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Top Books Worth Reading - News About Independent Top Authors on Amazon Kindle

Children’s Book Review: ‘The Day an Angel Ran Into My Room’ By Anabelle Valenzuela, Illustrated By Sarah Latham

The Day An Angel Ran Into My Room

A little girl is putting off going to sleep when a very special visitor comes into her room.

The visitor is an angel — a guardian angel — who proceeds to impart all of her universal knowledge to the little girl.

The angel assures her how important she is in the greater scheme of things and how every action we make has repercussions in the universe. The angel tells her about the impact of positive thinking and positive visualization in shaping the world around us as well as each of our individual destinies and how each of us is a teacher as well as a student in the school of life.

Above all, the angel counsels, each person has the power to change the world through their thoughts and actions.

Written in a light, conversational style that kids will immediately understand and relate to, “The Day an Angel Ran Into My Room” gives children a positive message which will empower them, help them see how they fit into the world that surrounds them and the impress upon them the importance of acknowledging the spiritual side of their natures.

The sweet and whimsical illustrations compliment the text of this book wonderfully.

For more information on “The Day an Angel Ran Into My Room”, access, the author’s webpage at or her Facebook page. For ordering info, go to: The book is also available at Barnes and Nobel and on Google Books.

Source: Jean Fisher

Book Review: “Be a Top DJ in 10 Easy Steps” By Dan Morrell

Book cover Dan Morrell's "Be a Top DJ in 10 Easy Steps"

The cover of Dan Morrell’s “Be a Top DJ in 10 Easy Steps”

With endorsements from professionals like the Senior Director of the Columbia Epic Label Group, the Music Director of the Las Vegas Pure Nightclub Group and Rob Love of Def Jam (among others), 14-year veteran DJ, Dan Morrell, knows his stuff.

His website at is pulsing (not only with particulars about Dan’s book but, also) a “DJ Resources” page, a forum, an “Affiliate Resource Center” page, a free DJ booking contract download, Twitter feed, a “Premium Services” page and tons more useful info for anyone contemplating taking up this entertaining and potentially lucrative profession.

The list of helpful features in Dan’s book is long and include:
Learn how to stand out in a crowd
Learn how to get DJ gigs
Learn how to stay on top once you’ve made it

And, right now — if you take advantage of the “download” option to get the book — you can save 45% off retail price and instantly have this valuable reference in a file in your very own computer for only $19.99!

This price includes the entire text of Dan’s popular book, exclusive access to Dan’s “DJ Resources Page” AND Dan’s 30-day money-back guarantee of satisfaction!

Of course, you can always forgo purchasing Dan’s book and spend a lot of time spinning your wheels instead of your records — trying to figure out what you need to get a break into the DJ industry — but, who would want to go through all that to save $19.99?

Order page/homepage of Dan’s website:

You can also access Dan’s bio at:

Book Review: ‘Mom’s Boss — Leave My Mom Alone!’ By Imagine Brothers (Author, Illustrator)

Review by Jean Fisher

Translated from the Korean by Yeongran Jeong and edited by David Goldschmidt.

Every morning, Mom goes to work, and I stay home.
I HATE to see her leave for work
I REALLY HATE to see her leave for work.

An artful picture book for children, “Mom’s Boss” is filled with amazing “New Age” artwork on each page.

Thomas wonders why his mother has to leave him every morning to go to work. He thinks her boss is probably some kind of scary monster (aren’t they all?) who forces her to go. So, Thomas decides to follow her one day to see for himself.

Once he gets there, Thomas not only finds out what mom’s boss is really like but also gets to meet mom’s co-workers and others.

A very dear little story most children can relate to. The intriguing illustrations makes this book a “must have” for any young child’s library.

Now available in Kindle format for the great price of only $2.99.

“Engagement From Scratch” by Danny Iny

“Engagement From Scratch” by Danny Iny
How Super Community Builders
Create A Loyal Audience
And How You Can Do The Same

Danny Iny has put together the definitive book on building an engaged audience for your internet marketing.  Drawing on the wisdom of such internet rock stars as Guy Kawasaki, C.C. Chapman who co-authored “Content Rules” and Brian Clark, over 31 of the people who  have already built their businesses tell you how to do the same.

Danny Iny built a successful consulting business for smaller businesses with 0 – 10 employees.  He built it by contacting clients from a previous company he had which crashed during the  recent economic crisis.  While at a Network Seminar he met Peter Vogopoulos who was also serving similar clients and all the while trying to help entrepreneurs who didn’t have any money, but still needed help.

However, they found that they couldn’t run their successful coaching businesses and still help all the people who were reaching out them. . Not wanting to just leave these people hanging, they put together a training program.   They created a blog for the training company, Firepole Marketing.  There was a contest with a $10,000.00 prize and it would be announced on the brand new blog.  The blog had no posters, no subscribers and they weren’t tied to any other blogs. The contest would be announced on the blog with subsequent postings that would lead to the final clue to win.  They thought it would  create viral messaging about the seminar packages. It failed.  It failed because they didn’t acknowledge these three important factors -

Epic Shit, Critical Mass and Action

The result you achieve when you get through with Epic Shit, Critical Mass and Action is how to create good engagement which leads to customer loyalty.

