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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

Book Review: “Hannelore Takes Note” by Margit Amundsen

Hannelore Riker is your average graduate student in whose life nothing good or exceptional ever seems to happen, thus making her existence quite normal, even plain. She’s tired of dealing with eccentric professors, unappreciative undergraduates and, even worse, a failing love life. So what can she do in such a situation? Well, humor and a lot of optimism might just help Hannelore learn how beautiful life actually is and that it’s really worth making the best of it.

Margit Amundsen’s novel is a refreshing story about self-discovery, which makes it appeal to anyone, from teenagers to adults. If you like stories with an academic setting and very witty dialogue, then “Hannelore Takes Notes” is the best choice you can make. While struggling with her dissertation and the everyday drama, she learns so many things about the world and the people around her, eventually figuring out who she can really trust. But that’s not all: Hannelore also learns about herself and at the end of the novel the reader can really say she is a very round, well developed character. Actually, I loved the fact that I often recognized myself in Hannelore and this makes the story even more realistic.

Margit Amundsen’s outstanding writing style pulls you into the story and truly makes you relate to her characters. “Hannelore Takes Notes” is a relaxing, entertaining read that will certainly make you feel better and remind you anything can be solved with a bit of humor and a lot of optimism. So, if you feel like enjoying a light, refreshing novel, you can purchase this book at or

“The Rules of the AWESOME Player” by Sam Ikoku

What you will find in “The Rules of the AWESOME Player” are a set of principles that can be applied by anyone, no matter their business, race or environment. These rules are timeless, they worked in the past for successful businessmen, they will work right now for you if you choose to follow them and will always work in the future for any business you will ever start. This e-book will remind you that determination, commitment, intuition and true passion for your business are the key to success. But Sam Ikoku does not only remind you these things, he is willing to go the extra mile to show you how to achieve success step by step through an Awesome Workshop for High Achievers that will take place on December 15th 2012 in Abuja, Nigeria.

With 2013 drawing close, I think we all need to reflect on a very important aspect of our future: what are our goals for the next year and how do we intend to achieve them? This is one reason for which Sam Ikoku’s full-day workshop is the best choice you can make at the end of 2012. How many times have you made a list of the things you want to do and then realized it didn’t help because you didn’t quite know how to make these things happen? Well, this e-book is divided in seven short chapters that will offer you a glimpse of what you’re going to learn if you attend the workshop. You can see the chapter titles are actually seven steps to success:

1. Awesome players commit 100% or nothing

2. Awesome players go where the ball is going!

3. Awesome players persist at their passion

4. Awesome players feel the fear, but play anyway!

5. Awesome players maximize the first 60 minutes of each day

6. Awesome players show appreciation

7. Awesome players maintain a “solutions” focus

Sam Ikoku will teach you the difference between the people who are good and the people who are great and show you how to overcome your fears and act toward your goals with the strong conviction that you will succeed.  He says: “Persistence is the continuous doing of something even when you don’t see results, knowing that you are going to get the desired outcome.” If you believe he’s right, then download his e-book on his website – – and start your journey toward success.

Book Review: “The Carb Swappers Diet” by Gary McCarty

“The Carb Swappers Diet” is not only a book that will help you lose weight and improve your lifestyle, but one that will also teach you how to maintain a proper weight without giving up your favorite foods and the pleasure of eating complete, satisfying meals. Gary McCarty, the author of this book, is the living proof that this diet works and it’s not even too difficult to follow. Respecting the tagline he’s chosen for his diet plan, “Go Simple and Go Slim™”, Gary McCarty will teach you six simple steps to lose weight and stay healthy, a method he invented himself and called “B[U]RPP™”. The author talks about his own experiences in such a light and funny way, that it’s impossible not to find his book really entertaining.

This is how the “B[U]RPP™” method came to life: when his doctor told him he’s very close to Type 2 diabetes, Gary McCarty decided to take her advice and go with a low carb diet. Only he didn’t stop here and figured out a way to improve it: he eliminated all the bad carbs that can usually be found in fast food (potatoes, sandwiches, hamburgers, hotdogs etc.) The result was an easy to keep diet that allows you to eat anything you like and in the amounts you like, as long as you avoid bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. But there’s even more to it: the carb swappers diet comes with some advantages no other diet can offer:

1. You won’t have to count the calories ever again.

2. There is no set menu you need to follow, which means you’re the one to decide what you’re going to eat.

3. You don’t need an exercise program to help you lose weight. Just how cool is that?

4. You will never have to invest in costly pills and supplements.

I must admit that everything sounded so good and the six steps of “B[U]RPP™” are so easy to learn, that I decided to try Gary McCarty’s method. If you feel you must lose some weight, or simply switch to a healthier diet, then this is the book for you. You can learn more about the carb swappers diet at the author’s website – – and purchase the book here:

Book Review: “A New Wrinkle on Face Lifts: Is There One in Your Future?” By William J. Fili, L.M.

