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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

Book Review: “Achieve in 5!” by Lesa Hammond

When it comes to starting new projects or working on goals you’ve always dreamt of achieving, there is one problem that almost everyone encounters: the lack of time. Maybe you’re thinking of learning a new language, or writing a book, or turning your hobby into a business. You spend hours thinking about how you would do these things, yet when it comes to actually sitting down and doing them, you realize you don’t have time. Your job, children, everyday chores… all these seem to be more important than your dreams. Maybe it’s time you changed this opinion you have about your goals and the lack of time, and try a new approach. “Achieve in 5!” is the book that will show you how to take a project to the finish line by working on it 5 minutes a day.

Lesa Hammond is a PhD career development expert and the Executive Director of Achievement U, a non-profit organization devoted to empowering young people to achieve their dreams. She decided to write “Achieve in 5!” after she experienced her own difficulties with finding the time to accomplish some of her goals. She knew that many people have the same problem: “Many smart people with good ideas don’t achieve their goals. It is not because they don’t know how, but because they don’t take their goals to the finish line.” So she came up with a unique method that would help anyone take their goals to the finish line by committing to it 5 minutes a day, every day.

Just as the author explains at the beginning of her book, Achieve in 5! is a very simple, yet very effective method. What you have to do it identify what you want to accomplish, think of how you want to accomplish it and then commit to work on your project at least 5 minutes every day. Of course you can work more, but keep in mind that when you finish those 5 minutes of working, you’ve reached your goal for that day and even though you do nothing for your project until the following day, you can be proud of yourself because you’ve taken action and you’re about to make some great changes. You will see that, in reality, it doesn’t take that much effort or time to accomplish something you want. You simply have to stop thinking about doing it and actually do it. Five minutes a day is not much, but it is enough in the long run. Soon you will start seeing amazing, quick results.

“Achieve in 5!” will also teach you about other methods based on making small improvements every day, offering you the opportunity to combine them as you see fit. For instance, you will learn about Kaizen (“kai” = “change”; “zen” = “good”), which is the Japanese philosophy of making “incremental improvements that are manageable so you will stick to them”. Through her book, Lesa Hammond provides you with all the tools you need so that you can get started on your project as soon as possible. All you have to do is take the first step. From then on it will be easy.

If you really want to make your dreams come true, “Achieve in 5!” might just be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Here is where you can find it:

Book Review: “The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter” by Holy Ghost Writer

The adventures in the “Count of Monte Cristo” series continues with Book 11, “The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter”, and make Holy Ghost Writer’s fans even more anxious for Book 12, in which they hope to discover the connection with “The Sultan of Monte Cristo” (Book 2) and “That Girl Started Her Own Country” (Book 6). The author has managed to create an intricate puzzle that challenges the reader, at the same time keeping him guessing, turning the pages and wanting for more. There’s no doubt: H.G.W.’s books are addictive.

It is the year 2099 and the world is very different from how we know it. The planet is ruled by an International Government which strongly reminds us of George Orwell’s famous dystopian novel, “1984”, and has a clear purpose: “The International Government takes pride in each constituent’s loyal obedience to the protective laws designed to maximize life span and control over the environment for the prosperity of all constituents and their offspring.” So, from the very beginning we realize that we will be reading an adventure story in which the main character will fight against the system, but we have no idea that this main character is a 6-year-old boy who has lost his father.

Zeddy is a smart boy who is so brave and determined, that he will let no one stand in his way when he wants to find his missing father and bring him back home. But what Zeddy learns during his journey exceeds even his wildest dreams: he meets witches, sorcerers and strange creatures from another world. There is also a professor who might be able to answer Zeddy’s questions about his father, so his hope is not entirely lost.

“The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter” is an incredible sci-fi story set in a dystopian future where people are not allowed to do as they please and the Government’s actions are never explained. I loved the way in which the author described Zeddy’s world and how the details, the genuine dialogue and the captivating storyline turned the entire novel into a fast-paced, cinematic experience. The characters are believable and complex and it’s impossible not to adore Zeddy, the loyal son who wants to see his family reunited.