In order to play with the big bloggers, Danny had to learn everything he could access from the people who had this  information acquired in the very best way, they had succeeded at internet marketing themselves. The contributors in this book are successful entrepreneurs who are willing to share their knowledge with you.

This book has everything you need to kickstart your own enterprise.  Wherever you happen to be on the learning curve, you’ll find information to move you to the next step.  All 31 contributors talk from their field of expertise. You can devise your own strategy by picking and choosing what path best fits you and your needs.

Danny Iny has learned that good engagement creates customer loyalty and he wants you to know how to create it also.  If you go to Danny Iny’s business link,  you’ll find more free resources.  Why did I say more?  Because you can download this definitive internet marketing book FREE. The ultimate bargain price for a goldmine of knowledge, FREE.  There are lots of other free resources for you to utilize in building your internet marketing strategy.  You can get all these resources at –

Book Review: ‘Engagement from Scratch’ Compiled By Danny Iny (Firepole Marketing) with Foreword by C. C. Chapman (Co-Author of ‘Content Rules’)

Bookcover “Engagement From Scratch” By Danny Iny

“Engagement from Scratch” is further entitled: “How Super-Community Builders Create a Loyal Audience and How You Can Do the Same”.

Despite how it sounds, “Engagement from Scratch” isn’t a do-it-yourself manual for those seeking an intimate relationship –

Wait a minute — I take that back…

“Engagement from Scratch” is probably the most comprehensive “manual” I’ve ever read on the “intimate relationship” that bloggers share with their followers — how to cultivate that relationship, build it, nurture it, maintain it and make it a valuable and profitable one for both the writer and the reader.

The list of 30 contributors to “Engagement from Scratch” reads like a “Who’s Who” of the most respected and well-known experts in the world on blogging, Internet marketing and sales, entrepreneurship, small business philosophy, self-improvement, copywriting, business development and modeling, social media, marketing psychology, e-commerce and search engine optimization.

These include names like: Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist at Apple and founder of; Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger and one of the world’s leading authorities on copywriting; Mitch Joel, “The Rock Star of Digital Marketing” and creator of “Six Pixels of Separation”; Randy Komisar, partner at Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers and author of “The Monk and the Riddle”; Anita Campbell, CEO of Small Business Trends; Marcus Sheridan, recognized expert of niche marketing and founder of; Dino Dogan, co-founder of Triberr; Gini Dietrich, author of the 2010 and 2011 Readers Choice Blog ‘Spin Sucks’, among others.

Danny Iny (who solicited and compiled the articles in “From Scratch”), co-authored (with Sean Platt, founder of the book “How to Build a Blog: Create Awesome Content, Build Community, and go Viral!”, is a co-founder (along with Peter Vogopoulos, business and marketing coach and popular faculty member at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University) of Firepole Marketing and has been called by some “the Freddy Krueger of Blogging”.

Danny claims every blog and website must go through four distinct stages to grow an online audience:

Stage 1: Truly Awesome Content — Know who your audience is, and create something extraordinary for them.

Stage 2: Build Your Community — Connect with your other people who can help you along the way — not just the big players that you look up to, but also your peers, who are trying to do the same thing that you are.

Stage 3: Be Everywhere — Do the work to become ubiquitous in the eyes of your audience.

Stage 4: Get Viral — Danny contends that the standard line which says you can get content to go viral “if you get three people to view your content, they will each get three people who will each get three more people, etc.” is a fallacy. If you ask three people to view your content, he says, one won’t look at it at all, one will look at it but not tell anyone else about it and, while the third person might tell three other people, those three probably won’t listen. He insists you do far better to harness the formula: VIRALITY = Epic Content^2 x the square root of Critical Mass x Action (reach/friction).

He has organized the articles by the various experts in “From Scratch” into seven main sections consisting of from three to six articles each. Those sections are:

Section 1: General Principles
Section 2: Know and Love Your Audience
Section 3: Why and How to Do Content
Section 4: Why and How to Do Social Media
Section 5: Be Your Passionate Self
Section 6: Stories and Lessons Learned
Section 7: Step-By-Step

There are so many brilliant, varied (and some even contradicting) suggestions contained within each of the 30 articles that to undertake making a list of even a small percentage of them here would be a overwhelming task. Suffice it to say that the authors of these articles are the “best in the biz”, the “creme de la creme” of the blogging and internet marketing world. This makes the sum-total of their familiarity with, experiences surrounding and unique, individual insights into the subject of “audience building” nothing short of monumental. If you have ever considered, or are presently considering, launching a blog, you simply should NOT do so until you have read “Engagement from Scratch”! End of discussion!

To find out how to get your hot, little hands on this comprehensive, definitive and vital work, please access the following link to Danny Iny’s Firepole Marketing website: There you will find many, many other essential, helpful resources to assist you in your entrance (or even “re-entrance”) into the blogging world.