The author was a P.O.W. during WWII and a veteran of the Korean Conflict who, back in the 1970s, felt it would be an asset to his career as an author and lecturer to have cosmetic surgery performed in the form of a face-lift. The book is a combination of his narrative regarding his own personal experiences with the procedure, his research into the medical profession, insurance companies and governmental regulating agencies insofar as they relate to cosmetic surgery and extensive personal interviews with others who have had surgery performed for cosmetic reasons.

The procedures we now know as “plastic surgery” evolved from the reconstructive surgeries performed by physicians on veterans returning from the Second World War who had been disfigured by combat. At that time, the use of “plastic” as a substrate for many different types of applications was beginning to become widespread and its usefulness in this type of surgery proved to be quite successful — thus, the term “plastic surgery”. Coincidentally, movie stars who had come to fame during the 30s and 40s were beginning to show signs of aging and it was then that these procedures were adapted to extend their careers.

Soon thereafter, women (and more than a few men) of means discovered that they, too, could reap the benefits of similar procedures and, in keeping with the laws of supply and demand, costs then de-escalated to the point where just about any member of the middle-class could afford them.

Professionals involved with the cosmetic surgery industry run the gamut from posh, pricey, Beverly Hills “super-surgeons” down to part-time “pseudo-surgeons” who run their businesses from shabby, back-alley offices. Consequently, it is no surprise that one of the most salient points the author makes is the fact that — due to the delicate nature of this type of procedure — face-lifts in particular have a certain failure rate which often results in the procedure having to be re-done to correct flaws in symmetry and when too much skin has been removed during surgery. This is a concern very few undergoing such surgeries are aware of, as is the negotiation of the maze of legal processes that result from such an error.

Because of its “elective” nature, plastic surgery patients occasionally also experience feelings of depression as the result of self-generated guilt for having spent so much money on a purely vanity-driven act. Additionally, few patients are prepared for the often condescending attitude expressed by medical professionals — such as nurses — who have undertaken their chosen careers with the goal in mind of relieving the suffering of those who have undergone some type of unforeseen medical crisis and perceive cosmetic surgery patients as “prima donnas”.

The main message conveyed by the author is that most people would never buy a car or a major appliance for their homes without consulting other people whose opinions they trust who have “owned one” and, yet, multiple thousands of these same people will put their faith and their physical safety in the hands of physicians about whom they know virtually nothing.

“Face-Lifts” is a book that anyone even remotely contemplating plastic surgery SHOULD read. It is a rational, calculating, comprehensive assessment of all the variables and potential trouble-spots involved in making a decision whether or not to have this type of procedure done as well as a frank and open, blow-by-blow narrative from someone who has “been there”.

The book is available for purchase in Kindle format from at the following link: .


“The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything and Living the Good Life” by Timothy Ferriss

If at the first glance this seems to be a cookbook, you should look closer. Timothy Ferriss is the acclaimed author of two New York Times best sellers – “The 4-Hour Body” and “The 4-hour Workweek” – and now he intends to teach his readers how to learn any kind of skill through… cooking. So, yes, you’ll find some delicious recipes, some innovative cooking methods and enough tips and tricks to turn you into a chef in no time. But you will also learn about meta-learning and how to use it in order to become a pro at just about anything you can think of.

If you don’t know what meta-learning is, Timothy Ferriss will introduce you to this technique by explaining it in simple words and showing you exactly the steps you should take to apply it. Basically, meta-learning is a process through which you can learn anything you want in a very short amount of time. So, if you’re thinking of learning a new language, this is the perfect method. It also works with cooking, which, as any other skill, can be learnt in six months or less if you’re ready to take Ferriss’ advice and follow the meta-learning techniques.

Before you embark on this amazing journey that will turn you into a world-class chef while also encouraging you to truly enjoy life and make the best of everything, the author gives a couple of reasons for which everyone should read this fun, unusual book (especially those who don’t like cooking and avoid all cookbooks). Here are his reasons:

1. You will learn how to become world-class in any skill in record time. – Now, who wouldn’t love that? Actually, this first reason was the one that convinced me I absolutely must read this book as fast as possible.

2. Eating (and life) will become high-definition.

3. You will get into the best shape of your life. – Yes, this cookbook features recipes for the Slow-Carb Diet and, as Timothy Ferriss himself states, “fat loss of 20 pounds in the first month is not uncommon”.

4. It doesn’t take much to become impressive.

5. Cooking is the mating advantage.  – I think many people will pick this book particularly for this reason. There’s no secret that food has an important role in seduction.

6. Because it’s fun.

Timothy Ferris is a great storyteller who knows how to keep his readers interested in between recipes and cooking tips. I had a lot of fun reading this book and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t. It’s a relaxing, out of the ordinary read that will teach you how to stay happy and healthy and enjoy your life and the delicious food you cook with your own hands.