Once you finish “The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter” you will simply want more and hope that the author will publish the next book in the “Count of Monte Cristo” series as soon as possible. You can find the book here:

” The Boy Who Played With Dark Matter” is now permanently free on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“Your Band Is A Virus – Expanded Edition” by James Moore

If music is your greatest passion and you’re thinking of turning this hobby into a business but you’re not sure how to go about it, then you must know the first thing you need to do is grab “Your Band Is A Virus” and read it cover to cover. James Moore’s book is not only for those who’re at the beginning of their music career, but also for those who have tried breaking into the music industry and even gained some success. What independent musicians have to keep in mind is that the music industry is continuously changing and if they want to make their music heard, they need to keep up by adopting new strategies.

“Your Band Is A Virus – Expanded Edition” is the bigger and better version of James Moore’s best-selling book “Your Band Is A Virus – Behind-the-Scenes & Viral Marketing for the Independent Musician”. The tips and advice you will find here come from a music promoter who knows his business and is willing to offer you all the information you need to change your life. If you know what you want and you’re ready to take your art to the next level, James Moore will provide you with all the marketing tools:

“The goal for the independent musician is to find creative ways to get more and more people to ‘catch’ their virus, and also to create multiple avenues for the virus to spread with ease. As I promote, I call the process ‘planting seeds’.”

By addressing what he considers to be the “number one issue affecting independent musicians today: the issue of perspective”, James Moore is determined to wipe out all the misconceptions surrounding the music marketing and comes up with out-of-the-box ideas that are sure to work for any independent musician or band. You won’t get promises of getting rich and famous over night, but you will learn some incredible tactics that you won’t find anywhere else. Some of the things you will learn from “Your Band Is A Virus” include types of marketing, how to build a website, how to get your music online, how to create an awesome video, or how to earn more funds. The best part is that this newly expanded edition contains a lot of other tips which you’ll find absolutely priceless. Here are just some of them:

- Build a freelance writer’s army and take charge of your music promotions

- Outsource your marketing! Think like an entrepreneur, not a beggar

- How to properly promote music videos

- Get the underground music distribution network on your side by using the label’s approach

- How to contact bigger media and play by the rules better than anyone else

- How to avoid pitfalls and scams aimed specifically at indie artists

To find out what else this extended edition includes, just follow the link: You’ll be glad to see that you won’t need to search the Internet anymore, for you have everything you need in one place: James Moore’s book.

So, if you’re ready to make it into the independent music industry, build a powerful fan base and earn some serious money, make your first and biggest step by purchasing “Your Band Is A Virus”:

Jump on The Fastest Growing Home Business 2013, Personal Concierge

Source: via Jo on Pinterest

Was there ever a day you wished someone could stand in line for you to do your store returns, get your mom’s dog walked cause her hip is out, then call and make sure your Chinese food arrives on time for your lunch meeting, and check to make sure the seats you need to see that special concert are booked for you ?


Is your typical day waking up and getting breakfast together for your family, a neighbor,  or co-workers?

Were you going to the grocery store and could pick up some extra groceries for people in your building?

Were you going to be taking some clothes back to Kohl’s and maybe other people would pay you to stand in line and do their returns?

Most at home mom’s and dad’s don’t realize how many things they do for others during the day they can get paid to do. Being a personal concierge is one of the hottest business ideas in 2013. You can work for your self or develop such a great reputation that Corporations would hire you to work from home to take care of their VIP’s.

I first learned about this business through my friend Nicolene. She works from home 8 hours a day as a personal concierge. She is so good that American Express uses her exclusively to handle their premium card holders. She has a knowledge of hotels, restaurants, and events in town. She knows the best caterers and insider social scene to make a VIP welcome in any of the top cities in the United States. She earns a six figure income from home just taking care of making special arrangements.

I asked her how to get started and she would never tell me. I recently came across this press release and I just broke her secret. Kiplinger says becoming a personal concierge is one of its top ten choices for work-at-home entrepreneurs.

