinionated and even profane at times. Their initial conversations focus on the teachings of religion and God denies being involved with it at all. His answer: “I’m not religious. That’s your deal.” He goes on to tell Justin that man created religion to control humankind. He also denies most of the religious tenets Justin believes in, except for one: He declares that He encoded the “golden rule” on the souls of humankind. Both Justin and God become frustrated as they argue over the issues of the Bible, Jesus, science, and the failure of God to intervene in the lives of humans when they are most in need. In response, God emphasizes that humans have free will, which they need to use with discretion and then offers the following advice: “One of the most empowering things that you can do as a human is take responsibility for your life and this includes your failures as well as your successes. It’s a sign of true power.”

These sessions, which span several years, reveal an unconventional God who challenges every idea humans have about a higher power. The God presented in this book is not what has been projected by traditional religion down the years. Far from being judgmental  the God of Teel’s imagination conveys an underlying theme of unconditional love and acceptance. Teel discards the rules and laws of traditional religion that often serve more to separate people from God than to bring them closer to Him. The message Teel wants to convey is both clear-cut and beautiful: God is available to every human being; you simply have to call on Him.  His thought-provoking conversations with the Divine will have you questioning your own closely held dogma, lead you down a road of self-discovery, and allow you to find more freedom within your own beliefs. Some of the concepts discussed in this story may be difficult for readers to consider, or maybe not: It depends on your  mentality and belief system. This is the type of book that calls for the reader to review his present life and look for  meaningful alternatives.

‘And God Laughed’ is truly a magnificent story that will challenge your long held beliefs about human existence, role of religion and God Himself. It is an enlightening, inspiring and edifying story. So, if you are ready for a journey of self discovery and would like to find out more about the ‘golden rule, take this opportunity to do so. You can be sure to have a ‘revealing’ experience!

Teel is an ordained minister and author of non-fiction books about Christianity, including The Way, the Truth and the Lies (2006), which makes the discussions about religion, premarital sex, abortion and death in this fictional piece even more interesting.

Available for free download on January 30th and 31st.

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Set Your Boundaries Your Way: 7 Easy Ways to Say No to Difficult People by Stephanie J. Sterner

Set Your Boundaries Your Way: 7 Easy Ways to Say No to Difficult People

I’m at the board meeting for a local charity and it’s time for their annual Las Vegas Night.    Every year I’ve been in charge of ticket sales, all the tickets: general admission, drink and betting chips.  This is my favorite job, I get to be at the front table and meet everyone as they come in the door.  I feel that this is a great opportunity to chat people up about the organization and what we do, make sure they take some of our brochures about programs and encourage people to learn more and become active in our organization.

Okay, so I’ve got this job down pat and  I’m feeling pretty good about it, then I get a call from the chairperson of the event who says that she also needs  me to be in charge of  beverages this year.   I really don’t want to do this,  I feel  I’d be overwhelmed if I also took this on, also I  don’t want any alcohol in my car or house, which would be necessary.  I don’t want to see it, lift it or look at it.

How do I get out of this?  I know this woman,  she’s smart and fast with rejoinders.  I don’t feel comfortable having to verbally spar with her, I feel at a loss.

This is where I’m thankful for the Setting Boundaries book by Stephanie J. Sterner.  In this book she outlines 7 different strategies for overcoming the barriers that the chairperson is going to throw out to invalidate any reason I’ll give to turn her down, also the ones I give myself such as not wanting to disappoint, not wanting conflict or how to stand up against manipulation and other controlling behaviors.

You don’t have to be at a loss in these situations if  you use Stephanie Sterner’s book with 7 different strategies.  You’ll learn how to express yourself clearly, value your needs as just as important as others and finally be able to walk away feeling good about yourself.

I wish I had this book a long time ago,  it would have made my life so much easier.  Get these invaluable strategies and incredible life lessons here –

Free on Amazon on 29th-31st January: “A Flicker of Light” by Roberta Kagan

Those who have read Roberta Kagan’s “All My Love, Detrick” and “Heart of a Gypsy” will be glad to hear that her debut novel, “A Flicker of Light” has been fully rewritten and reedited as of May 22, 2012. With a great premise and an incredible story about a woman who would do anything to save her unborn child during “The Third Reich”, this novel is sure to become a bestseller. Fans of this author will not be disappointed, and if you haven’t read any of Roberta Kagan’s books, then you don’t know what you’re missing.

In 1935 the Nazis created a program – “The Lebensborn” – with the purpose of genetically engineering perfect Aryan children. These beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed beings would be raised in the Lebensborn orphanages or adopted by SS officers who are sure to turn them into ideal members of a new, master race. By clearing all undesirable elements out of Europe and educating these children to believe they belong to a superior race, Hitler intends to completely change the face of Europe. And Petra Jorgenson is caught right in the middle of this madness.

When her fiancée, Hans, dies on the Russian front, Petra understands that she is all alone and she needs to run from the Lebensborn Institute. Even though she lives in luxury, she knows that once she gives birth to her child two terrible things might happen: the child might prove unworthy for the Nazis’ superior race, or it might be taken from her to be placed in an orphanage. She can’t take risks, so she decides to run away in the woods. Seven months pregnant, with no money or friends, Petra has to find a way to survive.

Her story will keep you on the edge of your seat and you’ll soon realize you won’t be able to put the book down until you finish it. The best thing about Roberta Kagan’s writing is that it easily pulls you in the story and makes you relate to the characters and the situations they’re going through. Anger and sadness will overwhelm you while reading how the Nazis considered it their birth right to play God and destroy so many lives. Separating mothers from their children is unforgiveable, and you’ll find yourself investing so much in Petra’s story, hoping that she will eventually save herself and her unborn child. Heartbroken and alone, she is determined to fight for her baby and this makes her an amazing character.

Roberta Kagan has a true talent of presenting this dark, yet fascinating period of our history. If you read the other two novels I’ve mentioned above, you know what I’m talking about. In “A Flicker of Light” she managed to create wonderful characters who struggle to free themselves from a system that will kill anyone who doesn’t fit in. Hope and faith are these people’s only weapons.

“A Flicker of Light” will be available for free download from Amazon between 29th and 31st January. If you’re a fan of historical fiction, you shouldn’t miss this unique opportunity.

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40 Ways to have More Fun and Freedom in College by Thomas Kneifel

40 Ways to Have More Fun and Freedom in College

All the college students out there, this book is for you, to help you make your college life a more fun, exciting and luxurious one! It is a compilation of ideas and tricks from actual college students and can help make college life even more entertaining and exhilarating.

The entire book is broken up into four categories: Dorm Life, Apartment Life, Academic Life and Social Life. Each category contains suggestions on how you can make your college life more fun and enjoyable.

One of the tips you will find under the section on ‘Dorm Life’ includes finding people with extra meal plan money and utilizing the same for you or your friends. Another interesting tip is to get shower shoes for the dorm instead of opting for the community showers. Other very interesting ideas comprise of ingenious techniques to convert the bathroom floor into a steam room and building forts on the floors of the lounge to have fun. So be prepared to have more fun and excitement in your college to make it an even more memorable experience.

The author of this amazing book is Thomas Kneifel. He is currently a senior at Northern Illinois University, studying Marketing with an emphasis in sales and a minor in military science. He is also enrolled  in the Army National Guard. Becoming an author was one of his goals that he wanted to achieve before he turned thirty, which, as we are happy to see, he has.

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