Don’t hesitate to purchase “The 4-Hour Chef’ at

“How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell” By James Dillehay

(Further entitled: “Formulas and Strategies for Arriving at Profitable Craft Prices for Selling Online or Off, Wholesale or Retail”. This is the revised and updated edition of the original book: “The Basic Guide to Pricing Your Craftwork” by James Dillehay.)

How to Price Crafts by James Dillehay

Book cover: “How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell” By James Dillehay

Those of us who are artistic and creative — good at making things — are very often NOT very good at running a business…

In his book “How to Price Crafts and Things You Make to Sell”, James Dillehay (author of such books as: “Sell Your Crafts Online”, “Sell Your Crafts on Ebay” and “The Basic Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts” — among others) gives us real, practical advice on making a crafts business profitable. The author’s easy-to-follow directions detail many aspects of running a craft business and provide dozens of useful hints on how to save on costs and maximize profits selling your crafts to stores and end-buyers in both the retail and wholesale markets.

Some of the chapters include:

How to Raise Prices Without Raising Eyebrows
The Pricing Formula
Competitive Pricing Strategies
Pricing One-of-a-Kind Pieces
How to Slash Material Costs
Tax Advantages From Your Craft Business

And more…

The author goes into the importance of packaging and presentation and how utilizing high-quality materials and being “earth-friendly” all help your bottom-line sales.

Many of the author’s helpful suggestions are for things one might never think of as being able to influence a potential customer to buy — such as the importance of having labeling that contains your “artist’s statement” which tells the story of how you came to chose your particular craft. This is something buyers are interested in reading that helps them become more familiar with your work and contributes to their buying decision. He also brings up the importance of “branding” — creating a unique logo, color scheme, character, etc. which becomes closely identified with your work — thus making it recognizable wherever potential buyers may see or hear it.

Author James Dillehay even compares the effectiveness of different types of sales venues (craft fairs vs. catalog sales vs. online vs. selling to retailers vs. paid sales agents) — the drawbacks and beneficial points of each — and identifies several factors that add to the cost of doing business which most people overlook when setting prices for their work. In addition, he gives you valuable information about tax deductions for small businesses that could save you a bunch of money when April rolls around.

All in all “How To Price Crafts” is one of the most (if not THE most) comprehensive guides available to assist you, the craftperson, in setting prices for your handiwork that will maximize your profits, minimize your costs, appeal most to your potential buyers and make it possible to work out of your home doing something you really LIKE to do! What could possibly be better than that?

“How to Price Crafts” by James Dillehay is available on For order info, access: or see the book’s website at

“The MobileYouth — Voices of the Mobile Generation” By Graham Brown

"The Mobile Generation" by Graham Brown

Book Cover: “The Mobile Generation – Voices of the Mobile Generation” by Graham Brown.

Cellphone technology is a $400 billion/year industry. Today, over 1 billion cellphones are in the hands of young people under 30. That’s more people than the entire population of China.

It’s clear that mobile phone technology is now shaping the future of our species and our planet but, in the end analysis, this technology — no matter how far-reaching and broad in its implication — is simply a tool. A means to an end that no one has the slightest idea about.

In “The Mobile Youth”, author Graham Brown deconstructs the driving force behind the technology — the youth of the world — and inspects it through the lens of experience of his own nearly 20 years in the communications business. He examines the similarities and differences of, not only how young people in vastly different places use this digital “tool”, but how they feel about it emotionally: 61% of mobile phone owners sleep with their phones. The teddy bear has given way to the razorphone…

50% of these under-30s who own mobile phones live in Asia but Brown is quick to point out that the story of this world-changing technology is not limited to Asia:

“Japanese high school girls clutch mobile phones designed by Apple in California and manufactured by a Chinese company as they head . . . in search of handbags made by a nineteenth-century French brand, Louis Vuitton. It’s not Asia’s story because these mobile phone owning teenagers have much more in common with their foreign peers than they do with their parents.”

Brown includes stories from the ranks of the young in South America, the Middle East and the U.S. in his book. It’s clear, however, that Asia was far quicker to embrace this technology than the West. Japan and Korea had high-speed mobile internet connections back in 2000 when the standard everywhere else was 9k bps WAP and, in 1998 — a full 10 years ahead of Apple — the leading carrier in Japan already had an applications store.

The contrasts between Eastern and Western centers of population may hold some clues to the “Connected Wireless Future”. Graham points out that Tokyo lacks the sheer frenzy of New York — the visible homeless population, perpetually tardy public transportation, flaring tempers and conspicuous litter — even though the size of the population is comparable and cites the words of Harry Lime, the antagonist in Graham Greene’s novel “The Third Man”:

“…in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, murder and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love, they had 500 years of democracy and peace — and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.”