If your dream is to enter the exciting and rewarding field of the personal concierge, now is a perfect time to start your business. Demand for personal concierge services is exploding. According to the International Concierge and Errand Association, the personal concierge business is now a $1 billion industry — $1 billion and growing exponentially every year.  If you’re ready to make the leap into entrepreneurship and business ownership and learn how to start a concierge service now is the perfect time!

The Instant Concierge ( puts everything you need to start and develop your personal concierge business at your fingertips so you can hit the ground running. Every penny and every minute you invest in your dream will contribute to your personal success.

Now you’ll have the practical guidance you need on how to start a concierge business—and still remain the 100% owner.

The Instant Concierge is a tested and proven blueprint to success that gives step-by-step advice on how to start a concierge service—and all the tools you’ll need to manage your business professionally.

Investing in The Instant Concierge will cost you a fraction of what you’d spend trying to get your concierge business up and running on your own.

Why not put your time and efforts into bringing more to the bottom-line?

The Instant Concierge helps you hit the ground running. No hit or miss. No testing new theories. No creating an invoice or a form to collect personal information from your clients…everything has been done for you and will be provided to you. You choose the package that’s right for you—the more inclusive the package you choose, the faster your company will be up and running, bringing in new customers and profits to your new company’s bottom line.

What’s included?

• A full hour consultation with our lead concierge business expert

• Information on how to form your business legally, but in the most personally expedient manner

• Locate start-up money and learn how to create a launch budget

• Get the simple steps necessary to create the perfect website

• Shift your social media vehicles like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest from simple client communications into revenue-builders

• Turn your prospects into prosperity

• Develop a referral machine that works for you

• Commit to the 20 Essential Standards For Success

• Learn the 10 steps to turning a `maybe’ into a `yes’

• Get the key to pricing your services—and find out why you should never undercut your competitors

• The Who, What, When, and Sometimes, Why of managing requests

• Real-life responses for handling complaints, unhappy customers, and difficult people

Whether you’re just setting up shop or you’re a seasoned personal concierge, At Your Service: Shortcuts To Success As A Personal Concierge is a practical how-to guide giving you advice, tips, and insight on the best ways to expand your market and bring more $$$ to your bottom line.

Special bonus chapter!
 Exclusive and only available in the eBook

99 valuable resources to make your job as a personal concierge easier and
 keep your clients 100% satisfied!

There is so much more this website offers, I couldn’t fit it all in this article.

There are more extra’s offered. If you are thinking about considering this, its best to act fast since it is such an easy business to start right now today from home,  check out the site and let me know what you think.

Meanwhile, if there is someone who will pick up my dry cleaning on Thursday,

I just may hire you !


Book Review: “January Jackson and Friends: The Premiere” by Zonie Felder

With an original, hot and funny storyline, “January Jackson and Friends: The Premiere” is the perfect contemporary/ erotic novel if you are into this genre and you prefer sexy stories with well-developed characters. Zonie Felder is an amazing storyteller and, through her debut novel, she proves that she can write realistic dialogues and compelling love scenes, while also taking her time to thoroughly describe her characters and their back-stories so that the readers can relate to them. “January Jackson and Friends” is such a gripping book that you will read it in one sitting and then hope that Zonie Felder will write and publish her next novel as fast as possible.

From the very first pages we meet five confident, modern women who have been friends all their lives and promised to stay like this forever. But this is not the only promise they made, for there’s something that is always more important than friendship, and that is success:

“We’re now in our mid-thirties and we’re feeling the weight of the world as we get ready to embark on the big 35. We get ready to fulfill our destiny. Seventeen years ago we declared it and now we have claimed it. We made a promise that we were all going to stay friends and be successful by the age of thirty-five. Some more so than others but we all did it.”

It is well known that women will stop at nothing to achieve what they want and this is especially true when it comes to men. These five friends have extremely different personalities and they use their own wits and weapons to reach success as they envision it. What I loved about this book is that the author chose to present her characters in the first chapter, so the readers would make a clear idea about who they were dealing with. This is how we meet Charlene Jones, a beautiful, spoiled woman and a hopeless romantic, Terry Tucker, who is so straightforward and honest that she easily makes enemies, Jasmine Wright, an emotional, romantic woman, and Monica Freeman, a beautiful, deceitful woman who knows how to make things go her way. And let’s not forget January Jackson, the confident, proud woman who always feels good in her own skin even though she weighs 245 pounds. They are all divas and they all know how to get what they want, no matter if it’s about men, a great job or a beautiful family. But are they able to achieve success without stabbing each other in the back?

