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Hellfire By Rickard B. Demille


It seemed like a good idea at the time, travel to Wales, watch rugby and drink.  Famous last words that’s shown by what hit U. S. Marine Travis Deacon, who works with the CIA in Afghanistan and his friend Major Gareth Jones of the M15, the British equivalent of the FBI, when they head out for a  great vacation.

Traveling to Wales to watch rugby and drink beer was a great idea.   What could possibly go wrong?   Well let’s start with the driving, the gun laws and the language in Wales.  You would think that would be enough, right?  It wasn’t.    Soon Travis finds himself a target of an international terrorist who cleans up behind him and evades capture, by killing anyone who could have witnessed his acts.

Travis’  friend Gareth turns up dead from an apparent automobile accident.  Travis doesn’t think that’s the reason and is determined to find out what really happened to his friend.  Gareth’s sister Detective Sargeant Deidre Jones,  who also thinks something more than an auto accident killed her brother arrests Travis for jaywalking in order to find out what he knows about who killed her brother.  They join together to track down the killer.  The M15 isn’t happy about having a rogue Marine and a Detective Sargeant intruding on their jurisdiction and the terrorist isn’t happy  that they are hunting him down.  Then they find out that Gareth had uncovered a plan to launch an international attack by the terrorist they know that Gareth’s death a murder.

Armed with a photo album that has pictures that may unveil clues to who the terrorist is who is responsible for Gareth’s murder and a determination to bring the terrorist to justice, Travis and Deidre must keep their wits sharp and not give into the growing attraction that is happening between them.  They have to dodge the M15, evade the terrorist and foil the plans to launch an attack with international ramifications.

A gripping attention to detail and pacing makes this story whip fast and complex.    Great character development, with attention paid to local quirky characters will keep you riveted to the page.

It’s no wonder this book is up for a Debut Dagger Award.  Welcome to the top tier of thriller writers Mr. Demille, I look forward to the sequel.

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Article Source By: Sharon Kinsella