It remains to be seen what innovations (if any) shall emerge from this “Generation Z” who have traded their teddy bears for cellphones; however, studying the fascinating stories of ten of its individual members — brought to light by Graham Brown in “The Mobile Youth” — just might give us some clues.

“The Mobile Youth — Voices of the Mobile Generation” by Graham Brown is available in Kindle format from at: . You can access the blog about the book at: .

“The European Casino Guide” by Cyco Publishing

Thanks to “The European Casino Guide”, tourists who travel to Europe and like to have fun in a casino from time to time don’t need to do their own research anymore. The American casinos are all featured and well documented in “The American Casino Guide”, but until now there was no such publication dedicated to the European casinos. This guide is the result of many months of work and those behind it already have a great plan for the future editions: if in the first edition you can find all the contact information of casinos in 40 European countries, in the next ones you might just find impartial reviews for all of them.

“The European Casino Guide” is very well organized, so no one would have problems finding what they’re looking for. The guide starts with a “How to Play” section that will introduce you to some of the most popular casino games and give you clear explanations on how to play them. I think this is great information for all beginners who simply want to hit a casino once in a while and have fun with their friends. Then, the guide lists over 300 casinos in alphabetical country order. Moreover, you can also find some very useful information about each country: a short description and how to get there by plane, train, bus or car. Again, this will reduce a lot of your own personal research.

Another thing that is absolutely amazing about this guide is that you have all the information you need about the casinos in every European country and city in one place: you have an address, a photo, contact phone/ fax and email, as well as dress code, age restrictions, any applicable fees and even the number of gaming tables and slots. It’s clear that any casino lover should own this guide when travelling through Europe.

“The European Casino Guide” can be a great Christmas gift for someone who intends to spend their holidays in Europe, so don’t hesitate to purchase it in Kindle or paperback version at or at

“The Information Thieves” By M. L. Katz

Book Cover "The Information Thieves" by M. L. Katz

“The Information Thieves” by M. L. Katz

“The Information Thieves” takes place in the same post-Flood world as “The Raft People” by the author.

In this future-Flood world, Tokyo is a floating city and Houston is under water. Dallas has become a huge “tent city” — taking in refugees from the flood-inundated surrounding cities and towns — and the Gulf of Mexico is now called “the Sea of Mexico”.

A young hacker named Eli discovers that the giant “World Tech” corporation that is supplying the food and medicines needed by flood survivors has been up to no good — trafficking in young women to serve as birth-mothers for their illegal cloning experiments to develop a race of super-humans.

To try and keep this knowledge under wraps, the corporation sends a modern Samurai, the FBI and Corporate Security to dispose of Eli and he must go on the run to try and hide from them before he is killed…

In the end, Eli will have only one of World Tech’s “failed” experimental super-humans and a Neanderthal man who died a half-million years ago but was revived to help him escape.

“The Information Thieves” by M. L. Katz is an intriguing blend of apocalyptic fiction and fast-paced thriller that will catch you up in its page-turning action before you know it and keep you turning those pages until the exciting conclusion.

It is available in Kindle format on at: Or, you can access the author’s webpage at .

For info on the first book in the series “The Raft People”, go to the book’s webpage at or order from at .

“Christmas Miracles: A Collection of Inspirational Stories to Warm the Heart” by Kristine Pierce

If you want to buy the perfect Christmas present for someone you love, then you should definitely consider this collection of short stories. “Christmas Miracles: A Collection of Inspirational Stories to Warm the Heart” will remind you and all the people who read it how special Christmas is and how it can work its magic and take you by surprise even when you least expect it. Truly touching and heart-warming, this book will make you smile and realize how important it is to enjoy the moments you spend with your friends and family during Christmas time.

All the five stories in this collection are meant to remind you that little things can make all the difference and miracles can happen no matter where you are. Probably one of the worst feelings is when Christmas is coming and you can’t be near your family. This is how Anna, the main character in “When a Child is Born”, feels even though she did her best to prepare her apartment for the holidays. What she’ll learn is that miracles can happen anywhere and at any time, taking you by surprise and filling you with joy and wonder.

In the second story, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”, Jeff is coming home after four years of being away and has the biggest surprise in his life. Reading the next three stories in this collection, “The Little Christmas Tree”, “Christmas Memories” and “Give This Christmas Away”, you’ll remember that being with the ones you love is not enough, and the holidays are also the perfect time to help the ones around you and bring a smile on their faces. Giving and receiving makes you feel complete and this book is the perfect present to put under the Christmas tree. If you offer it to someone you love, you’ll make them feel very special, and if you choose to buy it for yourself, it will warm your heart and your home even if you have to spend the holidays away from your family.

“Christmas Miracles” is currently available for Kindle, but soon you’ll also be able to purchase it in paperback. You can find it at