Another thing that I liked a lot about “January Jackson and Friends” was the fact that the author chose to switch points of view from one character to the other. This way the readers get the chance to find out even more interesting things about each friend and see the world through their eyes. It’s impossible not to relate to at least one of them, because the situations they go through are so realistic and they can happen to anyone.

So, if you feel like reading a good erotic novel about friendship, power, lust and betrayal, don’t hesitate to try “January Jackson and Friends: The Premiere”, because you won’t be disappointed. You can find the book here:

“The Metabolism Reboot Diet (Increase Your Metabolism)” by Kate Johnson

Have you ever wondered why the weight loss diets you’ve followed didn’t have long-lasting results? Maybe you thought it was just your body going against you because you’ve never been naturally lean and your genes have long decided your weight and body-built. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, it’s true that genes dictate so many things that might affect your body and health, but it’s also true that you can reboot them. Through her book, Kate Johnson is aiming to answer all your questions about metabolism, explain the way it influences your weight and teach you how to change it and drop pounds forever.

“The Metabolism Reboot Diet” is not your typical diet book for at least two reasons. First of all, the “new get lean science” is entirely based on serious studies and scientific resources. You will learn how your metabolism works, why people are getting fatter in our society and why it is so difficult to lose weight when we gain it so fast. This unique diet uses what happens at the cellular level to fire up your metabolism and help you burn fat. This is exactly why the metabolism reboot diet will have long-term results, and this brings me to the second reason for which this book is so special: it offers you a diet that will not only help you lose weight very quickly, but will also keep you lean and healthy for the rest of your life. You have the right to be happy and proud of your body and you deserve to be among those naturally blessed who eat anything they want, don’t exercise at all and still look like top models.

If you read this book, you will see that the metabolism reboot diet is more of a lifestyle. The program will change your metabolism in 6-8 weeks and after this period you will be able to reintroduce foods that were restricted in the first part of the diet. Slowly, but surely, you will reach the point when you won’t need to worry about the number of calories and the foods you eat, because you’ll already be part of the naturally blessed group. In the beginning of the book, the author states there are people who have dropped 23 pounds in just 5 weeks without exercising or starving. This is the best motivation to start following this diet, change your life and get the body you’ve always dreamt of.

Kate Johnson will teach you everything you need to know before you start on this path. For instance, you will need to start sleeping better, find a way to relieve your stress and re-balance your life. You have no idea about the strong effects these small issues can have on your metabolism. You will also learn how to avoid hunger, rev up your metabolism, take back control over your life and rediscover the best in yourself. But this is just a glimpse of what you’re going to read about in “The Metabolism Reboot Diet (Increase Your Metabolism)”. What I advise you to do is purchase the book, read it carefully and decide if you are ready to change your own metabolism:

A Gripping Novel About Survival in a Hostile Land: “An Island Between Two Shores” by Graham Wilson

“An Island Between Two Shores” is a gripping, powerful story about survival in a hostile land, about conquering your deepest fears and staying strong even when everything seems lost. A dangerous journey, a young girl’s life hanging on a thin thread of hope… Through this brutal, yet redeeming novel, bestselling author Graham Wilson manages to pull the reader out of his comfort zone and make him deal with the fact that, even in a fictional universe, things might not go the way he expects. If I were to describe “An Island Between Two Shores” in three words, I would say: realistic, wonderful, heartbreaking.

Liana has left Paris with her father who wanted to try his luck and get rich in the Klondike gold rush. Now, in 1900, Liana is 18 years old, her father has died in what she thinks was an accident and she is left alone with Henry, an old Indian friend, in an isolated cabin in the north. When Henry is killed by two men and the cabin is burnt to the ground, Liana’s only chance at survival is to escape into the wilderness and hope she will make it back to civilization. With only a set of clothes, a knife and a fishhook with a line, Liana is trapped on a desolate arctic island and has to survive or accept defeat in front of the harsh northern winter and the wild animals. What keeps her alive is her oath of revenge against those who have killed Henry and possibly even her father. But when you have to fight against your fears and a ruthless environment at such an early age, only trusting your instincts and the hazy memories of what an old Indian friend has once told you, things might just become near impossible to handle.

Liana is a beautifully written character the reader can immediately relate to. I felt like I had a lot to learn from her and wondered if I’d ever be able to survive in such a difficult situation. There were times when I was genuinely afraid for her and I really needed her to be given a chance to survive and make it back home. “An Island Between Two Shores” was inspired by the author’s own adventures in the north, for he has lived in Yukon, Canada since 1986, which makes his novel even more realistic. Also, the landscapes he describes are simply breathtaking. Here is just an example:

“In the distance, snowy mountains shimmered in the mid-morning sun. She was startled by their enormity. The scale of the landscape was always unsettling to her. It was too vast, too expansive. This meadow was somewhere close to the border between Alaska and the Yukon, but she never cared to figure out which side it laid.”

The last couple of words clearly emphasize the fact that Liana is in the land of nowhere, she is lost and she’s not even interested in finding her own way. This will soon change when her loved ones are killed and she is forced into making a decision.

If you want to learn more about the author and purchase “An Island Between Two Shores”, just follow the links:

An Exciting Cyberpunk Short Story: “The Advertising Agent” by Noboru Ryuichi

“The Advertising Agent” by Japanese author Noboru Ryuichi is a short story no sci-fi/ cyberpunk fan should miss. I’ve always been fascinated by the cyberpunk genre, so when I saw the description of this short story I couldn’t wait to read it and dive into the strange, futuristic universe that Ryuichi has managed to create. I soon realized “The Advertising Agent” is nothing short of exciting and… scary. I mean, how would you feel to find out that the devices we have now can only be found in history books in Ryuichi’s fictional world? And that’s not all…

In the very first pages we meet Joe, an advertising agent who is specialized in the creation of advertising bots that would cruise the VR and target the right people, at the right place and at the right time to sell their clients’ products. AdvertoBots is Joe’s masterpiece and he is constantly working on making it better. But Joe’s comfortable life is going to change when he finds out that RX Security, his biggest corporate client, is using AdvertoBots to kill celebrities and terrorize people into buying even more bots. Now, Joe is a good guy and this information shocks him, but going against RX Security might just not be his best option: the company doesn’t only pay his bills, but it’s also keeping him out of DebtJail. Will Joe sacrifice himself for the greater good?

I had a lot of fun reading “The Advertising Agent” and not only because it is action-packed and Joe is a truly likeable character, but also because it made me wonder if I would like to live in such a world. Here’s a quotation that will explain more than I can tell:

“That pioneer of the social networks, Facebook™, evolved from a social network into a VR/ ID platform. Without a Facebook™ ID, nobody was able to access VR. And without VR, real life was not possible…”

Doesn’t this sound unsettling? And because Ryuichi’s short story is about a new, high tech way of advertising, let me show you how dangerous and intrusive these gadgets would be:

“Advertising over the decades has evolved from broadcasting simple sales pitches at consumers, to using more subtle emotional mind manipulation…”

Would we still be free in this kind of world? This is exactly why I enjoy cyberpunk literature so much: it challenges the reader to think way beyond the present day and forces his imagination to picture a world in which real life would be replaced with virtual reality and people wouldn’t even feel the difference.

So, if you’re looking for a fast, entertaining read, I strongly recommend you pick Noboru Ryuichi’s thought-provoking short story. You can purchase it at:

Book Review: “Summertown” by Jeff Gafford

If you want to read a fun, exciting story that goes from humorous to serious in a heartbeat and introduces clever twists and turns when you least expect them, then “Summertown” is the right book for you. I picked up Jeff Gafford’s book once I read that the action takes place in a small community, and we all know how the peaceful life in such small villages may actually hide some dark secrets. Just think about “Twin Peaks”! I’ve watched that TV series twice and I intend to watch it again in the future. “Summertown” is very similar to it, sans the paranormal bits.

The lead character, Jimmy Stone, is a guy you’ll like from the very first pages. An accountant with a failed marriage, he is absolutely hilarious when he explains how grateful he was to the man who stole his wife and helped him escape from hell. He’s got a grown up daughter who is about to get married and he can’t think of a better life until his ex-wife calls to tell him her boyfriend has left her and she feels miserable. This is just about when Jimmy’s life turns upside down. On top of that, his daughter’s wedding reception proves to be an event no one will easily forget, and people start to wonder who will be the girl to grab the attention of the young and single Deputy Marshal. This book sure has everything it needs to keep the reader engaged: love, hatred, gossip, lies, misunderstandings and a deadly secret. In the end, I could only agree to Jimmy’s words: “Life had been so quiet and simple for so many years in Summertown that it was hard to imagine things could ever go this wrong.”

Aside from the highly entertaining story and dark humor, this novel excels when it comes to characters. Jeff Gafford managed to create such complex, well-developed characters that it is impossible not to relate to them. Moreover, they are so believable and seem so real that you get the impression you already know them. You don’t have to live in a small community to recognize these types of people. They are everywhere around us. Character-driven stories are my favorite and I could tell that the author took his time to create a strong background for each of them. This, along with the amazingly written dialogues, the fast-paced action and Jimmy’s likable personality, turns “Summertown” into a great novel that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Here are the links where you can purchase “Summertown”:

Book Review: “Cold Sunshine – The World Has a Flipside” by Dustin Style

With his book, “Cold Sunshine – The World Has a Flipside”, Dustin Style throws a great challenge at his readers: sit back and imagine how it would be to have the entire world as your playground. You’re probably thinking this is impossible and you can’t even picture it in your mind, but Dustin Style, as a former soldier, police officer and agent, is here to tell you the world we live in has another side, so different and unbelievable from how we know it that he can even call it a “parallel universe”. This is the world of secret agents.

After 14 years of experience during which he worked in different departments, including narcotics and national security and provided protection for Royal Family Members and Members of Congress, Dustin Style felt he was ready to share everything he knows and teach his readers some tips that might just come in handy sometime. I must admit that when I picked up the book I couldn’t wait to find out if the life of a secret agent is really the way it is presented in movies. What I discovered exceeded my expectations, because “Cold Sunshine” is not only a book that will tell you about the skills and the training of an agent, but will also reveal some secrets and surprising facts that will turn your world upside down. Still, what I liked best about this book is that it’s highly motivational! Dustin Style encourages positive thinking and assures his readers that anyone can apply his tips and escape from a difficult situation. Actually, one of his goals was to create the book he would have loved to have access to before starting in secret intelligence. No, he doesn’t regret his choice, but he strongly believes that if he had known the things he is now presenting in “Cold Sunshine”, he could have avoided making many mistakes.

As I was telling you, this book has a strong motivational message. I will give you some examples so you would know what I mean:

“Out of our comfort zone is often a scary place to be, but in order to grow emotionally and mentally, it is the only place to be.” – In my opinion, too many people refuse to get out of their comfort zone and prefer a life full of routine and situations they can control. I’ve never been that type of person, so I found Dustin Style’s book very refreshing.

“It is only when you allow yourself to be challenged that you will truly see what you are really capable of.”

Also, Dustin Style’s motto is something I decided to adopt: “KISS” = “Keep It Simple, Stupid!”. Too often we complicate things trying to find fancy solutions to problems that can be easily solved if we could just manage to see things the way they really are. It’s clear that the author applied his motto when writing this book, because “Cold Sunshine” is structured in such a clear way and it is written in such an easy, uncomplicated language, that anyone can understand it. So I advise you to grab this book and learn everything that Dustin Style has to teach you. Here are just some examples: how to gain access to almost any building, how to start a new life with a new identity, how to pick up girls like James Bond, how to avoid getting shot or how to escape captivity in a foreign country. The truth is, you never know when one of these techniques might just save your life.

To learn more about “Cold Sunshine – The World Has a Flipside”, go to the author’s website:

You can watch a trailer of the book here: